Champion Hill Mitchell Ginn

5 days ago

Just wondering if anyone has built the “Champion Hill” plan by Mitchell Ginn. Would love to know if you changed anything or what you would change now. Also would like to see pictures of upstairs bedrooms.

Or if anyone wants to look at the plans and give some opinions. Thanks!

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  • bpath Oh Sophie

    Are you considering buIdling this home? What is it you like about it? Do you have a corner lot or shared driveway? It looks ideal for that type of site.

    The foyer-to-living room is kind of a funnel, the way it narrows at the back of the foyer. The more welcoming, wider door is to the dining room, but I doubt guests will start out there?

    Remember that the living room, while labeled 17’, is only 13’ because of the pathway to the master bedroom. How will you arrange furniture in the living room, have a nice conversation area and, I assume, watch tv, while still maintaining easy pathways from bedroom to laundry and garage?

    There are way too many double-doors, in places where they are inconvenient. Double doors are a challenge for light switch placement, and they look like doors where you have to open both to walk through. kind of a bother. And look at the pantry doors; you can’t Even leave them open because they block the entrance to the, is it a butler’s pantry?

    The master closets have windows onto the front porch??? In fact, the only spaces without windows are the powder room and, strangely, the kitchen. No window in the kitchen?

    Looks like it’s designed for the south; but it still rains and gets cool there, a guest closet would still be nice.

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    Mark Bischak, Architect

    I avoid:

    1. Designs that do not relate to the site.
    2. Closets where hanging clothes turn corners.
    3. Windowless walk-in closets.
    4. Walk-in closets that will be difficult to walk into.
    5. Freestanding tubs that do not have sufficient space to clean around.
    6. Bathtub/shower with a window.
    7. Clothes closets accessible from a bathroom.
    8. Tiny mudrooms.
    9. Gas chambers without windows.
    10. Gas chambers.
    11. Bedrooms where, when entering, one has to walk around the bed to get to either side.
    12. Looking through a screened porch from a living room to any view.
    13. Jack & Jill bathrooms.
    14. No coat closet at exterior entrances.
    15. Doors that swing in front of other doors.
    16. Different ceilings in an open space that do not transition well.
    17. Double doors that open to the side of narrow hallway.
    18. Double doors into a Master bedroom.
    19. Narrow double doors into a Master bathroom.
    20. Narrow double doors into a pantry.
    21. Narrow double doors into a Master closet.
    22. Laundry rooms with corner base cabinets.

    to name a few.

  • nini804

    i love all the windows! You will get a lot of comments about it not having windows in the kitchen, but I honestly think that in this case, it won’t be too much of a problem. You will have to put some good looking window coverings in the master closet- I would use plantation shutters- but I think you will enjoy using that closet to pick out clothes with all the natural light. You’ll have to make sure you usually keep shutters closed to make sure clothes don’t fade and guests aren’t peering in at your clothes, lol.

    Change doors in master bath to single! And to keep foyer as airy as possible, I would remove the right stair wall and just have it open with a pretty bannister. My old house had a very open staircase in the foyer like that (except ours was curved) and it was so pretty and made the foyer seem bigger. And it let light from dining room splash across foyer.

    People on here nitpick stock plans but don‘t be discouraged! This one seems better than most. Good luck!

  • Architectrunnerguy

    I've seen that plan before and, as an isolated plan, don't think it's all that bad. But any home design starts with the site so without that information I really can't comment further.

    But in any event, good luck with your build. Exciting times ahead!

  • chicagoans

    - toilet against a dining room wall could be awkward - diners will hear it flush when a guest uses it.

    - toilet room in master bath: where will you stand when opening/closing the door when you're inside? Looks like you'd have to stand on the toilet.

    - consider how you will vent the cooktop

    - consider your furniture placement in the living room; pathways were mentioned above, and when you walk in the front door will your view be the side of a couch?

    - the bottom 3' of the eating area near the kitchen will be pathway / door swing. Make sure you have room for your table and chairs, and for people to walk behind the chairs on the window side

    - dining room also will lose space to the pathways from foyer and kitchen. Layout your furniture to scale to see how it fits

    - if you have kids, think about how they will come in from playing outside to get to a bathroom (same for you while doing yardwork); looks like they'd walk through the living room, so hopefully that won't be carpeted

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