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Black Magic elephant ear - my tallest in the 2019 season at 5ft-3.5 in

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

63.5 inches is not as tall as previous years. That's a folding ruler on the left opened to 72 inches. None of my EE's did that well this year even with a lot of rain. However, this EE began blooming in late July which is the earliest any of mine have bloomed in the roughly 4 yrs I've had EE's.

In late August most of my Caladiums began looking ready to die back for the season. They started losing their fullness around mid August.

This is a photo of mostly Caladiums in another area of my yard on Jul 21, 2019 when they were at their fullest:

Comments (10)

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    I think your elephant ears and caladiums both look good..I had to move all of my pots off of my deck because we had our house painted..they were scattered throughout my was actually fun to walk around in back and see them..they've looked good until recently..I'm getting yellowing drooping leaves on my EEs..and the squirrels are digging in my caladiums..I'm hoping to tidy up and fix problems today..

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    these didn't post with my comment..2 pics in the woods..2 on the deck..that summer is ending makes me sick :-(

  • woodnative

    Jay they look wonderful!!!! Thanks for sharing! How do you store them in winter??

  • jay

    nicholsworth - Thanks. I also don't want Summer to end. What is the EE in the 2nd photo? They all look happy where you kept them. I had to bring a bunch of potted houseplants indoors for the first night of the season tonight. I kept 3 EE's outdoors in pots this season so I could keep them growing for the winter. 1 had its corm half rotted and doesn't look good. 1 was ripped out of the pot in a storm and looks like a goner. 1 is doing OK. It is my new and only variegated one.

    woodnative - Thanks. I dig them out soon after the first frost, let them dry for almost a week and clip the roots off, then store them in my basement in bags of peat moss. I lose about 10-20% of them to rot though. I try to use snug bags and I check them once per mo so see if they need some moisture or need to be thrown out.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    jay..are you talking about my alocasia? was a gift from someone who was given a bunch of tubers from a hotel display that was removed..I don't know the name..the black one is Hawaiian Eye (I think) has lots of leaves but very skinny stems..

  • jay

    Yes, the Alocasia. That may be an Alocasia Portora(?) or Portodora(?). You got lucky getting those! That's a variety I want to try.

    I have a pic of some here: (see: October 3, 2018 post/photo). They were near a bunch of hotels.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    I looked up's the link you posted you can't see the stems well but I saw a close up and the stems are purple..mine are just green..I don't know what I have but I love it..

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    jay..I looked at the pic of my alocasia again and the stems seem a little purple!..maybe I have a Portora..

  • jay

    Put that in your sunniest glade next season and it could almost double in size. I hope it does well indoors this winter. Indoors is where I'm guessing you'll have it. Was Summer '19 the first season you've grown Alocasias?

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    yes this is my first alocasia..the alocasia was cut back and given to me last fall..I planted it in a pot so that I could keep the large bulb upright over the was in a dark cool entryway so it didn't grow..then in mid May I planted it in a prettier pot put it outside and it started growing..I'm bringing it into my kitchen and will keep it growing over the winter..

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