Lots of Money to fund Renovations

October 7, 2019
last modified: October 7, 2019

Based on the number of people who post on Garden Web/Houzz and are building a new house; totally remodeling their current house; doing major renovations on kitchens and bathrooms, do you feel that the economy is doing well?

I am totally astonished at all the people who decide to gut their kitchens/homes/bathrooms right after buying the house because they don't like a color. It's like watching House Hunters where the twenty-thirty-something shouts: " I can't live with that granite. It has to come out. I want a different pattern on the floor. I can't possibly live with a single vanity in the master bathroom."

Do all these people really have all this money? I read that most people do not have enough money to retire and must continue working way past when they thought they would. I am in the same house my husband and I bought nearly forty years ago. Neighborhood has actually gotten better. Keeping up the maintenance (HVAC, roof, yard, painting, appliances) sucks up a lot of money. We decided a long time ago to upgrade only those things that NEEDED the upgrade or replacement. Not to upgrade for aesthetics. We funded our retirement accounts and are comfortably retired with time and money to spend with family.

I was raised by depression born parents. I've used this quote in many posts. Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without. Is this passé ? Have we raised generations of children thinking prudent spending is for other people?

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