The approved template not fitting the jumbo quartz slab? I'm to blame?

September 17, 2019

The middle of Aug., I went to a well-known, highly-rated local stone and quartz fabricator that handles it all from choosing your product to fabrication to install in business for 16 years. I wanted a white quartz color and even sent preliminary drawings and specs. They told me they would do there best to fit it on one slab and felt positive it would. After taking home lots of samples home with only a little bit of help of price per sq ft, I settled on Vicostone brand in Pure White. It was in my price range. Gave them the required down payment for them to get started. Template day came 2 days later, they should up on time with their high-end equipment. They understood the galley kitchen layout. We decided easily on were the one seam would be. Understood I wanted 87" length of the countertop (sink side) where it opens to family room to have an overhang of 9-10". Yes that is small, but anymore would cut into the room where we have to walk to get to patio door. No overhang there would be a waste of an opportunity to tie the rooms together. They called 2 days later to discuss what the template showed, explained that they needed to cut 1 inch off the overhang template to still be able to use one slab. Okay, I agreed but said that is all I am wanting to take from that area, would it work okay? Yes, so we would be going from 9.625" to now 8.625". Final template drawings, all papers to read over about their rules, procedures, install, care of quartz, and my final invoice came for me to sign. They answered any questions. All looked great! Install would be in 12-16 business days. I signed the 6 pg document!! On day 13, a Thursday, I had not heard from them so I called. Was told my install would be the next Wed. I approved! Then next day Friday, 25 min. before they closed, they told me they would have to take an additional 1.25" off the overhang!! That would take it to a tiny 7.75". They said the quartz slab was not square!! They never said that slabs they get are not square. Not one page about quartz in any of the documents i signed stated that. I freaked!! I had to solve this myself, by going online to see what brands of quartz they carried had larger jumbo slabs. No one there could come up with a solution. no one said they were sorry. I found Cambria was the largest, found a color and asked them if this size would work with my approved template done 3 weeks ago! YES! Only difference in cost per sq ft is a total of $210, yay! BUT NOW, they want me to pay the cost for them to return the first slab, the one that did not fit! I said no to paying that charge. I don't feel that was a customer mistake. I am waiting all day to hear back. Help! Anyone have this happen??

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