FALL is here! Seasonal thread part 2

Well Fall is here! A time when our roses are getting ready for there final flushes of the season!

Please post pics, good conversation, and just have fun!

Thank you all for making these seasonal threads such a success!

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  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Yep, it's plenty cold here. Next couple days are a bit warmer, but nights have been in the 20's for at least a week. I'm dividing and replanting irises, too. I think my Blue for You will be leaving. It's not living up to it's potential. I wonder if it might perk up in a pot.

    It's really too bad that violets are hard to keep in bounds because the blooms and the foliage are attractive, but it's as impossible to control as mint.

  • titian1 10b Sydney
    • flowers, the author was called Brenda Little. I'm told by my neighbour that she died in this house in 2003, aged 86, the day after finishing a book. Most of her books are about gardening - 'Companion Planting' being her best known one. My neighbour gave me two of her books as she said "They belong in your house.". One of those was 'Companion Planting", which didn't blow me away, and the other is a novel called 'Knowing Sophie', which is about a young mother who kills herself. The story is told through the eyes of people who thought they knew her. It sounds depressing, but isn't. The garden was mostly a jungle of weeds, with some huge old (ugly) oleanders and hibiscus (also huge and ugly - think 15 feet and rangy). My neighbour on the other side (since moved up the hill), said she used to water the garden topless, and once came for a cup of tea at her place with no clothes on at all! I like Sam Neill too. I'd long suspected that he was the love child of who??? (name escapes me, but an English actor with a deep voice), who, when I discovered he was Sam Neill's mentor, made me sure it was so, but I remember looking up dates etc. and realising it wasn't so. Got it! James Mason.

    • sara_ann, no need to apologise!

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  • Lilyfinch z9a Murrieta Ca

    Oh gosh pippa I know it !! My 3 going on 4 year old makes me feel like i am a non stop activity director at a all day camp . As soon as we finish one thing it’s what are we doing next ! Lol where does alll the energy come from ? I need to look up modern sunrise, I have never seen it in person . It looks beautiful though!

    Flowers the non stress test is just an ultrasound followed by being hooked up to monitors that go around your belly while they measure oxygen and blood flow and heart rate while baby is active. It checks to make sure my body is providing enough for him too and not checking out early . It’s an hour or two depending on what they do , last time it was two hours but I hope they keep them short . At least I get to lay there and do nothing and I have a policy with hubby that any drs appt results in lunch out so that’s exciting ! Haha

    kristine , I need to get some Allysum seeds too !! I just love that flower . So beautiful and bee friendly !

    Titian that is sooo cool about the books. How amazing to have a home with history!! Someday on my dream list I will... lol

  • lkayetwvz5

    Wow this seasonal thread is rocketing along and I have read and read to try and catch up!

    Jim - I hope your wife is feeling better. Just get one thing cleared up and another comes to roost.

    For those of you with roses blooming I am so envious!

    Lilyfinch - hang in there it's not long now!

    joey - oh roses frozen in the snow! How sad...

    Well I guess it can't be any worse than what we just went through! We set record high temps and record high low temps for October! Did that make sense? We had 71F overnight! I came in from work just after noon Thursday and it was 94F already. I only had about another hour work left to do but I just couldn't do it. The previous week I pushed through 93F until almost 2:00pm and ended up not feeling well for almost a week.

    It has been 6 weeks with no measurable rainfall. Our governor declared a state of emergency Thursday because of the drought. We are to conserve water and no lawn watering or car washing. We have our own well but I feel guilty because the neighbors across the creek can see me if I water now that most of the leaves have fallen from drought stress. The mice/voles/moles have moved in to the watered areas and are eating all the roots on plants. Several coleus fell over and there were no roots left and Munstead Wood was attacked and I lost one big cane already. Bugs have munched all the leaves off everything, And to top it off now after several nights of temps in the 40s everything is covered with powdery mildew. Yuck, yuck and yuck!

    On the bright side I did have a gorgeous bloom of Abraham Darby and James Galway that I almost missed. My Morden Sunrise is blooming also and despite all the yellow leaves on Belinda's Dream she is loaded with buds again. Well I'm not even going to try and post pics since everyone is having problems.

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Titian, your former home owner sounds like a hoot. That is really cool about the books and the way they found their way home.

    Jennifer, I already feel the same way with Azalea and she is only 9 months. When I found out that she can go to Head Start at 18 months you would have thought that I had won the lottery, I kind of did. At that age it is 2 days a week for 2 hours

    I will gladly take it.

    I plant alysum every where. It is cheap and helps keep the weeds down. Plus the bees love it.

    My Blue for you is finally taking off. It bloomed in the pot but didn't do much growing. The last couple of months it finally started to get some height and since I had a wee spot It got a permanent place ( for now lol)

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Thanks everyone for asking about my wife! Shes doing better each day...One day at a time...

    Wonderful photos all! Just awesome!

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Our days have turned cooler and gloomy...

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Trish, Brenda Little sounds quite eccentric! I love the personalities of colorful people, but I'm pretty sure if a neighbor showed up for tea, naked, I'd toss her a bath robe. That's a bit much. I would like to read something she wrote because of her having lived in your home. I'd have thought there might be indications of some lovely plantings on your property, but we all know how out of hand a garden can get in no time at all.

    James Mason had the best voice! Also, going farther back, Ronald Colman. Both Englishmen. I see the resemblance between James Mason and Sam Neill. Did you know there is a James Mason rose? Apparently he had a passion for roses.

    Lilyfinch, you set my mind at ease. I was afraid your test was akin to the treadmill stress test to determine if you were fit to run after two little ones. I admire your negotiations with your husband.

    Ikayet, your weather conditions sound as if it's causing a plague of varmints that are eating anything and everything to survive. We've set records this year, too. It's hard to keep up with what the weather is doing these days. I need to check the batteries in the gopher tubes so they'll vibrate all winter. Those have mixed reviews, but they have consistently kept the underground varmints away from the roses. I think they work best in hard, dense soil. I invested in more after one spring, when the snow melted and the gopher tunnels were so close to the surface, you could see them winding every which way all over the garden and several rose bushes were left with no roots.

  • toolbelt68

    Did you see on the news where a lady, trying to get her kids to go to sleep, told them to lay still under the overhead light so that the batteries in their florescent night cloths would recharge. Apparently it worked. I can just see the run on florescent night cloths taking place all over with the retailers asking ‘what is going on?’….. lol

  • Lisa Adams

    Hello everyone! I disappeared again for a while, first house sitting for Lilyfinch, and then a week of camping for my birthday. I’m resting up from the camping trip.

    I have not read all the comments above, but I’ll catch up soon. I was struck by Joey’s frosty roses! In the mountains just an hour or two away from here, it was close to freezing at night too. I couldn’t believe how cold it was!

    I came home to Violet’s Pride in full bloom. I hear people are having trouble posting, so I’m keeping this one short. More later, I hope!

    Violet’s Pride today

    So far, so good. I’ll try to post the picture of the Augusta Louise cluster that bloomed at the top of a tall cane. I’m sure it was much prettier a few days ago, but I wasn’t here to see it.

    Now to see if they post! Lisa

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Such beautiful roses, Lisa! I enjoy your roses so much

    Diane, as usual, a gorgeous picture of Love Song, as are all your roses.

    Lilyfinch, I enjoy seeing some of the rose varieties you’ve acquired. I look forward to seeing how your new garden comes together. I’m sure it will be lovely, i admired your Tennessee Garden so much. Hope the next few weeks go quickly. Such an exciting time for you and your family.

    Seems like my SdlM and Mystic Beauty have been blooming about the same time recently. These are from this morning.



  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    So grateful for all of the roses still showing off

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    kristine_legault's ideas · More Info

    Eternal Flame mini flora

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    kristine_legault's ideas · More Info


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    Twilight Zone

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    kristine_legault's ideas · More Info


    kristine_legault's ideas · More Info

    Munsted wood

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Wow great photos everyone! Enjoying them all!

    Our season will come to a end soon but still alot blooms out there..This time

    of year the cooler temps keeps the blooms around much, much longer...lol

    My wife is coming along and getting stronger each day! I'm happy to see her smiling again!

    Enjoy your day everyone!

    Sara Ann, glad you joined in on our thread!

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Gorgeous blooms, Kristine!

    Thank you Jim! I’m so happy your wife is feeling much better, glad to hear that.

    This morning was the coldest we’ve had so far, 44 degrees, but it has warmed up to be a beautiful “Indian Summer Day!”

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    I thought these Orchid Romance blooms were so pretty this evening. Colors can be so vivid this time of year.

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    What a fabulous color Sara Ann

    You have such lovely roses

  • mjkjrobinson

    Sare Ann, your roses are beautiful, love them!

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Wonderful photos everyone!

    I'm having trouble posting pics but everything still blooming here...:-) I see a ton more buds but might not open...

    My wife continues to improve!:-)

    Rose is MOTH....Feral cats beat up Walkers Lows a bit...lol

  • garden nut z9b

    This seedling is going into third bloom cycle this season. It bloomed once in spring , then again in summer and it’s has a bud on it now. with the pink colour and white edge I’m calling it cherry pink like the song cherry pink and apple blossom white. I can’t be certain on the parentage but i had a lot of hybrid perpetual seeds planted in the bed it came up in. So far the foliage has stayed clean and it had an old rose fragrance..

  • titian1 10b Sydney

    How exciting, garden nut!

  • Oliver (SF 9A)

    Beautiful pics everyone! Lisa, does violet’s pride grow tall for you? I just ordered one from regan and am not sure where to put it, depending on how tall it grows I guess. Thanks!

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Thank you Kristine and mjkjrobinson! Jim, so glad your wife continues to improve. I always enjoy seeing your lovely roses and other plants. Garden nut, that’s exciting about your seedling, and a real bonus that it is fragrant!

    It’s been such a weird year for some of my roses. A very good one for others. One that hasn’t bloomed much at all since May, is Tiffany, however it has a few buds at this time.

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Very nice Sara ann!

    Some photos I took today...


  • Lisa Adams

    Jim, I’m so glad Sue is feeling better. I pray that she continues to improve each and every day.

    Garden nut, how exciting to have your very own rose that began its entire existence in your very own garden. I wish I had the space for that sort of thing. My garden “somehow”. filled itself up way too fast.

    Oliver, my Violet’s Pride is about 6’ high and maybe 3 1/2’ wide. I prune it to the ground every year in January. The roses grow year round here, so just about all of them want to grow larger than their info tags claim. When I cut blooms or deadhead, I often cut deep into the bush to control its size somewhat. This one is grafted onto Dr. Huey, which isn’t my ideal. I’d rather my roses all be ownroot, if possible. This one came from a “Rainbow of Roses”,special deal a few years back. I think it was about $13 for 5 bare root roses. I had another one already, and gave the mature one away. I just didn’t have room for two, but she’s a great rose.

    Everyone’s roses still look great! Kristine and Sara ann, you both still have so many pretty roses.

    I realize that no matter how little I think I do around here, all I need to do is leave for a while to notice how much I DO DO! :). That “do do” looks funny, but hopefully you know what I mean. No one let anything die while I was away, but things sure looked neglected upon my return. I’m nowhere near caught up, and going camping really exhausted me. It was lots of fun, though.

    Honey Dijon had some nice blooms to greet me with.

    Just past their prime, but Mystic Beauty has been blooming flush after flush. It’s in a low spot that doesn’t have very good drainage, but it’s thriving there.

    I can’t remember for sure who this is, probably Sister Elizabeth. My Rozanne geraniums are still going strong. They bloom far more than my Orion geraniums.

    All my kitties missed me while I was away. Good thing I had blue jeans on when I arrived home. Millie climbed my legs like a tree. She doesn’t normally do that, but she was SO happy to see me.

    Now, she’s enjoying the morning sun. She might as well enjoy the calm before the storm. A Santa Ana event will be arriving today. High winds and humidity under 10% are predicted.

    I hope everyone who’s affected by this coming weather stays safe. I just hope we don’t have fires. SDG&E sent me a text and email this morning, warning me that there could be possible power outages coming. The email said to expect anything from 24-72 hours. Yikes! I better charge everything up and take a hot shower, just in case. Good thing I have all the solar lanterns and flashlights in one box from my recent camping trip.

    The wind is JUST now beginning to rustle a little. Lisa

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Lisa, your Honey Dijon is magnificent! What a fabulous color!

    My tastes are certainly changing I used to only love red and pink and now I've ordered distant drums and your honey daijin is calling my name.

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Lisa, Kristine said what I was thinking! Honey Dijon is magnificent! And, happy dance.....I have one! It's supposed to do good here. It'll have to wait until spring, since I didn't get the new 'odd colors' bed ready. That bed will contain the roses that I couldn't decide who to pair them with. Little Millie looks great. I'm sure all three looked for you every day. Daisy doesn't take her eyes off the back door when my husband leaves. If he's gone a long time, she cries and paces. I texted him a pic of her sitting there staring at the door and it melted his heart. I didn't know you had Augusta L. Does she pink up enough for you? I know orange isn't your favorite, but this rose has us all going nuts for her. I wouldn't really call mine orange, but a color entirely her own. I heard about the power outages you're having or will have. Looks like northern CA will get the brunt of it. Oh! and, happy birthday!

    Garden nut, that is such a beautiful, vivid rosy color and I also like the lighter edges. Very exciting. Do you keep a record of the hips you use? Do you have many that sprout on their own, where they fall from the bush?

    Beautiful Tiffany bud, Sara Ann. Definitely an oldie but goodie. Some roses just don't need improving and stand the test of time. Such a good rose deserves a little time off occasionally. Is Orchid Romance anything like Summer Romance? SR did not like it here one little bit. Three tries, so I'm sure of it. Orchid Romance is even prettier in my opinion.

    Jim, I see that your wife is improving every day. I'm sure this is a big relief for you both. When you're down, it just feels like you'll never feel right again.

  • titian1 10b Sydney

    I haven't had time to catch up on this post - will do so later. I'm staying with a friend in the Blue Mountains (a couple of hours west of Sydney), and want to show some photos of an old hotel (The Hydro Majestic) located here, and then some photos of her garden

    My friend's garden

    view from the kitchen window

    prayer flags in front of a rhododendron

    a lime in a pot

    The Hydro

    tennis court on the edge of the escarpment

    another view from the hotel grounds

    my friends garden again (sorry, out of order)

    one of the many old buildings that make up the old Hotel

    rhododendrons at the hotel

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Lovely pictures everyone! I think that’s the most beautiful picture of Honey Dijon I've ever seen Lisa, love your Mystic Beauty too!

    flowers, thank you! I am very fond of Tiffany, it’s definitely been one of my favorites over the years.

    Orchid Romance is nothing like Summer Romance. I had a bad experience with SR, but I did order another one, guess I’ll find out, but I do hope it does good for me. Orchid Romance is by the same breeder who brought us Knockout Roses, Radler. I probably wouldn’t have gotten it, if I had known that at the time! Lol! I got it because of the name and it’s a Romantica, I’ve had it six seasons and it gets better every year, and it’s very Fragrant.

    The spring season 2019

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Oh, my goodness, Trish! That hotel is fascinating. I looked it up and clicked through tons of photos like yours. The architecture is amazing and looks like it might have been built over many years. Did you go inside? The long red corridor is fabulous with all those unusual lamps. I think I would get dizzy playing tennis on that court that feels like it's hanging in space. Yours is a beautiful country. Your friend's garden is quite welcoming. Looks like everything grows well. I love the lime tree. And, just like in the US, azaleas and rhodos are springtime favorites. Thanks for taking us on holiday with you.

    Sara Ann, I mistakenly assumed Summer Romance and Orchid Romance were from the same breeder. I might have a chance with OR. Radler is responsible for Peppermint Pop, the rose that never stops blooming, and Star Roses are easy to find here, so I'm keeping my eye out for OR. I had always dismissed it as one I couldn't grow. Thank you for that full bush shot.

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Millie and roses! Awesome Lisa!

    Superb photos everyone!

    And thanks everyone for the concerns about my wife! Thank You all! Shes doing better and better... :-)

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    I just checked and Northland Rosarium carries Honey Dijon. I am tempted but I have so many roses

    coming that I will have to sell off my first born to pay for them all as it is.

  • titian1 10b Sydney

    flowers, I'm chuffed that you looked up the hotel online. It is special. For decades it was very rundown, and then it closed for many years, until it was bought by people who had it extensively renovated (employing historians etc).

    Today we went to visit some gardens. It poured with rain (even hail), but I took a few pictures.

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Nice garden pics titian1! Wish we had close gardens to visit...lol

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Trish, I like the misty look of these pics. What a beautiful place. The advantage to visiting gardens on a rainy day is you have it all to yourself.

    There are raging fires again in So. CA. Right now, the worst are in Thousand Oaks and Riverside. Porter Ranch in Northridge, where we lived, is being devastated. Lisa mentioned yesterday that the Santa Ana winds were expected. Our son says the winds are whipping the flames every which way. I hope our CA friends will all check in and let us know they're safe. I feel for Lilyfinch since this is all new to her. Long time CA residents more or less know what to expect during the dry time of year, but certainly doesn't make it any easier to endure.

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    It’s supposed to freeze overnight, hopefully not cold enough to zap all my unopened buds, but I cut a bouquet of quite a few open blooms to enjoy indoors.

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Wow Sara Ann very nice bouquet! Great job!

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Mystery solved! Some of us were trying to remember who posted a photo of a rose they had propagated and was growing so beautifully over their blue shed. Thanks to Perma n' Posies, who remembered and provided the link, it was oldrosarian and her Divine Fragrance rose that she propagated herself. I'm in awe. Here's the link to that oh-so-pretty photo:


    Thank you Perma n' Posies!

  • Lisa Adams

    Thank you for that, Perma and Flowers. I couldn’t remember for the life of me who had propagated that gorgeous rose. It really is a wonderful photo. I wish we could smell it, too:)

    We survived the Santa Ana with little effect here in San Marcos. The news made us expect a really strong one, but at my house, it wasn’t bad at all. There was only a slight wind, temps in the 80’s, and humidity at 5%. That dryness does crisp roses pretty quickly. I had just enough time to cut a few for the house.

    Chartreuse de Parme and Bolero

    Joan Fontaine; a rose I don’t hear much about, but she’s great. Her blooms look like an Austin, but last much longer in a vase. I think Joan Fontaine was created by the original owner of Heirloom Roses. They may be the only vender that carries it. Joan Fontaine isn’t the water hog that most DA’s are for me, and she doesn’t throw out those infamous “octopus arms” that many DA’s do. Don’t get me wrong, I love my David Austins, but many are fussy about getting lots of water and fertilizer. Joan Fontaine has been pretty carefree in the 5? years I’ve grown her.

    Diane, I’d love to hear your story about your Dara plants. My only plant was a purchased plant from Annie’s Annuals and Perininials. Not a single seed came up after a late fall planting. I’m hoping this one will reseed for me this next spring. Maybe our winter didn’t get cold enough last year. Not one of my larkspur seeds from Florets came up, either. I still have some of both seeds in the fridge, so I’ll try again in late November, when it cools down. Our summer was pretty mild, compared to most years. Things like Orlaya, Chinese Forget-Me-Nots, and Nigella (Love-in-a-mist) have been germinating and blooming all summer. Normally they disappear in June or so. This is the first time they’ve continued through the summer. It’s been a strange year in the garden.

  • Lisa Adams

    Oops! I was trying to take a picture, and somehow hit “submit”. Better to hit submit than lose everything, as has happened too many times. Lol

    Sara ann, those are some lovely roses. I hope you get to enjoy blooms for a little longer.

    Trish, what a wonderful vacation! The pictures are glorious! I do love seeing different gardens from different places. Thank you for showing them to us. I hope you’re having a great time.

    Here’s what Violet’s Pride looks like this afternoon, after our Santa Ana. She held up pretty well. There’s a tiny piece of Baronne Prevost bloom cluster in the far left of the photo. She’s been blooming all summer.

    A closer look at Baronne Prevost. She’s so beautiful, and smells wonderful. Flowers, you really do need to try her sometime. I just took this picture now, so these blooms held up beautifully through the Santa Ana.

    It’s a very quiet day here today, without Millie. The staff at Brandon’s work wanted him to bring Millie to work with him today, just for fun. Brandon texted and said the vets are totally amazed at her recovery. She loves going to the veterinarian office, unlike most cats. She spent three months of her early life in a clinic, so she feels right at home in that setting. The staff put up a baby gate, so she could roam around the area where the staff is working without her getting into places she shouldn’t. Brandon’s text said Millie is having the time of her life, with all the extra people loving on her. I asked him to take some pictures. I hope he does. It’s hard to believe she’s so well, after she was so ill that she was nearly euthanized twice. We may never know what is was/is that she had/has. I just hope it’s gone and never returns. Just having her gone for today makes me miss her.

    Have a great weekend, everyone. Lisa

  • Perma n’ Posies/9A FL

    Lisa, I am so happy to hear that Millie is doing so well! What resiliency she’s demonstrated! :-)

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    I am so thrilled that Millie is doing so well . Talk about 9 lives. I remember the several times that she seemed down for the count. It must be all of the love that she feels.

    Well, I realized last night that if I pull out a once blooming hybiscus I will have room for another rose. And if I move my Canna, my Heirloom will get more sun.

    It's a good thing that my husband doesn't actually know what is out there so when it goes he never knows. I should try and find a home for the hybiscus. But the blooms are done in a day and then look yukky

    I also have an area that I put in gravel and stuck a pot there. When we first moved in that was a wet area but we have taken care of the water issue so I am going to work that area for Double Delight or Veterans honor.

    I feel kind of overwhelmed with all that I have to do but soon it will be winter and then I rest.

    Lisa your Baron is gorgeous

    What a color! I am so excited to see the size of your Violets pride. I have mine planted behind my arbor. My arbor is not designed to walk through. So, left side has Distant Drums and Quicksilver. The back has Violets pride and the right side has Whirlaway and Lavender Veranda. So having Violets pride so tall will look amazing . I can't wait until it all fills .

    kristine_legault's ideas · More Info


  • Lisa Adams

    What a great color your Quicksilver is, Kristine! I think those roses will look great together. I always feel a pang or sadness when I see Quicksilver. It’s one of the potted roses I lost while out of town last summer. Somehow Honeymoon, in a pot right next to Quicksilver, survived, while Quicksilver did not. I often wish it had been the other way around. Every picture of Quicksilver I see is fabulous, but my pot ghetto is too large to permit me to buy anymore roses. I do have Poseidon, Love Song, and Violet’s Pride in the ground. Plus, I have Distant Drums and Connie’s Sandstorm in the pot ghetto. Those will have to satisfy my lavender desires. Lisa

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Lisa, you have some really good lavenders. I'm excited about Distant Drums with the lavenders

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    I’ve gotten frustrated trying to post here today, I’ll try once more!

    My roses escaped being damaged by the 31 degree low Saturday morning, and I still have lots of buds yet to open, hopefully any more freezing temps will hold off for awhile. That was early for here!

    Gorgeous roses Lisa and Kristine!

    Here’s a couple that were blooming today.


    QUIETNESS - So pleased with this one recently.

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    And a few more






  • Kelly Tregaskis Collova

    So nice seeing all the colors!! It’s started for us, yesterday hail and snow. Ah, it comes every year and I’m never ready. Someday I will move away...

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Lisa and Sara Ann wonderful photos!

    Great to hear about Millie... :-)

    Once our cat Lacey right out of the blue kept falling over and just could not stand so we thought the worse...Made a quick vet appt. and Lacey started walking again at the vet appt...Never did figure it out..And it never happened again..

    MOst of our nights are in the 30's now with frosts...Daytime it still reaching into the 60's by late afternoon...

    Our cat Lacey hiding in Rozzane..lol

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