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September 30, 2019

DD2 and her DH are expecting mid-December and have not decided on a name. They would like an old fashion name, and while they say not overly popular, her favorite (his not so favorite) is Isla. He mentioned Edie last night (not short for Edith). They also like Hattie, but DD2 goes by a shortened version of her first name now, and it is too similar sounding. They would both like the middle name to be Lillian (after my mother, but do not want to call her Lilly or by her middle name - always confusing at school, etc), but if they agree on a first name that just does not go well with Lillian they will select something else. She wants her named by Oct 1st, or she's going with Isla. ( FYI, last name has 2 syllables.)

So let's hear your suggestions, and I will pass them along.

Thank you!


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  • tartanmeup

    According to the Baby Name Wizard, Maeve is pronounced MAYV. Uncertain origins. (I thought it was Irish.) Appeared in the US in the 1990s.

    Forgot to say: someone mentioned Pearl upthread. I really like that name and think it's due for a comeback but find its classy, traditional vibe too similar to Lilian's. Also, Lilian Pearl sounds better to me than Pearl Lilian. IMO, Lilian sounds better as the first name in many pairings.

  • IdaClaire

    I think my appreciation of the name Maud is tainted by having had a great aunt by that name (hers had an 'e' on the end though). She was old and fusty before it was probably even time to BE old and fusty, and that's what I connect when I hear or see that name now. Of course, that's purely personal bias. YMMV. ;-)

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  • aprilneverends

    oh wow..I googled "Maeve"-and they say that it's a variant of the name that Queen of Fairies had..the one in old Irish ballads..

    now I really like it as you can imagine..

    Our associations shape a lot of our attitudes that's true

    Then some people are able to overthrow our associations...and especially if they happen to be our kids))

  • OutsidePlaying

    It’s funny, Ida, how we have a bias about certain names from our past. I too have a rather negative view of Maude from a 7th grade teacher. Looking back, she was the reason I actually learned some Latin words, although we certainly didn’t appreciate that she took the time to educate a few of us in that dead language as an extracurricular class back then. I’m sure there are others. I was never a big fan of people who feminized a male name. I had a cousin who had that happen to her. It wasn’t bad actually and was a fairly common female name at the time.

  • jojoco

    “ Maeve” rhymes with “wave”

  • zepherine1963

    Apologies here for being such a long time lurker!

    I think there are some beautiful names mentioned here and to add that my Mother (English, 84 years old) was named Olive Lilian May -all very "old fashioned" it would seem but I always liked the way it flowed.

    Her mother's name was Violet who had sisters called Ivy,Daisy and Florence.

    It is funny how times have changed as Mum always told me she was teased at school because of the cartoon Popeye with Olive Oyl (mum was always very tall and slender as well) so she never liked her name as a child, but I love how the older names are now back in fashion and think that whatever your daughter chooses it will be lovely!

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Years ago there was a great Saturday Night Live skit about how we all react to names based on our own experiences. I would add, we also react to them based on our age. TBH I don't think many women of childbearing age have ever even heard of the show Maude. It would be like asking us if we watched Hazel. (yes, on some weird thing called UHF whenever we visited my grandmother and got NYC channels).

    I find with names, it is welcome to suggest, but best never to critique.

    Lastly, our culture today is, thankfully, far more mindful of and respectful of differences of all sorts. In my social circles as least, people take the time to learn how to say and spell your name, and they don't take it upon themselves to unilaterally shorten names or anglicize them. I mean, it's not really that hard.

  • tartanmeup

    Was reminded yesterday that Sarah Richardson named her second daughter Fiona, a name already suggested by Chispa. Fiona Lilian sounds great, imo. Fiona is of Celtic origin meaning fair-skinned, beautiful. According to the Baby Name Wizard, "the name "Fiona" was perhaps first (?) used by Scottish poet James Macpherson, in his poem "Fingal" (1762)." According to US stats, it was ranked 222 in 2018 and seems to have only cracked the top 1000 in 1990. (Can't get a direct link to name page, you'll need to enter it yourself.)

    Along Robo's thought, Lilianne (pronounced Lee-lee-anne rather than Lily-anne) can also be a tribute to Lilian. To my ear, Isla Lilianne flows better than Isla Lilian.

  • IdaClaire

    Fiona calls to my mind an image of a cultured, slightly exotic looking woman. Not a bad connotation at all, and certainly a name that rolls off the tongue nicely.

  • justerrilynn

    One of my best friends named her daughter Maeve. The family as a whole has some cool names, Quinn and Laine are nice as well.

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    In the TV series Mad About You, Paul And Jamie were thinking of baby names. Jamie’s mother was visiting and had acronyms for everything baby-related. One day she said something about “Mothers always bring extra love”, and of course the acronym is Mabel. So that became the baby’s name.

    justerrilynn, I’ve known some wonderful young women names Quinn, great name! Laine, too!

  • salonva

    That's a cute story bpath- Mabel has grown on me.

    Another name that came to mind is Audrey. I think Audrey Lilian has potential. But then, it's Aliso's daughter's decision.

    The thing is, WHATEVER name is chosen , you know that once the baby is here- the name will be perfect.

  • chispa

    Did I list Fiona? Probably because I was going through names I had come across in real life. I went to middle/high school with a Fiona ... cultured and slightly exotic would not have been words I used to describe her! Wasn't the character in Shrek called Fiona?

  • allison0704

    I think you did, Chispa.

    Still no definite name.

  • party_music50

    Tina or Katrina works with Lillian.

  • tartanmeup

    Here are some names I don't think have been mentioned yet. (I opened up the whole thread comments and used the find feature.) They may not all strike the old-fashioned vibe parents want though.

    These three are rare, having never cracked the Top 1000 names in the US:



    Carys (derived from a Welsh word meaning love)

    A lot of these peaked in the 1990s and might be too currently popular for the parents:

    Alexandra (ranked 125 in 2018)

    Gabrielle (#306 in 2018) - the SSA site notes a variant with Galilea. Never seen that before.

    Penelope (trending up - ranked 26 in 2018)

    Carina (#948 in 2018 - trending down)

    Emilia (#58 - trending up by leaps and bounds, probably thanks to Emilia Clarke of GoT)

    Tessa (#245)

    Maya/Maia (#61 - trending up)

    These four were very popular in the previous century or the 1880s:

    Nina (ranked 319 in 2018)

    Margot (ranked 358 in 2018 - has an inconsistent popularity curve throughout the years)

    Millicent (not on the SSA chart after 1965 - Millie is becoming more popular though, ranking at #304 in 2018)

    Magnolia (#314, trending up)

    I'm saying all these names with Lilian as the middle name and while they don't all sing, they sound good enough to my ear to suggest.

  • cawaps

    I giggled over Millie Lillian.

  • justerrilynn

    Did anyone mention Audrey? It means “noble strength”.

    Audrey Lillian.



    Agatha Lillian

  • tartanmeup

    Yes, Audrey has been mentioned a couple of times. Sounds lovely with Lilian. As does Agatha.

    Millie Lilian reminds me of Milli Vanilli. :) Millicent Lilian doesn't sound great, does it. Forget how I came across it. Maybe TV show credits.

  • chispa

    Thanks tartan, now I'm going to have a Milli Vanilli earworm! ;-)

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    The daughter in The Quiet Place, the actress is named Millicent. She’s amazing.

    Aubrey is pretty, along the lines of Audrey. Or Andrea Lillian sounds lovely.

  • salonva

    I have suggested a lot of names haha because I LOVE names.

    Audrey was one I suggested recently- actually after meeting a few much older women and thinking about their names. One was Audrey and it struck me that it's not used much but always was a nice name in my opinion. Aubrey is nice too but seems a bit trendy to me. Again, sorry if I offended anyone.

    I still really like Ramona Lillian . Audrey Lillian..Saffron is interesting too (but maybe a bit too?)

  • allison0704

    I agree Saffron is a bit too much.

    I suggested Audrey months ago, as there was a girl a tad younger than me with the name and I always liked.

  • localeater

    Have I suggested Aurora? I wanted my sister to name her daughter Aurora. I think Aurora Lillian is nice.

  • tartanmeup

    Same, salonva! Just LOVE names. When I was a little girl, I used to pore over my mother's old baby name books and write endless lists of possible names for my future children. More recently, I frequented a baby name board for years. Whenever I cross paths with a young family strolling in the park, my first thought is what are the kids' names? :D Sometimes I ask. This weekend, I met a toddler named Gracie.

    Here's another possible earworm ;-):

    "I'm just mad about Saffron
    Saffron's mad about me
    I'm just mad about Saffron
    She's just mad about me..."

    Looking at another list now...don't think these have been suggested yet:

    Brigitte/Bridget (Britt, a variant, has been suggested)


    Gemma (cracked the top 1000 in the US in 2008 and trending up but still not popular)

    Heidi (popular in the late 60s and 70s so probably not old-fashioned enough)

    Holly (in my head, the Ls work. Out loud, less so :( pretty name for a December baby though!)

  • tartanmeup

    Yes, you suggested Aurora, localeater. (I'm using Chrome's find feature to check.)

  • whatsayyou18

    Not what you're looking for but I know of a new baby named "Lucia" which I think is pretty.

  • tartanmeup

    This site might interest the parents: Behind the Name.

  • aprilneverends



















    Esther (basically same as Stella/Estrella/etc)






  • bpath Oh Sophie

    April that’s a long and varied list! Are they names of people you know, or just names you like? Vera reminds me of a friend of my mom: she is “Verie”, pronounced “vee-ree”. Pretty, and so is she :)

    I like Dana, and have a cousin named Dania.

  • aprilneverends

    I went allover lol

    I was thinking of: origin/meaning..another direction: whether makes sense with Lillian (I mean whether these two can have a meaning as a phrase if one wants to look at it like that..also, What color they are short, don't ask))

    Some of these I truly love; some of them I figured-might share something in common with "Isla". Something hidden..

    And I tried to go by less popular

  • tartanmeup

    April, I was going to mention Catriona. It's the Irish form of Katherine. Both sound good with Lilian. Vera has an interesting popularity curve in the US. Absent for many years after 1983, it's picking back up.

    Don't think Elspeth has been mentioned. It's the Scottish form of Elizabeth.

  • czarinalex

    I commented way up above about mispronounced names. Mine has been mangled my whole life. I came across this video while listening to some of my favorite songs this afternoon. Made me think of this thread again. Hope no one minds...

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Oh, how smitten I am with Holly Lilian. Old fashioned, nods to Christmas, sounds wonderful together, delightful combination.

  • salonva

    Tartan yes I can keep going on the names thing forever.

    I like some of the old names that have just fallen off the globe, like suggested above


    Esther ( I used to not like this name but it's growing on me big time)



    ooh ooh and another one that I used to detest but now I really like is Miriam.

    I think those all flow nicely with Lillian/editing to add, well I like Miriam but maybe not with Lillian?).

  • justerrilynn

    Vivi Lillian , Teala Lillian , Norma Lillian, Clara Lillian.

    Sorry if these have been mentioned.

  • gardener123wewantsophie

    I don't have a name to add. I just keep popping in to make sure I don't miss some baby pics. Counting the days til mid-December :)

  • allison0704

    Great website - Behind the Name. Thanks!

  • cawaps

    If we're sharing musical commentary on naming trends, this one always amused me. Why not to choose a top-ten name.

  • justerrilynn

    Cawaps, you made me think of another name I like. Gigi!

    Thank heaven for little girls...

    I watched that movie the first time with grandpa. I thought he looked just like Maurice Chevalier.

    Gigi Lillian.

  • dedtired

    The Baby Name site is interesting. My name was extremely popular when I was born. It was almost the Jennifer or Emily of its day. When I went to college there were five women with the same name on my dorm hall. Now it’s fallen off the charts entirely!

    My sons were born during the Jennifer craze. I think it was the movie Love Story that set it off. Whenever I meet a Jennifer I know she is in her late 40s.

  • allison0704

    Because I am Gigi to my grands, justerrilynn!

  • justerrilynn


    Oh lol well that could get confusing!

    I love that name.

  • salonva

    Ok just saying I went to the name site that Tartan linked, and when I put in Audrey it also showed;;;;;;;drumroll--------Audra.

    I think that has promise. Audra Lillian. I really am going to try very hard to just read this thread and not jump in.

  • justerrilynn

    I keep thinking about all these names we are trying to come up with when in the end it will be something like Cornelia hehe.

  • localeater

    DS has a friend named Cornelius. Reminds me of Mr Rogers Neighborhood.

    Grandmother's name was Elspeth and it is my niece's(the one I wanted named Aurora) middle name

  • allison0704

    Salonva, don't say that! I enjoy reading everyone's thoughts!

  • Oakley

    A name I love and it goes great with Lillian, is Charlotte. Charlotte Lillian. Notice how the two names flow easily off the tongue.

    I googled the two names together and found this facebook page. Not sure if you can read it or not, but how ironic!

    Charlotte Lillian Literally!

  • allison0704

    I can 100% promise, it won't be Cornelia! Or Charlotte. LOL

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Cordelia from Lear is nice, though I am sure far out of the question. I think it means from the heart. Cord for short would be awful.

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