September Blooms, South Okanagan, British Columbia

My roses are getting ready for their fall flush. I only have a few of my favorites now, 18 varieties, due to limited space here at my new home. They are all finishing their second season in their new home and have been putting on growth and roots for the most part, but granting me a few blooms as well. Next year, year three, they leap, n'est pas?

Crown Princess Margareta, Austin, introduced in 2000 - Growing as a vigorous pillar rose on my back fence. Putting out many new canes and threatening to take over the back wall.

The rare and gorgeous Allux Symphony - Austin, introduced in 1986. I was sent this rose as a bare root band from John_ca a year ago this in October. I had been trying to find this rose for at least a decade before John got one of the last ones from Heirloom Roses three years ago and propagated her. Thank you so much John. She is really beginning to put on some growth and I expect her to take off next summer. Very healthy, very floriferous, mild but noticeable fragrance. This is a variety that should be back in commerce next year through Palatine as well as Hummingbird Roses.

The small plant with the lemon yellow bloom is Allux Symphony in front of a new Brad Jalbert Introduction named "Vogue Anniversary Rose", yes named by and for the famous women's magazine for I believe their 125th anniversary. Vogue will likely be available through Palatine Roses next spring, as well as Jackson and Perkins who have picked up the marketing rights for the U.S. Vogue is peachy orange, very healthy and has extremely good rebloom. An exceptional bedding rose in my view.

A glorious bloom of the incomparable Munstead Wood.

That's what is blooming in my garden in the Okanagan today. The hundreds of roses at the Summerland Ornamental Gardens are also just ending their fall flush. I have 120 more to plant there next week.

Cheers, Rick

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