What do you think about this bureau in a kitchen?

September 22, 2019

So, after our kitchen reno is done, we’ll have a spot for a furniture piece — its main function will be to throw mail and other misc on top (we had an island for that previously) plus some misc storage. Can’t be too wide (wall is 36” w) or deep. I found something that’s a perfect size but does it scream BEDROOM to you? Too much? Found in local consignment shop.

Nearby will be this table and light fixture. Chairs still TBD.

The size of the bureau is just right so I’d also be willing to paint it and change the hardware.

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  • martinca_gw sunset zone 24

    Sorry, sue, I’m still chuckling over underpants in the kitchen. ;>)

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  • rubyclaire

    I love the direction you are going with your kitchen. We recently moved and I don't have space in my kitchen for a chest that worked in my old kitchen for 20+ years and I miss it. I kept linens, placemats, serving pieces, etc. in it. It is now in a bedroom in our new home.

    If the proportions and price are right with the one you found, I think there are a number of things you could do to make it perfect. On the other hand, if you have time to keep looking you might find the perfect piece that needs no work. Can't wait to see your finished space!

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  • Sueb20

    Ohhhh I love that piece!

  • jojoco

    I saw this and thought of you. I think the paint job takes it from bedroom into kitchen, or wherever! I also love the one rubyclaire posted. I wonder what a dresser would look like if you used the same cabinet pulls from your kitchen.

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  • jojoco

    Rubyclaire, that is one gorgeous chest you found!

  • cran

    I love the idea of an antique/vintage chest in your kitchen. I not sure that is the perfect piece. Here is the one I have in our kitchen.

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  • l pinkmountain

    Rubyclaire that dresser photo you posted is the same dresser I have in my dining room for storing linens!! Mine has a slightly darker finish but same pulls and ornamentation. I really like how the finish on yours shows off the details!

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Jojoco, that painted piece is gorge.

  • rubyclaire

    Too funny, pink! That piece has served me well over the years - would love to see a photo of yours if Sue doesn't mind a slight hijack of her thread :).

  • Sueb20

    Jojo, that is so pretty.

    That chest on ruby lane is awesome. Too wide for my space, which is a problem I keep running into. Something around 30” wide and 36-42” tall would be great. The wall space is only 36” w.

    I considered this even tho it has almost no storage. (There is a small drawer.) Actually DH is the one who is concerned with storage; I think it’s not totally necessary. I like the interesting lines.

    But if I decide I don’t care about storage, I have a singer sewing machine black metal base that I could get a top for (marble? to go with my backsplash?) that would work well in the space.

    Having a hard time finding chairs too, and thinking maybe that should be my first priority.... ? Found ones that were so pretty and almost perfect but too dainty for DH.

  • My3dogs ME zone 5A

    Have you checked Craigslist? This one is in Westerly, RI for only $120, and is similar to the one rubyclair posted above. The ad was updated 6 days ago.

    Antique dresser / pine bureau - $120 (westerly)

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  • My3dogs ME zone 5A

    Or this one in Otisville, NY ? Ad was updated 3 days ago.

    Antique Empire Dresser - $175 (Otisville NY)

    Antique Empire Pine Gentleman's Chest, 4 Drawers, Pine Construction, Circa 1850
    Handcut Dovetailed Joints, Beautiful Brass Pulls, Brass Keyhole Escutcheons
    A Stunning Piece 39 1/2" Tall x 43 1/2" Wide x 22 1/2" Deep Asking $175.00

  • Sueb20

    Yes, I‘ve been looking at R.I. CL (I’m currently in R.I.) but didn’t see that! Posted a month ago but updated 6 days ago...hmm. I emailed for dimensions. The piece in NY is far too big. Thanks! I am only in RI for a few more days, which is why I’m scouting the resources here.

    I‘ll be in western MA this weekend...need to check out the CL there!

  • OutsidePlaying

    Now that you have mentioned old sewing machine cabinets, try Etsy. A while back I was looking for a small wine cabinet. A lot of them came up on Etsy that had been made from old sewing cabinets. I didn’t buy one as I couldn’t ever find one narrow enough for my needs with the right type of closed storage. Good luck!

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Adore that table! YES yes. Plus it doesn't have any visual weight. K's have so much mass to begin with.

    Who needs storage? You are wild and free empty nesters! Plus we all know the more storage you have the more stuff you accumulate. No one ever has an empty drawer.

    As for chairs, did i bug you about the woven bistro kinds? Lots of colorways. I'm sure i must have. SO then what about Emeco? I love these with the wooden seats, always have wanted an excuse to own them. No idea if they'd work, but I guarantee they are sturdy and comfy too.

    (won't let me post a photo).

    My other recc is the Parsons chairs from Ballard. I've mentioned before that I've owned two since 1995 (when I was 8). COM, or Ballard fabric, upholstered or better yet slips.

  • Bonnie

    Sue, I think the chest could work. Depending on price it might be worth a try.
    (The size of the bureau is just right so I’d also be willing to paint it and change the hardware.)

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  • Indigo Rose

    This is an interesting piece from Western Mass Craigslist: (31Hx25Wx14 deep)

    edited to add only $50.

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  • rubyclaire

    I like both the table you posted and that last rubylane piece - both seem to be good options.

    As for chairs, I like the BD parsons chairs as well. Another option (one I have and can endorse) is the BD couture chairs:

    Lots of slipcover options for those as well.

  • Sueb20

    Funny bc we have parsons chairs in the DR and had them in the kitchen as well. Just felt like they were too bulky in the kitchen.

    ETA I like these but one is not available, and the other isn’t available until Feb.! Turquoise will be my accent color in the room.

    I like the idea of wicker/rattan too... these come with seat cushions.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    In re the first ones, someone who understands furniture better than I do may have better terminology for it, but i know from experience they are not comfy. We have a set in that style in our (country) dining room. If you look at the front corners of the seat, you can see the caning on the seat (?) does not cover the terminus of the front legs. Those ends kind of dig into you. YMMV

    Love the second or anything woven/wicker.

  • cran

    I love the little chest from Chatsworth. A big over sized basket could go underneath be great form recycled newspapers etc.

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  • panko9

    I like the chest. I might change the hardware but only because it looks like the dresser my parents had. Grandpa’s dresser has sat in our kitchen for years to collect mail and other things. I’ve always liked that it’s a little unexpected. The dimensions and little bit of detail make it work well, I thiink. Plus it’s got marks where my father in law picked the lock in the candy drawer as a boy.

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  • allison0704

    The piece screamed bedroom, until the hardware was removed. I've had a piece in our breakfast room, last two houses, that I use for an office area. Chippy painted piece with two top drawers and two lower doors. Behind one door are two shelves. Best part is behind the other is two drawers and an open area below. Keep looking and you'll find the perfect piece for your home.

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  • justerrilynn

    These are probably too cutesy for you...but how cute, especially if they were painted a color.

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  • Sueb20

    Mtn, I know what you mean about those chairs. We do have the same type of chair in our cottage kitchen, and surprisingly DH will sit there for hours sometimes.

    We have old wicker chairs from pier one at our beach house, too, with arms that wouldn’t make them work in the kitchen, but they have held up for 10+ years. If I could find the sa,e chairs again with a different arm, they’d be perfect. Pier 1 hardly has any indoor wicker furniture any more.

    Mtn, have you ever been to Cottage Home furniture? It‘s in southern Maine. Their wicker chairs look beautiful though some are quite pricey. I keep looking at them online...

  • tinam61

    I would love to see some vintage chairs with your table, painted would be my choice. But I do like those wicker/rattan chairs you shared. As for the bureau, I don't think it's right for your kitchen. Keep looking until you find just the right piece. We have an old ice chest but ours is a small one. They are very rare though. I'll have to measure it.

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  • l pinkmountain

    You can take out one of the drawers and make the space into a shelf. My landlady did that with a small dresser in her living room that she tricked out to use as a TV stand and the shelf held the remote, cds, etc.

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  • lakeaffect

    I'm not familiar with Cottage Home, but Maine Cottage, in Southern Maine, sells furniture that is well built, colorful and fun, and their fabrics are also lovely. A family member in Maine has a number of their wicker pieces and they are comfy and durable. A trip to their showroom is a real treat, with every style, often in numerous colorways, on display when I was there, however, it was probably 8 years ago, so things may have changed.

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  • Sueb20

    I love Maine Cottage! I’ve never been able to really find a spot for any of their things in my house. If I had unlimited funds, I’d have some of their furniture in my beach cottage!

    ETA love the painted Windsor chairs but sheesh, $500 for a kitchen chair?

  • Feathers11

    That does seem like a lot for that type of chair. You must be paying for the finish because it looks beautiful. But that style of chair is a dime a dozen on our local CL.

    I have no suggestions for a bureau or chairs, but am looking forward to seeing what you decide.

  • Sueb20

    I’ve found a couple things on CL that would work well but just don’t have the time to drive around looking at them this week. However, I think these pieces come up for sale frequently so I’m sure I’ll be able to find one later.

    One of my pics won’t post but it’s an oak commode with a marble top.

    Definitely leaning toward painted chairs! Love this color.

  • mtnrdredux_gw


    I have never been there, to my utter amazement given how often we are in Kittery! (if you go, get a cruller at Lil's bakery, a "Kale Storm" at the bank-drive/thru window-turned-smoothie-seller next door, and a sourdough baguette is just a hop skip and a jump away at Beach Pea Baking). Now my stomach is rumbling...

    Since we bought our place furnished we didn't need much so I never looked locally. I still can't believe though I have never seen it given where it is. I looked on a map and I would say I have been half a block away dozens of times, but we never go that way because we love our joy rides on the scenic coastal 103.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    BTW, IIRC you only needed 2 chairs, yes? I might be tempted to just look around in second hand and CL, then have them stripped and painted (matching or not)

  • Sueb20

    Yes! I was thinking that too. I’ve been looking...

  • tinam61

    Definitely what I'd do. In fact, we just a few weeks ago bought a vintage library table (with the little space in the sides with the glass door) to replace the desk in our home office. We already have a wood corner cabinet, short bookcase and wood filing cabinet - along with a black leather loveseat. We have a gal here that went into business painting furniture. She is fantastic! She painted the desk black, lightly distressed. I also have a small coffee table (duncan phyfe) and vintage tables in our dining area that she painted. Go for it!!

  • Sueb20

    Another idea — we have 2 of these chairs at our beach cottage. I might bring one home to see how it looks with the table.

  • rubyclaire

    I love those chairs!

  • Arapaho-Rd

    I love those chairs too!

  • Sueb20

    What’s funny is that these are from pier one, probably 10 years ago? I’m sure I paid less than $100 and they’re still in perfect condition. Not heavy use, but still. And pier one hardly even carries any regular wicker chairs any more.

  • petalique

    I have a couple of those pine “cottage” chests with the carved chestnut pulls.

    One’s inherited, the other is in my cellar waiting for me to mindfully adjust the finish and re-home. I’m inclined to think you might was something with less of a bureau look.

    I like the small chest with the marble top, Sue. Or maybe something like

    Or if you want a chest look and larger, maybe

    Enjoy you search.

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  • Sueb20

    This could work too, the size is good at 32w and 32h.

  • Sueb20

    Found these chairs, which I could have painted to look similar to the blue chairs I posted earlier. I’d bring the arm chair down to our beach house since I only need the two side chairs. We have very similar chairs in our kitchen at the cottage, except these are slightly bigger. And they’re $100 for all three!

  • Sueb20

    Might not really need to even paint them, but probably will anyway.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Just saying we have those kind and they are not comfy.

    Love your P1 wickers. I'd totally believe it if you told me they were antiques from a Newport cottage estate sale.

  • Sueb20

    Mtn, we have them too, at our beach house, and we find them pretty comfortable.

    Anyway, seems like I have two viable options for chairs now, and I’m not feeling a rush to get the cabinet/whatever piece, so I’ll continue my poking around for that. Thanks to all for helping me sort this out! You guys are great!

  • l pinkmountain

    I have some similar rush seat chairs. They make nice cushions for them if you find them uncomfortable. I like mine but my Mom always complained they were uncomfortable. She was short and they were a stretch for her.

    FYI, if you wanted to make the arm chair into one that matched the other two, a good woodworker could take the arms off. But only a good one . . . like my husband. I'm debating taking the arms off of my two dining set end chairs to give them a narrower profile against the table in the tiny dining room at my house.

  • Sueb20

    I really only need two chairs. There will be a built in window seat on one side of the table...which will be my seat, and I’m the only one who really lingers at the kitchen table so, well, I don’t care toooo much how comfy the chairs are. ;-). I do notice that DH will sit for hours at our beach house kitchen table (in similar chairs but with a smaller seat) so I think he’ll be fine. I may get seat cushions made to match the window seat cushion just for the cuteness factor.

  • l pinkmountain

    My dad has a similar scenario at his condo, a round table in an area with a bay window with a bench on one side and three chairs around it. The third chair is only used when he has guest, the rest of the time it is in his office. They are cane seat chairs. Mom had cushions made for those chairs too. I think when you get old, you want super comfy chairs!

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