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September 11, 2019
last modified: September 11, 2019

Hello everyone. When we built our house we had a bathroom roughed in in the basement. Unfortunately the builder did it without consulting us about the layout. The room, which is 8 ft.², has a drop ceiling on half of it due to ductwork. So as you walk in, the half to your left has a 7’ unfinished ceiling height and the half directly in front of you will have about 8’.

Right now the bathroom is roughed in so that as you enter, the toilet would be directly in front of you in the tall half of the bathroom. Truly like a throne. Would be comical except it’s going to cost us so much to fix it!

My question is this: should we go with the usual design principle and have the vanity be what is directly across from the bathroom door even though that’s the taller area and have the shower be catty corner from the door in the shorter area? ( this would give a finished shower height around 6’8”-6’10”) Or should we flip-flop them to give a person showering some extra room? (This would, give a finished shower height about 7’8-7’10”.)

One thing to bear in mind is the direction that the door opens. The door would need to be open all the way in order to see what is directly in front of the door. If you just crack the door, you see the far corner first. I have attached some rough sketches to help with visualization. I will also attach some pictures of our shower enclosure and vanity. This is a budget project. Any advice is welcome! An option 3 suggestion is welcome.


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