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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK
September 10, 2019

Ok. Mystery tree. Totally failing to follow my own advice let's see if we can get an id without a picture. (No camera when I saw it.) Imagine a good sized Fraxinus excelsior. Bark and habit all correct. Then bulk up the pairs of opposite buds in your mind's eye do they're as fat and black as a healthy English walnut. Now here's the problem. Give the tree simple leaves, NOT PINNATE, almost identical to Castanea sativa, just a little shorter and blunter. Otherwise similarly toothed and veined. It's growing in an English park laid out in the 1830s but it doesn't really look that old. More like 100 years or so. It's not a British native species. In the winter I would have said walnut and never doubted myself but the leaves completely threw me. What is it?

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