October 2019 Build A New Home

October 1, 2019

Time to start another month of excitement, frustrations and pictures of all the builds happening! Happy October!

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  • Kirsten E.

    @K H When you can now, do you wish you had a big expanse of uninterrupted counter space to work on? If yes, it might be worthwhile to prioritize the uninterrupted island even if it means waiting for things to cool. On the other hand, if you're impatient like I am, the waiting might drive you nuts, and you would wish for a prep sink. Could you see yourself canning at a stove in the island? Does it produce a lot of heat or splatter that could affect people sitting around it or smoke that requires good venting?

  • ghatta

    Thanks NEG! The trees are all going gold, orange and red. Fall is my favorite season. Got the last of the conduit in the ground today. Am running a caution type tape in as well, so to warn if someone is digging that there’s a wire. So partial bury, tape, then fully bury. My husband is disabled so it’s pretty much just me and my adult son when he can get home. Your home is gorgeous and well worth the wait! And I hope your washer/dryer comes when it is supposed to. Nothing worse than wanting/needing to wash and not have it available.

    KH. I have my single wall ovens in my island. I’m sure many gasp and say, but you won’t want to bend over. My back is in great shape and if it gets that bad I will use a countertop oven. I do what works for me. It’s your house and you do what feels right for you.
    Kirsten, we’ve all been in your shoes. GC’s will tell you anything just to make it go away. I hope it is sooner than January for you.

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  • ghatta

    I forgot NewEnglandgal, where did you get your table? I love it!

  • NewEnglandgal

    Thanks ghatta. Good idea on the caution tape!
    Trees are atarting to turn here too.
    My appliances are in just not installed for washer and dryer. Yes its annoying.

    Hope you get everything filled in with no problem. You must ve used to trying to do a lot of things yourself. Not easy Im sure.

  • NewEnglandgal

    @ghatta I got it at Kloter Farms in Connecticut. They do ship. You order it and the Amish in Pennsylvania build it from real barnwood. The chairs are heavy duty and are very heavy, I'd say a good 40 lbs. Very well made. I cannot say enough about it.

  • ghatta

    Thanks NewEnglandgal!

  • Buzz Solo

    For once a sunny, slightly warmer, LOW wind day here in northeast Michigan so Hal got the vented ridge cap finished on the main part of the house. Just 20 odd feet to go on the reverse gable. Looks like next Tuesday may be a possible day. Once that is done, it's just a matter of time here and there to put up the fascia, remaining rake trim and corner trim, before winter hits. :-)

  • Keepthefaith MIGirl

    Beautiful homes everyone. I love your kitchen - as for the canning - yum! Maybe you can have someone help lifting large pots that time of year? Or if it's a little one boiling over, consider a small prep sink on that end of the island to quickly dump...although a large uninterrupted island space would be wonderful for prep and finished jars to cool. We are still praying on the new bank but we finally have a good team put together (builder, arch, loan officer). Just a matter of time. Listening to all of you is inspirational. Thank you for being the kind, gracious, supportive and fun bunch that you are on this thread!

  • Lori Wagerman_Walker

    Y'all!! I'm loving the support here, it makes me smile.

    I second all the things that have been said about your kitchen KH you know the saying about opinions are like....

    Others' ideas are great for brainstorming, but in the end its your fracking home!! :)

    Kiersten, also second all the things that have been said, building is not for the faint of heart.

    ghatta, beautiful land & trees! Good job with the trench, I wish we could get real internet back to our house, but that's another story. grrr...

    I'm not sure we're going to get color her this fall. It's been such a weird weather year. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I do a lot of horse riding with fam & friends. DH does the farming. I'm a "sometimes" typical farm wife and make sure they're fed, and help move equipment, but when it's time for me to ride, I go!

    There are any number of guys around to help, they can manage a meal or two while I'm gone. :)

    I'm leaving tomorrow and will be camping/riding until Tuesday.

    Can't wait to see the progress from everyone!

    Neg, your back splash is perfect! Well done! Hope they get your laundry hooked up asap!

    Sidenote: we almost had a catastrophe over the weekend. Our dryer was smelling vaguely of smoke when I opened in on Sunday after drying a load. DH took it apart Monday evening and the lint build up had actually flashed over like it had been on fire and smoldered out. We clean that thing out ALL the time. It scared me enough I double checked the fire extinguishers and bought two more today on Amazon. It's time to replace the dryer I'd say. I think I'll go electric this time.

    We brought our washer & dryer from our old house, already replaced the washer. I think its just time to turn the dryer into a shooting target!!

    No pictures to share really, but in random news I put dusk to dawn light bulbs in the coach lights on the new garage. I LOVE THEM!!! I was a little skeptical, but they're working brilliantly. I really love coming in the drive at night and those lights being on.

    I think that's all of the Lori-randomness for now... :)

    Carry on! <3

  • K H

    @Lori Wagerman_Walker we Love riding too! You’ll have to share a photo of your trail ride! Perfect weather, daughter is grooming our senior horse! Younger horse is too spunky for the littles! Thanks everyone. I plan to talk with my cabinetmaker/kitchen designer tomorrow. He had several suggestions and thought we could meet in the space and walk it out. Will most likely end up with either a prep sink in the island or island cooktop. I’ve been asking around and have found several people have these and like them. Guess we shall see tomorrow.....decisions!

  • Lou Myers

    @KH I have no doubt your kitchen will be beautiful and exactly perfect for you. Don’t second guess yourself due to “rules” set by others.

    @NEG crossing my fingers for your washer and dryer to be up and running soon. Your home looks fabulous!!!

    @Lori so scary about your dryer! Have a fun and safe trail ride. We also have a dusk to dawn light and I do love it. However, I think it may be too buggy to have by a house door that is used often.

    @angelwatch welcome! I look forward to seeing/hearing about your build.

    @buzz the pic if Hal so triumphant is priceless. That definitely should be framed and placed in your new home.

    @Kristin I understand how frustrating it is not to have a realistic time frame. Of course the first thing friends and family ask is “when will your house be finished?” I now just answer “someday” since I truly have no clue when we will move in. I am fortunate to live on site in our guest cabin so I don’t have a landlord to notify.

    @ghatta gorgeous trees!

    Today the gas company ran the gas line to the house so that is a huge relief. Flooring is going down and doors are being hung. Light fixtures are up. Dining chandelier has a ton of crystals that I will hang once all the trim is finished.

  • Kate E

    Wow!! Lindavana & NatMc - gorgeous homes!! Seriously stunning!!

    Lou- I’m officially obsessed with your front porch :)

    NEG - Happy Move In Day!!!!

    Well, we’ve had a rough week here. Recap: moved in 5 months ago. Brand new build. On Tuesday of last week- we had significant water damage to our finished basement. I’m talking an epic waterfall in through the exposed window in our basement bedroom, then bathroom, hallway, and I fished storage area. Mechanicals all worked fine - turns out to be poor grading. Bad News is pretty obvious. Good news is- builder is accepting responsibility and taking care of everything. Paying for remediation & deconstruction (already done), managing all reconstruction, and overseeing the exterior solution which includes fixing the grade, building a retaining wall/window well, digging it down and adding a drain to the bottom. Geez. It’s been incredibly stressful- and I burst into tears in front of my 8 yr old, and I scared him. Seeing his scared face and tears I was quickly reminded that it’s all just stuff and materials that don’t matter and will be replaced without a second thought. Good to keep perspective (and sense of humor!!)

    So that’s what’s new with us! :)

  • Kate E

    NYC - I love your home! It’s truly beautiful :) Apologies if you’ve answered this previously - but I love that space under your stairs. Do you have something specific planned for that space or will you just leave it bare to make the space feel open and spacious? Either way, I just love it. May be a weird thing to get giddy over... but it’s unique and I love it!

  • NYCish

    @kate e yes, we have plans for under the stairs. Not to sound too cryptic, but I will reveal it one day. :)

  • NYCish

    @kate e oh gosh I just caught up with the thread. I’m so sorry about your basement. We have one too and water is one of my biggest fears.

  • Kate E

    Haha I will wait!! :) How exciting!

  • bsds71

    I finally caught up on everybody's progress, it all looks great and gives me hope that the fun stuff will be here soon! Our basement is poured, the added an extra support beam that wasn't on the plans and of course right in the middle of what would have been our basement T.V. room. Sigh.

    The subfloor was nailed down today and gravel poured in the garage and porches. No clue what comes next...maybe framing? Concrete in the garage and porch floor? Our builder doesn't communicate with us much, but I guess that is normal in this stage. So we just go out to the lot every evening and see what went on that day.

    We got our cabinet renderings back today, I don't think the cabinet guy listened to what we said we wanted in the kitchen, but I think we will be using a custom builder for those cabinets anyways. We've been waiting over a month for a quote for the front door, everyone is just so busy right now. Building business must be good right now, but hoping it doesn't hold our build up later on.

  • NewEnglandgal

    Kate E so sorry for your stressful week. Im glad to hear the builder is taking responsibility. I can see why you broke down. The build itself is stressful enough. I hope it gets fixed quickly and you wont have water issues anymore.

    NYCish looking forward to your reveal...especially under the stairs.

    Was told plumber would come today blown off again. DH helped me lug laundry to laundromat. Hoping it will be all set soon. Not going to get upset. Small potatoes compared to what many deal with.

  • K H

    Usually framing @bsds71 not to be a downer but our Masonite prefinished door has been on order since June and still isn’t here! You are started that is exciting! Sorry to hear about your water woes Kate that sounds awful

  • Junk*Salvation

    @K H That makes me nervous! I was looking into doing a Masonite and was told 10 weeks. Since June is MUCH longer than 10. Yikes!

  • K H

    Prefinished is what is taking awhile @Junk*Salvation

  • Cheryl Hannebauer

    We live in BC/Canada, on one of the Southern Gulf Islands. We purchased the property 10 years ago & hubby started the site lot clearing in March 2016, the contractor finally showed up 3rd week of October, he was supposed to start in,May. Contractor took it to lock up with hubby working along side of a 2 man crew ( was supposed to be a crew of 5, but problems working on an island off of another island getting help is challenging. Once the house was to lock up, hubby and 1 worker completed the finishing.We are about 95% completed but hubby injured his shoulder late December & has been recovering from that, so after the go go get it done, we have been on hiatus here.

  • Kathy

    I tried posting pictures 4 times now and none has taken. Maybe one at a time will work?

  • Kathy

    You have to click on this one and the last one to see them. They're tall pictures. The last one was the guest bath. This is the master.

  • kriii

    Wow, so much progress:) Kate, I am so sorry about the flood. LOVE Kathy's and NEG's home pictures! This week, the electricians finished up some changes we had requested. We are waiting on gutter guard installation, which will hopefully be next week. Waiting on an estimate to power wash the construction dust from the house too. Getting super excited for back splash installation which should be before the end of the month. My kitchen and great room are open so adding that back splash will finish the area. Need the fireplace mantle finished. Need paint touch ups and a bit of drywall repair where we had the electrical changes installed. Winter will be a good time to buy window treatments, plan the landscaping and patio design. Want to get a nice bird feeder for the back yard before winter. So nice dealing with the small things rather than waiting on a whole house to be built! I ordered a few Christmas trees this week. I cannot believe that we were in a minimally furnished apartment a year ago and now we are going to spend the holidays in our new home:)

  • K H

    @kriii that sounds thrilling!

    @Kathy that porch is beautiful and your tile patterns are so pretty I’m jealous! I wanted to do some tile but it wasn’t in the budget! As for our kitchen woes after much debate and research I went and walked the house. I decided to move the island to the right so that my path to the sink is a straight diagonal from the stove. I measured and it is 8 ft from the sink which I could cut to 4 if I put the cooktop in the island but I don’t think it is worth losing the ceiling vented range hood and the uninterrupted island space. (Plus I will only have to move the pendant lights instead of a bunch of wiring. Thank you for all being so kind in helping rather than bluntly stating my design was wrong and won’t work like the rest of Houzz. I’m so glad to be a part of this forum!

    Another question, we are planning dual fuel so would it be wise to run 220V also while he is out here moving the pendants? (Right now we just have normal there.)

    It’s cooling down here in the 30s so we are taking the last of the tomatoes and making some chili. Neighbor brought over some apples so I‘m Going to make some apple crisp too! Happy for fall.

  • Cheryl Hannebauer

    for those who would like to see our ICF build on the Southern Gulf islands BC Canada.
    go to my page, idea books New Build-Gabe for photos.

  • Lou Myers

    DH primed the island and moved it into the house. It’s not set yet but I was too excited to not take pics lol. Sink will go in the middle and the extra space is for the dishwasher.

  • Lou Myers

    @Cheryl wow! Amazing home. That’s a lot of work to take on. My hubby is finishing all our trim , hanging doors and building our cabinets so I will need to be patient (not my strong suit).

    @NYC I can’t wait to see the reveal with the space under the stairs!

  • Lou Myers

    @NEG I’m so sorry you’re having to brave the laundromat. For me it’s the worst thing in the world to have me do.

    @KH I’m happy you found a kitchen layout that makes you smile! I’ve not had a dual fuel so idk on the 220v. My gut says have it installed when he’s already there.

    @Kate you poor thing! I would have broke down too. Luckily you chose an ethical GC who is going to make things right. Hang in there.

    @Krii enjoy the holidays in your new home!

  • NYCish

    They broke up and repoured our concrete in front of the house yesterday. I happened to be around when they were finishing up and left a little approved graffiti (all of the initials of the members of our family). Our electrical inspection is Tuesday, followed by plumbing Wednesday. We are waiting on granite for the outdoor kitchen...and that’s about it! So this last part will either drag out or happen at warp speed depending on how efficient or lazy the inspectors are!

  • K H

    @Lou Myers how big is that island it’s gorgeous!

  • cprieur

    October 2019
    And so it begins

  • Lou Myers

    @KH island is just shy of 10 ft x 4 ft

    @cprieur welcome!

  • NewEnglandgal

    lou your island is so nice! cant wait to see it all finished!

    Welcome cprieur! Cute little worker you have there!

  • cprieur

    Lou Myers, are your cabinets white or beige and what will be the color of your counters?

  • Trish Walter

    Kathy. What are dimensions of your master show and are you doing a door or no door? love it. Thanks.

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  • Lou Myers

    @cprier cabinets and trim are PPG antique white. I saw way too may design delimas on the trim and cabinet whites not matching so I chose my trim color and just kept it the same for the cabinets since it’s so open.

    Countertops will be granite I know a lot of people are now anti-granite but I’ve had granite before and loved that it was bombproof and almost no maintenance. I’ve not chosen a slab yet though.

  • Junk*Salvation

    I am loving all the progress photos! Congrats to those getting started!

    Here are some new photos of our progress this week. Still in the framing stage. I just checked the calendar and we are 5 weeks and 5 days into the build, from the day we broke ground until now. Not too shabby! Ready to get dried in though, had a lot of rainy days here lately.

  • snowcountry

    Junk*Salvation It is going up fast! 5 weeks is about when we started digging. We spent a whole month surveying the site. We are finally getting the foundation this week.

  • Junk*Salvation

    If I count the time it took beforehand to test the soil & get back our engineered slab plans, then we need to add a month on to that. @snowcountry That process DRUGGGGG it felt like. (I also took care of getting the temporary electric going, permits, etc, all during that wait time.) But, from the day we started our pad work was the 5+ weeks ago. Hope that makes sense! Anyways, it does seem to be going along fairly quick so far. The last 2 days have had zero progress (rain, rain, rain) but it is supposed to clear off tonight. Hoping to see more progress this week! :)

    Also, had good news on the window arrival date getting bumped up. I ordered those a long while back knowing the lead-time was long but then it ended up even being longer than what my order contract quoted. I got a call yesterday with them saying the time table had been bumped up and the windows are supposed to be here mid November. It will delay us a little bit but hopefully nothing too crazy. I'd like to have the house dried in completely by Thanksgiving holiday week. My time table might be too crazy but we'll see. That's what I'm pushing for. The joys of self-contracting. lol!

  • Buzz Solo

    Looking good Junk*Salvation! Where abouts are you located? Mid November here would make it tough getting windows installed though I am sure somebody's done it before.

    We got a couple more pieces of ridge cap up today. One, just ONE to go! Next good weather day will be Friday. Fingers crossed that pans out. Raining now and all day tomorrow and too windy on Thursday.

  • Lou Myers

    @junk looks great! Beautiful trees.

  • Junk*Salvation

    @Buzz Solo Central Texas area, about 25 minutes west of Waco, TX. Thankfully, snow is rarely an issue (& if it is, it doesn't last for more than a few days at the most). Ice is more our thing but that is normally in the December-March timeframe. It is mainly the rain that slows us down in the winter, if anything. I'm thankful for the rain but the messiness of it all drives me slightly crazy. lol!

    Yay for getting closer to being done with the ridge cap! Good news! :)

  • Junk*Salvation

    @Lou Myers Thank you! They are pecan trees. There are some gorgeous Oak trees at the back along the seasonal creek that I love even more. Just something about a beautiful Oak tree. The pecan trees will be nice for the pecan harvest...good chore for my kids. ha! I shelled many a pecan in my youth. My grandparents used to pay all us grandkids to come over and help shell the pecans. It was never much $ but we had a blast doing it altogether anyways.

  • K H

    @Lou Myers thank you for the dimensions. @Junk*Salvation so exciting to see the framing! Is it three stories? Love your big windows. @cprieur welcome to the thread, you have a cute little helper. What state are you in? Are you building a walkout, half concrete and half framed wall makes me curious? No front door yet but they are saying Thursday so I'm crossing my fingers. Builder has moved on to another house because we are waiting on the door and more cedar for porch posts. Sheetrock is also supposed to be delivered on thursday. For some reason can't post any pictures.

  • T

    @Lou Myers beautiful kitchen! do you mind me asking how far in/spaces part your pendant lights are over your island? I have a similar size island/ light fixture chosen and need to have them put in!

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