Moon Cake? Mid Autumn Festival? BBLT!!!

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September 13, 2019
last modified: September 13, 2019

Some one posted a recipe for moon cake. So I did a little Googling.

I understand that moon cakes are for the celebration of Mid Autumn Festival in many Asian countries, but they are like Western fruit cakes, not exact the kind of cake you want to have another piece. People don’t really like to eat them. They buy them mostly for gift giving.

Well, today is Mid Autumn Festival, but I don't think I am going to spend time to make moon cake. Instead, I will have my own way to celebrate mid autumn harvest. I have been lucky so far with what my garden has given me this year.

Lots of amazing huge tomatoes this year to be thankful for. So I think I will make a moon shaped BLT.


Endless mid autumn harvest

Boboli bread from store

Lettuce, arugula from the garden

Crispy B blanket

T, T, T, T more T!

BoboliBLT done


And conquer

Comments (9)

  • plllog

    Really lovely, Dcarch! Did you toast the whole after it was made?

    I'm so glad you put the fork in the tomato picture for scale. WOW!!

    Each layer is pretty. Is the white in the lettuce picture cheese? At first I thought it was flowers until I looked closer.

    Did you use dressing, or just the juices from the tomatoes?

    I really love how it looks in the final picture with the stack of tomato slices in the middle. The whole thing is a clever play on the round peg in a square hole. :)

  • annie1992

    Lovely tomatoes, dcarch, and how could bacon ever be bad?

    Enjoy the fruits of your garden, they're gone all too soon.....


  • JRose

    That looks really tasty! Nice job with the photography, too.

  • cloudy_christine

    Oh, I want to weave bacon too! How did you cook it?

  • beesneeds

    I think the white stuff is squirts of mayo. And looks like the weave is set atop a rack and on a cookie sheet and baked off.

  • cloudy_christine

    Yes, I wondered if the woven mat is baked or broiled, and if how to turn it over (if you have to).

  • lizbeth-gardener

    Gorgeous! I always wonder if you work as an artist, a photographer, a chef or an engineer! You seem to have many talents.

  • bragu_DSM 5

    I nuke my weaved bacon ...

  • dcarch7 d c f l a s h 7 @ y a h o o . c o m

    Thank you, thank you everyone for your kind comments!

    plllog, No dressing and no tomato juice. The tomatoes were thick sliced and concentrated by semi-dehydrated, them coated in bacon juice from baking of the bacon.

    Annie, are you ready for fried green tomatoes? Yeah, winter will be here too soon.

    cloudy_christine , I know bacon fat is treasured by many, but I am not that much of a fat eater. I slow bake the bacon to render most of the fat just to get everything crispy.

    lizbeth-gardener , thanks. No, none of the above. I am just a cook in my own home kitchen with a bad habit of playing with my food. I do enjoy science and also play with electric wires.

    beesneeds , correct. Mayonnaise squirts.


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