Have you ever gotten yelled at by Zappo's? (sneaker quest)

September 14, 2019
last modified: September 14, 2019

I am looking for sneakers.

I have a few pairs already that fit well and function well and are fine. But they are grey or black; I want sneakers that are cute, fun, maybe a little different.

They have to be comfortable enough for walking, but they aren't shoes that will be used for hiking or running marathons. So some sacrifice in function for form is ok. I have gotten into a habit of an hour walk most days, usually on paved roads, so that is what i need them for. I want something I look forward to putting on.

I have probably ordered about a dozen pair by now and a lot of the ones I thought were "fun" looked more comical than cute (on my size ten feet, perhaps). I have bought a lot from Zappos but I am actually wondering if they will cut me off for return after return (didn't someone here say a vendor had done that?)

Have you, BTW, delved into the world of sneakers lately? The variety (and prices) are whacky.

Do you have sneakers you particularly like for their looks?

My specs: NO leather or canvas (not enough give for walking IMHO), size 10M but cannot run narrow as one foot is wider than the other, pref ~$100 but will go to $200.

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  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Hi arapaho! (how r u).

    I think you sent the wrong link. BUt I agree Veja are really cute. I liked these:

    They are a little diff w/o being whacky. There was only one reason I didn't try these; too blah from my vantage point!

  • grapefruit1_ar

    I have a couple pairs of Blowfish. They are cheap and super cute. They are fine for average walking. Here are a couple options.

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  • nini804

    I think you should definitely try a pair of GG (unless you already have, lol!) They ARE really cute (excepting the paisley ones, and my dd has a silver glitter pair that I wouldn’t wear myself either :) ) The leather is very supple, so that shouldn’t be a problem for your walks, but just make sure the sole isn’t too heavy. Honestly, I think you should just get the GG to wear about town with cute outfits and get another pair of something for your walks. I think you’d really like them. Oh, and I don’t think they are made to wear with socks that show at all...dd wears hers without or with those liners that look like you aren’t wearing socks. So that may be another strike against them for athletic endeavors. :)

  • salonva

    Am I the only one beyond shocked at the prices of some of these shoes? I was clicking and googling and I realize that these are going to be more than I would typically spend, but still informative and if something seemed really intriguing I might entertain it BUT>$500 for a pair?

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    No, I am not shocked at the prices of some of these shoes (sneakers, yet!). I am flabbergasted. I had no idea! The GG pretty much start at $500 and I have seen sneakers in four digits from the likes of Gucci et al.

    My budget is under $200, and among the shoes I have ordered I think that was the highest (for the APL Techloom slipons that are an Oprah fave), and I sent them back. The other pairs I have ordered have ranged from $40 to $140. That should be more than enough.

    The GG are an interesting exercise in consumer psychology. I am intrigued by the creativity of some of their designs (and we haven't even gotten into the discussion about them being pre-scuffed and distressed!). After seeing pair after pair after pair for more than $500, I saw some for $275 or so and thought: bargain!! Umm, what? I have lost my senses. I think they call that "framing."

    Here's the thing - I don't own a single pair of shoes/boots/anything i have ever put on my feet that cost anywhere near $500 and now I am tempted to spend that on .... sneakers! How does that make sense? So, even though they do look cute, I am not in the market. I always wear at least a bit of a heel when I go out,so these would literally be for the squirrels on my walk, DH, and me. And I bet the squirrels would find them pretty stupid. It's also the kind of thing where an item that is cute and trendy on kids is sad on a middle aged person.

    That said, they are on my radar for gift for DD1, if I can find a good deal. DD2 has never heard of them. I actually really liked this pair below(the ones in the photo below are new BTW). I saw a pair on Poshmark in her size and they were like $395 down from $515. As I considered it, I had to stop myself. $395 for used sneakers! OMG I have gone down the rabbit hole. Must. step. away. from. the. internet. shopping.

  • IdaClaire

    ^^^ Those are NEW?! Ummm, no. Just no. I'll scuff up a pair of white sneakers for you, walk down a few dusty roads, stencil a word on the side, and only charge you $250. ;)

    mtnrdredux_gw thanked IdaClaire
  • salonva

    To each his own and I don't mean to be judgey but then again reality strikes.

    Thank you Mtn for your comments- I was seriously thinking I was losing it. Seriously. I am good with my TJM 39.99 high point.

    Happy feet to all.

  • nini804

    It’s funny...I also wouldn’t get them (gg sneaker) for myself bc the style of dressing that I think works best with gg isn’t my typical style, if that makes sense. I will say, though, that in the large southern city that our little village is adjacent to, plenty of the high-fashion, style-maker middle age women wear these. Bc, let’s face it...the average American 16 year old girl can’t afford these shoes. Our little boutique carries them here, and they sell pretty well. And distressing aside, they ARE exceptionally well-made. The insoles feel like butter, lol. I think they are made in Italy.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Yes, Ida, apparently the distressing is part of the charm/look. They are "hand distressed" by Italian craftsmen. I kid you not.

    I don't mean to judge either; I am certainly no paragon of thrift! We all have very individual ideas about value and about where/how we like to splurge. And all of us are old enough not to consider things we cannot afford. So, shop on!

    I just found it funny how I got from point a to point b in my sneaker quest.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Bc, let’s face it...the average American 16 year old girl can’t afford these shoes.

    This is what my DH says about sportscars. By the time a guy can afford one, he usually shouldn't be in one. (call me ageist but you get my drift)

    DD1 is at a BS and there are a lot of intl students and NYC kids and oh my, the things they wear. And we won't even talk about the jewelry. She has always been into fashion but BS has made her eye even keener. I am happy tho she had the good sense to never ask for such a thing. We are not exactly church mice but I am actually pleased that one of DD's favorite things is to dumpster dive at the end of the school year, because a lot of kids (esp those who travel) leave really nice stuff behind, often new.

    Your images above make the point about why designer sneaker make no sense for me. I would not wear any of those outfits (or if I did i would look like I was doing spring cleaning or maybe under the weather hanging out at home)!

  • IdaClaire

    I have never been able to wrap my head around the ripped jeans trend (since there's a photo of a pair above). They are wildly popular, but store-bought slovenliness just seems so odd to me. And yes, this makes me feel like I'm old and out of touch, but I guess I just don't care to be "in" if it means I'm spending upwards of $100 on stuff that looks like it should've been thrown out years ago.

    ETA: It's almost always the knees ripped out. Why? It looks to me like the kneecaps have turned into Incredible Hulks and at some point gotten very angry and burst right through.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Funny, DH and I were discussing this (the ripped jeans at the knees) the other day. He sees it as an "on your knees" political statement. Like baggy pants and no-belt mimicked prison culture. All the upper middle class white kids who want to be badazz gangsta's for the afternoon, that sort of thing.

    I'm not saying most of the adopters have this intent (they are just following a fad usually). But the artists who are the first to do these types of things are usually a pretty well-rounded educated lot and their choices often have deep meaning IME.

    We had a similar discussion about the popularity of industrial/utilitarian items in decor. We are glorifying manual work because virtually no one (in the US middle class and up) does it anymore. We find work benches quaint. Will future generations venerate Herman Miller padded grey cubicles and Polycoms?

  • nini804

    Ripped jeans are the bain of my existence when doing laundry! Dd is a size 00, and owns several pairs of ripped, skinny jeans, and there are rips all down them, not just the knees. I am always getting my ring and nails snagged as I attempt to turn them right-side out! All those rips combined with a tiny leg hole is a PITA!

  • jojoco

    I love the Golden Goose sneakers. I will never buy a pair, but I would love the ones with the silver star and the pink on the edge.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    The GGs look an awful lot like the beloved Stan Smiths of my youth. They cost $45 in the 80s and my mother bought me a new pair every month because I wore a whole in the leather by my big toe from all the foot dragging in tennis. Need I say I never wore those shoes off the court?

  • Bestyears

    I was going to buy this boot last fall and never did, but I think I will this fall. Seems like just the kind of thing I'll wear for dog walking and just general running around when the weather is wet: Scout Boot.

    I bought this shoe for my twenty-something daughter a few months ago, and she loves it so much, I'll probably get her a pair in another color as well. I'm honestly not even sure why she loves it so much, nor why she gets so many compliments, it looks rather ordinary to me. Everlane Trainer

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    The only thing with zappos, is you're paying for all that shipping for yourself and for others as they have to add that cost into the price. At the number of shoes I have to try on to find a pair that works, it'd be a decade before using zappos would work for me. I hit DSW or when I can Off Broadway Shoes and try on 50+ pair. (DH knows better than to accompany me when I'm shoe shopping!)

  • MtnRdRedux

    One might think, but I usually check prices and I do not notice a consistent differential and sometimes Zappos has been lower. More often I find everyone in a dead heat, and even the mfrs themselves now offer free shipping both ways ... just did this w Adidas. So it has become priced into the systEm. Otoh, they don’t pay retail rent and don’t have shoplifters and save on employees. And no brick and mortar store that I know has anywhere near the selection and range of quality.

  • eld6161

    Isn't Zappos free both back and forth?

  • Arapaho-Rd

    Hi Mtn, it was a late night having fun with your sneaker search! I've corrected the link. Can't blame it on Friday, the 13th either! I'm well and hope you are too... it's always fun to see what you're up to ;-)

    came across this … there's a lot of white and I'm not sure I get the trend

    Stuart Weitzman - Customize your sneaker

  • Sueb20

    I just walked all over NYC in these for 3 days. Very comfy!

  • salonva

    Sueb- Those are really nice. They remind me of my beloved mesh pumas that have walked all over with my heavy walking travels. Mine are actually slip on but similar shape (and I believe they were my high $39.99).

    That is the brand of the most comfortable sandals ever which I purchased from Costco this year and cannot take off my feet because they are like butter. I will be looking for those; thanks for sharing/

  • dedtired

    Eld, yes Zappos does not charge for shipping either way. They also don’t have bargains!

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Hmm, I see lots of bargains on Zappos. Before my sneaker fixation, the last pair of shoes I had bought were these, from Zappos:

    They had the lowest price on that shoe, $166. Today you can buy that shoe from Bloomies for $186. Or, funnily enough, from Zappos, for $248. So my point is you have to look. Don't always assume any vendor is the lowest, or highest.

  • jb1586

    SueB, question regarding the shoe you posted. Does it run true to size? Zulily has the Jsport version of the same shoe, for $26 and change, and a couple of the reviews said that it ran small.

    Edited to add: I just noticed yours is also a Jsport shoe. The one I saw on Zulily is Tahoe Ultra, not Tahoe Max. Very similar.

  • Sueb20

    jb, yes, I think they run true to size. I almost always wear 7.5, and that is what I have in these shoes. I wore fairly thin socks, though, not thicker “athletic“ socks. I think I’d have to go 1/2 size up if I wanted to wear them with heavier socks.

  • Sueb20

    BTW, thanks to this thread and funky’s shoe thread, I now have 4 pairs of shoes on their way to me from Zappos....

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Ok, well, I have Funky to blame for 1 on the way ...the croc mules.

    And you are off the hook, the pink/blk/yellow ones were soooo short on me I had to look at the tag to confirm they were 10s! They have them in 10.5 and 11 but the thing is, the part I like best, the embroidered thingy on the tongue, is actually covered by laces when u tie them. The pic is misleading. They r going back. : ( So is another pair I just got. Up to 11 returns now.

    I have 2 yet to arrive. And, in the wings, id I dont like these, i will try the other pairs you recc, the Sauconys, maybe some OC, and oh yeah, arapaho, those Stuart Weitzman are cute!

    DH reminded me that, with the leather ones, I could always get them stretched so I don't have to break them in myself.

  • lobby68

    How about going retro instead of modern? I have these old school Tigers in the navy/white and find them very comfy! They may not be cute enough from the top, though they come in more colors, etc. I lobbied hard for these shoes in 8th grade cheer and lost to the Nike crowd. 30 years later it was VERY rewarding to finally get a pair lol!

    mtnrdredux_gw thanked lobby68
  • justerrilynn

    How cool are these? Ok, might not be for everyone but I love.

    A paltry $500. Out of my

    league : (

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    OMG, love those! love love

    And here, in a new feature, i will present my Ridiculous Sneaker du jour:

    Maybe stick to music.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Ok, finally,my 11th pair is a keeper.

    They are just different enough to amuse me, without being visible from space, like some of my choices. I was kind of imagining a lighter color, but these are navy with black trim. I took them to the shoe repair place this afternoon to have the suede treated. Yes i know fur on my sneakers is not the most practical, but they spark joy. That is my excuse now for just about everything.

    Also considering another pair that came today but not sure.

  • Funkyart

    I love those sesto meucci sneakers.. and you got a great price. I think I really need a pair-- they're perfect for our fundraising dress down Thursdays. How do they run-- are you happy with a 10?

    Hope the snake mule works for you. My order was cancelled because they didn't have my size in stock. I am going to try to go up 1/2 a size and see how I do. I really want to try the mule but I know I won't be able to wear them. I have a brand new pair of sbicca mules from a year ago that I can't get past standing in-- I get vertigo. It's probably all mental but it's real nonetheless :(

    I haven't ordered anything else yet-- haven't had the time to shop. One of my weekend orders is still showing in CA.. 4 more days before it arrives. I have been spoiled by next day and 2 day shipping!

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Aww, sorry to hear about the order. I like my Sestos a lot, they have a great feel. I'd say they run pretty true to size. I ordered a 10 and an 11 and I couldn't decide. The 10 was ideal for my right foot, but a scooch tight on the left. So i kept the 11, that way I can wear thick socks w them if need be. I don't think they have 10.5.

    It's funny you like them too --- they are certainly taste-specific!

    I hear you on shipping. If it's more than 2 days (I'm lookin' at you, Nordstrom) I'm outraged. I've ordered Zappos and gotten them in less than 24 hrs.

  • Funkyart

    You got it-- it is a Nordstrom delivery that is delayed. I used to get my orders within 24 hr-- but it seems like everything is shipping from the west coast these days.

    I wouldn't wear those sneakers everywhere-- but I am a sucker for metallic, fur and even a touch of bling. I like that they look slightly boot-like. My only hesitation is that I don't really like navy. I'd prefer black-- and maybe??? the taupe?

    We'll see. I am too tired to shop now so who knows what will catch my attention on the weekend. I really wanted a pair of Jambus like Sue ordered (but in the dark gray and pink) but they are also sold out in my size.

    No worries-- fall shoes are coming in daily. I am sure I will find something!

  • Sueb20

    My new sneakers, inspired by this thread! They’re super comfy.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    OMG, they are adorable on you!

  • Funkyart

    oh my-- totally adorable and perfect for you, Sue! Love the laces.

    And this is what I will now call the "Mtn view" .. you know, the view when you look down :)

  • Sueb20

    LOL. Also love how a shoe thread here gets so many posts!

  • Funkyart

    Not sure why but suddenly there are new sneaker styles all over the place-- maybe preparing for the holidays?

    This is just a fly by.. but thought I'd share this steward Weitzman.. I am not really all that girly but I do love my bling!

  • OutsidePlaying

    Wow! Pearly things on the laces! I can see a bride buying those for wearing in her wedding. You know....nobody sees the shoes and she’s one who wants her feet to be comfy.

  • sushipup1

    When I was getting my nails done this AM, one of the morning shows was on, since I never watch them at any other time, I'm not sure which one, but "Hoda"? Anyway, there was a whole segment on the latest fashion trend ---- white sneakers!

    (I also see People Magazine every six weeks when I wait for my husband at the doctor's, and I know fewer and few of those people every year.)

  • sushipup1

    PS, I think any "hot new trend" that you see on morning TV is already on its way out.

  • texanjana

    Here you go-only $390.00! I would break my neck in these. Ha ha!

  • smhinnb

    Sue, the Alegria brand (your sneakers) has been recommended to me by a orthopedic surgeon and a podiatrist. Some of their shoes aren't terribly fashionable, but their sneaker line is fairly new and some of them are definitely cute - - I like the ones you got. I know a couple of problem-feet people who wear Alegria almost exclusively now. I'd like to try the brand and I've been considering these little rain boots for spring.

  • bbstx

    I checked out the Stuart Weitzman sneaks on Zappos. I love them! They only have them in black, but you can get low quarter or high tops! Reviews were mixed - one thought they were wonderful and one thought they were uncomfortable. I’ll probably stick with my ECCO slip ons.

    Cute rain boots! I have two pairs of rain shoes from LLBean. They are duck boots styled as flats. Regretfully, they no longer make them.

  • Funkyart

    Stuart Weitzman is hit or miss for me-- more miss as they tend to run too narrow.

    I really like the black ones too but I'd probably pass on the high tops. It seems to me that it would be pretty easy to bling up a pair of plain white (or black) sneakers with a glue gun and pearl bobbers … *I* wouldn't do it but I think it could be done without looking too crafty.

    I have a pair of duck boots bought at least 15 yr ago-- low style with a zipper instead of laces. I love the heck out of these. They are ridiculously comfortable. I have continued to wear them even as the lining has started to come undone. I WISH I could find them again.. I think this is the year I'll have to give them up.

  • Bestyears

    Still haven't ordered my Scout boot yet, but in addition to my new hiking boots, I just ordered these, thinking they'll be especially good for my upcoming Colorado trip but also just a good fall/winter bootie here in the South. Timberland Chukka boot

  • Bestyears

    Still haven't ordered my Scout boot yet, but in addition to my new hiking boots, I just ordered these, thinking they'll be especially good for my upcoming Colorado trip but also just a good fall/winter bootie here in the South. Timberland Chukka boot

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Funny, I just asked my DH if he thought it was too early in the season to wear these boots. I got these 70% off last spring and I love them. They are shearling lined and so warm, plus i like the heel.

    The Weitzman sneaks are so cute ... and yes, a lot of the blingy white sneakers *are* for brides. I've gotten a lot of compliments on my crazy fur pompom sneaks.

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