L shaped kitchen with island - appliance layout help needed

Cathy DeVleming
4 days ago

Really need to figure out my kitchen layout. And I am grateful for any help and advice. House is framed and cabinets need to be ordered soon.

Kitchen is in the corner of a large room that combines great room and eating. The long wall along eating and great room is all windows and french doors to outside. (wall opposite entry). We have gorgeous views so I want the sink in the island, that way I can be part of the action and see outside. The wall along great room (on right side as you look at pictures) will have a fire place and opening into hallway for guest bedrooms and guest bathroom.

Regarding kitchen, architect had it close to picture "D", except range top along wall with fridge and double oven. But with all the space we thought we wanted to move double oven to corner opposite fridge. Cabinet guy thinks it's way to far to walk. Now I'm rethinking everything and so confused.

I thought about turning the island 90 degrees, but then it would have to be shorter and for seating purposes I really want a 9' island. Also if 9' and turned, it would probably jut out into great room too much.

So - here are appliances and I did my best to select correct dimensions in the smart draw layout.

  1. Counter depth fridge = Fridge
  2. double oven = D.O.
  3. micro drawer = I wrote "micro drawer" in a small red rectangle where I think it could go
  4. 36" gas range top
  5. dishwasher
  6. big sink (i guesstimated 24", haven't picked it out yet)

Kitchen dimensions long wall parallel to island is 15' and shorter wall is 13'. Island is 56" x 9' Space between counters and island will be 4'

I am open to suggestions. But I need to get my cabinets figured out and ordered and to do so I need layout of appliances, but now nothing seems right. Please help. Cabinets will be custom so can do any sizes and I'm not worried about that now, just the layout of appliances.

Option A: Pros: i feel like there is a lot of counter space and nothing jammed together

Option B: Cabinet guy suggested moving the double oven closer in (not on edge of the L) since it would be too far. He suggested a cabinet with a counter top - it can be a landing station of sorts for phones etc, but I think it would look weird to have a long counter, a double oven and then a 2' counter space again. so, he suggested a full cabinet. But we have a massive pantry behind kitchen coming from garage and I think I'd rather have counter space.

Option C: similar to B but flip flopping fridge and double oven. Would consider a full cabinet with some open shelves for cookbooks, but still not sure I think a random 2' counter section at end. I can't visualize it

Option D: Is it weird having the fridge next to the double oven? range seems far away, but then again, it has lots of space for prep and whatnot.

A good friend and a sis-in-law both have kitchens substantially larger than this and I haven't found any trouble walking to the end of a 14' island to go the fridge and then back 12' to the range. I've had such a small kitchen previously that anything to me is an improvement. Just trying to say, I don't need to be confined to a tiny triangle. My husband and I both like to cook.

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