Should I bury my roses deeper?

September 12, 2019

SO hopefully people haven't gotten irritated at my constant posting and asking questions haha, but you guys tend to have way better, more specific advice than google does.

Last year I lost several roses over winter which broke my heart. I don't wan't to lose any more so I am going to use the method Moses posted about 2 season ago (I think) because the year I did that I didn't lose any. BUT my concern is that I live in Zone6a Central Massachusetts. Cold, wet, heavy, LONG winters. I want to give them the best chance they can get.

When I first planted my roses I didn't know what I know now - which is to bury the bud union a few inches under ground. Most of my early roses have the bud union just meeting the ground. Would it hurt to dig them up and re-bury them several inches deeper? Because I am really tempted to.

These are the roses I have (I think, I may be forgetting a few)

* Abe Darby

* Carefree Beauty

* Lavender crush

* Climbing Blaze

* Don Juan

* Gene Boerner

* Madame Plantier (honestly not worried about her - she's like 1 year old and the size of a mammoth)

* Milwaukee's calatrava

* Mr Lincoln ? (I think it's a mislabel)

* Munstead Wood

* Peppermint pop

* Robusta

* Sweet Drift

* tequila gold

* the poet's wife

* Belinda's dream ? (mislabel?)

* Olyimpiad

* Tiffany ? (mislabel?)

According to the "inter-webs" most of these are hardy to z5, and a couple to 4 or 6. But I'd like to know your personal experiences and if you think I should re-bury now or wait til spring.

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