Soil mites? If so how to get rid of them please

Lisa K
last year

Hello Plant Loving People,

I have been treating my plants for pest prevention with neem oil, mild dish soap, mixed in water by spraying my plants and also putting some in the planting medium about every 2 weeks. In the last week I've noticed these very tiny white bugs that are fast at crawling. They are so tiny I can't get them to show up on my camera as anything visible or I'd show a photo. There isn't any webbing, no cotton like appearance, no flying. They seem to like my one particular terra cotta pot the most even more than the plant or soil from what I can see. I've tried spraying them directly with diluted alcohol and they get startled and the continue to run around!!

From looking online this sounds like it might be soil mites. I do have a gritty mix with some mini bark. I've read they like decaying matter. Most people say ignore them but they seem disgusting. Especially when they have shown up on plants that are on top of your clothes chest. It started on the peace lily and has walked over a foot to the philodendron brasil, ew. I don't like to use pesticides or anything toxic. I was considering doing a dunk of the plants into a large bucket with a little neem oil, vegetable oil and soap, let them sit for maybe 15 minutes and then let them dry off and then rinse.

I would greatly appreciate any insight. Thank you in advance.

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