Coastal southern Maine peach tree varieties: best fresh eating?

Stacey Collins
6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

I know this has been discussed before but can we talk about it again? I would like to plant a second peach tree in my home garden and would love some help deciding which variety to choose. I'm after that juicy, sweet aromatic southern peach experience, as much as is possible in our climate!

I'm in zone 5b/6. My current tree is a Reliance. It is hugely prolific, but the flavor is generally just okay. (I realize that weather and fruit location on the tree affect flavor.) It's been bearing for 4 years and although better than grocery store peaches, it's never WOW! Always a bit muted, sometimes not very sweet.

After reading threads here and elsewhere on line, it looks like the best options for me are probably Contender and Red Haven. Maybe Madison. The most important criteria is taste, although it would also be great if it ripened at a different time than Reliance.

Suggestions? Thoughts? Thanks!

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