Princess Alexandra of Kent and Love Song

September 17, 2019

Princess Alexandra of Kent (AUSmerchant), a shrub rose bred by David C. H. Austin (UK, 2002) and introduced in the UK (2007). The 5-inch pink cupped blooms have strong, lemon, tea fragrance. This rose was planted in a shaded spot in my garden so it doesn't repeat as much. I think once I move it to a sunnier location, it will repeat more. Helen

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  • bayarea_girl

    Princess Alexandra of Kent

  • bayarea_girl

    Love Song (Wekstameda), a floribunda rose bred by Tom Carruth (US, before 2009) and introduced in the US (2011). The 3.25-inch high-centered cupped lavender blooms have none to mild citrus fragrance. I have this rose as a tree rose, and it's very healthy in my garden. Helen

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Both are so gorgeous, Helen! I’m always so happy to see one of your new posts with pictures, I know I’m going to see some beautiful roses, you never disappoint! I’ve never seen PAoK in person, but have always thought it was one of prettiest Austins. Love Song is one of my favorites. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful rose pictures.

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  • KarenPA_6b

    Wow, Helen! You grow roses like the professional! Absolutely beautiful!

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  • Ingrida


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  • mmmm12COzone5

    Great pics. I'm thinking my shaded Love Song needs to move to a sunnier location.

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  • cyndita (west coast zone 9)

    Your LS tree is gorgeous! Similar to the post above, about how much sun does it get?

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  • HalloBlondie (zone5a) Ontario, Canada

    Gorgeous photos! Both roses look like winners for you. I planted PAOK this year and am loving
    it so far. I noticed it is very fragrant!

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  • Mas (Zone 5/6)

    both roses are drool worthy!! Gorgeous!

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  • bayarea_girl

    Thank you for the kind words everyone.

    SaraAnn, you are very sweet. I remember the reason I selected PAoK when I was a rose newbie was because it has one of biggest blooms compared with other DA's :)

    Karen, I got inspired by the Japanese rose gardeners. If they can do it, why can‘t we? LOL

    mmmm12/cyndita, Love Song will love the sun. My Love Song only gets noon and afternoon sun. It's in the front yard, so where it was planted is more to make the front yard look pretty than if it is a best spot for it.

    HalloBlondie, I agree. Both of them are great roses. Helen

  • Tammy (zone 5/6 southern Ontario)

    They’re so beautiful.

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  • the_bustopher z6 MO

    Both of these are quite pretty. The Love Song as a tree rose makes quite a show. Thanks for the look. Tree roses are quite nice for mild climates. Unfortunately, the climate where I am is not one of them. Neither of these two roses survived a winter in my yard, but I am happy they are doing well for you because they look good.

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  • katyajini

    Thank you again for sharing these beautiful, inspiring images. PAoK is described on DA website as being able to take some shade. I am even more interested in this rose for that reason. About how much shade (or sun) is the plant getting? The blooms look perfect. So does LS.

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  • bayarea_girl

    Katyani, if it was me I wouldn’t plant PAoK in a shaded area. The plant doesn’t bloom a lot in a shaded area in my garden. I think there are other roses that bloom better in a shaded area than PAoK. Petal-packed blooms need more sun to produce many blooms. Helen

  • cyndita (west coast zone 9)

    Thank you, Helen, for your advice re sun exposure! That’s extra amazing that your LS does so well, without morning sun.

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  • bayarea_girl

    Cyndita, LS is a very healthy rose so it’s doing fine in my garden without morning sun. However it gets the full afternoon sun. My PAoK in a shaded area, and it blooms very little. Helen

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