Will Texus everbearing fig do well and give fruit in Vancouver?

Pat Kylie
6 months ago

Will Texus everbearing fig tree do well and give fruit in Vancouver climate? Is it the same as brown turkey fig tree?

Thank you

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  • bluemoonlight

    I know about a few fig growers in Vancouver that grow fig trees quite successfully, but don't know about Texus Evergreen.

    Why that particular variety ?

  • Pat Kylie

    Thank you for your reply. I am planing to buy this tree from tree sale of city of Vancouver.

  • bluemoonlight

    To be honest I am not sure if that variety is good choice for Vancouver.

    Are there diferent variety to choose from.

    Are you planning growing in container or in ground ?

  • bluemoonlight

    I just found out that Texas everbearing is doing good in Surrey.

  • Jack wo

    Texas everbearing is just name as brown color figs, It has 6+ varieties of renamed trees.

    "Tree of vancouver" sell inexpensive $10 tree.

    If you do not want to waste time, For In ground tree, only Desert king and Italian Honey are reliable for tasty figs, may be Olympian as well.

    "Tree of Vancouver" do sell trees waste your time unless you have warmer micro climate and wait for few years.

    They do sell 2 special cherry trees for $10, "Crimison passion" "Romeo"

  • bluemoonlight

    Thanks for your input Jack wo.

    What about Violet de Bordeaux ?

    Plants that we traded are doing very well but no fruit yet

    Looking forward to Violent de Bordeaux next season, how old is your VdB ?


  • Jack wo

    It was potted tree, I got one VDB with high fruit production in pot and I put it in ground, it was cold killed to base, it set back 2 years fruiting. I will need to wait for one more year.

  • camtrinh

    My neighbour is growing a texas everbearing in ground. The tree is doing really well with lots of fruits. I don’t know how her figs taste like.

    My unknown brown turkey grow well in Vancouver and tasted very yummy. I prefer mine than the desert king lol. So it’s not only Desert King and Italian Honey for Vancouver ;)

  • Jack wo

    One good varieties of Texas Every bearing is English brown turkey same as Olympian, I heard that it grows well for Vancouver climate.

    I have few year old Olympian in ground which still young, Its figs are tasty with berry taste.

    I have Vern's Brown Turkey varieties in ground for few years, It is highly recommended, It is big tree, It is such waste of my time tree, Almost no breba, main figs taste bland in compare to other fig trees.

    Again, There are lots of fig trees named Brown turkey in vancouver, Many of them are bad varieties for our climate.

  • Jack wo

    If it is Texas everybearing (English brown turkey) varieties, it is large breba crop production varieties and grow well in PNW.

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