Variegated Alocasia California photos - a mini trunk-forming EE

5 months ago

I call this Alocasia my "poor man's" (or person's) Variegated Monstera. But it's not a Monstera and has no leaf fenestrations or splits. It does grow much faster than one, so there's a lot of gratification with the new leaf variegation patterns. A new leaf grows about every 3 weeks. It can maintain about 4 leaves at a time. Of those, only 2 leaves look healthy at a time with the older 2 leaves showing signs of decline:

In my opinion this is another one of nature's productions of a form of art referred to as: Marbling, Paint Marbling, Paper Marbling, Ebru, Fluid Art, Swirl Paint, or Hydro Dipping:

The next 3 pics show the overall look and shape of the plant. It's only about 18 inches tall, The leaf tips have a slight curl to them and the leaf edges have a scalloped look. None of my other Alocacias have these attributes. This was labeled as Alocacia Variegated when I bought it in the Spring but I think it is an Alocasia California. Too much direct mid-day sun can result in burn marks on the white areas of the leaves. You can see a slight sun burn mark on the bottom center leaf in the white area:

This pic shows the candy-striping of the petioles, some 100% white leaves at the base, and a short trunk. I took some time to spray-paint the pot so it matches the plant colors. I often place this on the dinner table as a centerpiece while having meals:

Close-up of the trunk & striping:

A gave it a good watering 2 days ago and the soil is still wet and growing a lot of cotton-like mold on top of it. This mold occurs sometimes but not this much. I hope this doesn't kill it. I plan to place a fan on this plant today to encourage it to expedite the transpiration of that moisture out of the pot.

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  • Nadine Truong

    Wow. That is stunning! I have a regular alocasia, and it seems to be only able to hold three leaves at a time. Whenever a fourth is birthing itself and is in the process of unfurling, one of the older leaves (I think the lowest leaf) starts to yellow before it either falls off or I cut it off.

    I guess that means it's normal?

    I love love love the "artwork" on yours! Nature is truly stunning.

  • jay

    Nadine - Thanks. This plant keeps about 4 leaves in the summer when it's outdoors. After bringing it in for the cold season it only keeps about 2 leaves for each plant. I think 3 leaves is good or normal for indoors.

    sultry_jasmine_nights - Thanks

  • Russ1023 (central Fla)

    This alocasia isn't variegated, but the yellow midrib and petiole are very pretty. I have variegated forms of macrorrhiza and odora, many of which have good, balanced amounts of white. No pics but will post some manana.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    I LOVE your variegated alocasia..comforting to know that other people lose leaves on their alocasias too..I just did a post about 2 of my alocasias..can anyone ID them?..

  • green_vibes (z. 7/8)

    @jay @Russ1023 (central Fla) Wow, these are some seriously gorgeous alocasias...

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