Boscobel, Spirit of Freedom, and William Shakespeare 2000

6 months ago

Boscobel (AUScousin), a David Austin rose, bred by David Austin in 2011 in UK and introduced in 2017 in Australia. 3.5-inch blooms with salmon-pink color, moderate myrrh fragrance and have up to 78 petals. Mine is still a young plant but it already produces amazing blooms. Helen

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  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Spirit of Freedom (AUSbite), a David Austin climber rose, bred in the UK (1998) and released in the UK (2002). I adore this rose with its petal-packed blooms, good repeat, nice fragrance, and great health in my garden. Helen

  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    William Shakespeare 2000 (AUSromeo), a shrub rose bred by David C. H. Austin (UK, 1994) and released in 2000 (UK). The 4-5-inch crimson blooms packed up to 120 petals with strong, old rose fragrance. My plant was grafted on Dr. Huey but it has been a slow grower compared with other David Austin roses. It was planted in a prime spot in my front yard, and I have been thinking of replacing it with another more vigorous David Austin rose but its beautiful blooms always stop me from doing that. It earns its permanent spot. Helen

  • mas_loves_roses1

    Absolutely gorgeous roses, Helen!

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  • mmmm12COzone5

    Every time I see William Shakespeare at the High Country Roses green house it stops me in my tracks. Hopefully one day they will sell it. Beautiful pics!

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  • erasmus_gw

    I haven't taken a good look at Boscobel until recently, so it is good to see your great pics of it. I bought Spirit of Freedom this spring and it is growing well but not blooming much at this point. I bought Wm Shakespeare 2000 from David Austin this spring and have also found it to be a slow grower. A red I am more pleased with right off the bat is Rouge Royale, which was a 1 gal. potted plant from RU and it has taken off in a hurry and bloomed quite a bit. Your pics give me something to look forward to though. Funny how sometimes an own root plant can out perform a grafted one.

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  • totoro z7b Md

    So lovely! Thank you.

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  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Not sure which one I like the best, they’re all gorgeous Helen!

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  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley

    Again, just gorgeous. David Austin should use your pictures.... they'd sell even more, especially of the underappreciated and less popular ones. They'd never discontinue any!

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  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Thanks everyone. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a slow WS2K :)

    erasmus, I just planted my Rouge Royale from a paper pot to the ground and look forward to its performance. I have learned that it's best to cut the blooms of RR and display them in a vase. The temperature of a room gives the blooms the best environment to open all those petals.

    Vaporvac, you are very sweet.

    I know many people don't like DA business practice but put that aside, their roses are so graceful in photos. Imaging without accessing to DA roses, my garden will look really sad. I know there're so many petal-packed old garden roses that look even better than DA roses but many of them are once-blooming and for small gardens that means we just look at their leaves for the rest of the year. As a rose grower, I like to have access to all the roses around the world because beauty should be shared, don't you think? Helen

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    Remember the Teas, Helen, for your area.

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  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Sheila, the Teas in your garden are absolutely gorgeous. I think you are the Queen of Tea Roses :) Helen

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Gorgeous photos! I'm always already smiling as soon as I see one of your new Rose Portrait Posts listed on the forum because I just know I'm in for a treat! :)


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  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Haha, you are guessing correct Sjn. I use my roses to practice portrait photography because my husband and my son aren’t patient enough for me to practice on them. The roses won’t run away because they have had enough or maybe they should, LOL. Helen

  • Ingrida

    Lovely presentation.

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  • noseometer...(7A, SZ10, Albuquerque)

    I got my WS2K from High Country Roses. The form and fragrance are amazing. Mine are not as red as the photos here but a more purplish red which I strongly prefer. It isn’t a slow grower for me, just not a tall grower.

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  • mmmm12COzone5

    noseometer, I have seen William Shakespeare growing at the HCR greenhouse but don't see it on the web site. Previously when I had asked about things not on the web site Matt said he was growing them for someone. So I didn't ask about it. How did you get yours? Did you ask in person or was it listed as something else on the web site?

    Every time I have been it has been in bloom with gorgeous flowers. Does yours flower continuously?


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  • bayarea_girl_z9ca

    Noseometer, I have also seen WS2K with purplish red color, and I agree it’s not a tall rose which is one of the plus things for growers in California where DAs can get really tall.

    mmmm12, my WS2K repeats well. Helen

  • noseometer...(7A, SZ10, Albuquerque)

    mmmm12COzone5: When I got WS2K, it was on the High Country Roses Website. (Sorry, I didn't see your comment until now!).

    Mine do not flower continuously, but they might if they were given more regular water and were in a better spot. I'm moving them this year to see if that makes a difference.

    Photographs never can get quite the right color. I can't even "adjust" the photos to make them the right color for some reason.

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