The Tetragonostachys of the USA

Just wanted to update the linkage to where my online text has been moved since I last made such an announcement. Hopefully this time the location of my treatment will be permanent? But I have it on my facebook. Here is the link to the journal. It can be viewed as a slide show and in full screen resolution so reading and looking at it are so much easier.

Tetragonostachys of the USA

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  • HU-435404624
    last year

    Link doesn't work for me.

  • theterrestrialman
    Original Author
    last year

    I just checked and it works. Are you on Facebook? Maybe that is the snag?

    Or go to facebook and then search using my name Jerry Copeland. I am the dude with the beard. click on that. Then click on Photos. Then click on Albums. then click on The Tetragonostachys. You get the pages in sequence and can run as a slide show.

    Good luck. Let me know if you have problems. Cheers.