Uncovered a large manmade "hole" in back yard!

Gillian Robb
October 5, 2019
last modified: October 5, 2019

Hi! Our house was built in 1945, and we are having a large back deck added. My husband and I were just moving old, half-buried pavers that are around the decrepit existing porch when we discovered a small hole, about 4in x 4in. When we looked down in that hole, we discovered a small "room," about 5ft x 5ft, definitely manmade. definitely creepy. We can see all of the walls, except for what appears to be a "break" in the far corner, where it seems that this space continues out of eyesight. What on Earth is this?? We are in central Texas, where I'm told that basements are not a thing. I immediately thought it might be an old root cellar or city sewer? It's very old looking. Any ideas? (I tossed the old mason jar down there as we couldn't see into it very well until we got a better light. I wanted to see if it was deep.)

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