My first year growing roses and a BIG THANK YOU

threeboxerlover DEZ7a
October 8, 2019
last modified: October 8, 2019

Thanks to this forum, I learned A LOT. I started out with three, lost one but the other two are doing well. I added a couple miniature roses (one unidentified) and just received a few for fall planting (Sweet Mademoiselle, Pink Enchantment and Plum Perfect). I have ordered a bunch for Spring (a couple David Austin's and a couple from Regans) and I still have a few I want to order). I have learned about black spot, thrips, sawfly, grafted vs. own root and alfalfa tea (plus a lot more). I wish I learned about black spot BEFORE I ordered the David Austins though! I'm not sure how they will do in my hot, humid, weirdly soaking wet one year/bone dry the next, area. I am so grateful for all I learned here. I know that if I didn't find this forum, I would have given up and instead of losing just one, probably would have lost all three. Thank you to everyone who answers questions and shares knowledge. You are appreciated by all of us newbies!!

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