I just bought an ugly house

J Godot
October 9, 2019
last modified: October 9, 2019

This house was in the location that I wanted and the floor plan is perfect. The outside, however, is as boring as it gets.

How can I jazz it up a little?

I was thinking of bringing that dark brown from the shakes down...somewhere. Should I paint that white trim dark brown? I was thinking of possibly painting the pillars brown as well as the garage door, but it's a new house and I don't want to make it look even worse.

What do you think?

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  • dyliane


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  • nansaidh

    This is an image from The House Judge on Instagram, painting the house white really makes the shakes pop, not sure if that's in your budget or not.

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  • B F

    awww. I think it's a great blank slate. what you don't have are things that are really difficult/expensive to change: for example, you don't have a weird roofline or funky columns or ugly color bricks. in my opinion, the most important thing is that you like the function and location of the house so lucky you! cosmetic changes are the fun part!

    honestly though, brown trim with yellow paint? that sounds pretty bad. sorry. but I hate brown paint for just about anything so I'm biased.

    If this house was mine:

    1. I'd paint it white with black trim and choose a really fun color for the door. I love the idea of neutral colors for the house so you can change the door color whenever you want.

    2. swap out the light fixtures for something more contemporary

    3. add a stepping stone walkway through the lawn, towards the front door

    4. the plants will grow in eventually. but for now you could add some large planters with flowers to bring in color to tide you over. if you keep the plants native, they'll require less fuss.

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  • cat_ky

    I think the house is cute. It just looks empty right now. A nice wreath etc on the door, some colorful chairs on the porch, some potted plants by the entry, and just a bit of personality will go a long way. In the spring, add some color to the landscaping. Congratulations on your new home.

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  • RTHawk

    I think it is a pretty house - may need more landscaping though. I would post in the Garden - Landscaping forum for ideas for plants/trees.

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  • Paula A

    There is nothing ugly about that house - it's super cute as is. It just needs flowers and a little color (patio chairs, welcome mat, etc.).

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  • PRO

    Better landscaping in the front will go far in helping the curb appeal.

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I have no idea why you think adding brown to a perfectly nice house will make it better. Landscaping is what you need and lots of it and no shutters those windows were never meant to have shutters and there is no space for proper sized ones .

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  • decoenthusiaste

    Just some minor changes would help. The lamp post and lantern lights should be upgraded to contemporary styles and much larger. Is there a light inside the porch? The shakes look unfinished/unpainted compared with the dark roof. I'm not sure what I would suggest, but I don't care for the color they are or the white paint Beverly suggested. I doubt that a porch that close to the ground requires a railing. Check local regulations and remove it if possible. Landscaping will save the day here, but if that is a regular magnolia tree on the left, it will grow to block the view of your house. The ground under it will stay bare, even if you trimmed up the lower branches. I would approach a nursery about trading it out for a smaller ornamental like a dogwood or Japanese maple.

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  • dyliane

    you need an amazing landscaping the house is cute

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  • Aaron Dill

    Wood garage doors would look good and tie in with the shakes. You could get some color into it by adding drapes on the inside that peak through.

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  • groveraxle

    You could start with a little paint on the shakes and frieze boards:

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  • houssaon

    I would paint the shakes yellow! Or paint the entire house another color. I think it is cute.

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  • K Laurence

    Ugly??? What’s your idea of a pretty house? I’m curious...

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  • tqtqtbw

    Super cute house. It needs landscaping and some light for the inset front door. If that is a porch space to the left, add chairs, rockers or a bench with colorful pillows. I would like coach lights on either side but you would need to pricie out having it wired.

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  • tqtqtbw

    DIY Front Yard Makeover · More Info

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  • girl_wonder

    I think it's cute, not boring and certainly not ugly. As others have said, you can perk it up with landscaping and accessorizing (nice chairs on the front porch etc). Happy new home!

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  • tqtqtbw

    Is your house in a "tropical" location?

    Stoneybrook 2 · More Info

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  • cpartist

    Find a landscape designer and get some landscaping on the house. That's what it needs most of all.

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  • calidesign

    It's not an ugly house, just an ugly color that looks exactly the same as the house next to it. I would paint the house a light olive green, with a darker green on the garage doors and a white door matching your trim. Fill in your landscaping with colorful annuals until the shrubs have gotten larger.

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  • Lyndee Lee

    I don't think it is ugly but I might describe it as unfinished without additional landscaping.

    The structure is fine but the colors don't look good together. It looks like brown shakes and a grayish black roof and the shake color is easier to change than the roof. The easiest approach is distract the eye with landscaping

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  • groveraxle

    I would paint the white stripes on the bottom the same color as the walls.

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  • worthy

    Sorry, but painting the garage doors black emphasizes and draws attention to what should be minimized.

  • J Godot

    I guess I shouldn't have said ugly, I should have said uninspired. This brown door makes a big difference all by itself.

  • tdemonti

    Window treatments and hanging baskets are a good start. The landscape will mature and you can add annuals in the spring. Live with if for a year through the seasons. Play with ideas for a while as you observe houses you are attracted to.

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  • Jamie Ward

    window shutters and a brick red door. Landscaping around the perimeter of the house just below the windows.!

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  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    No shutters. No contrasting color on the garage doors. No yellow anywhere - it’s my least favorite color and it makes your house look just like the one next door.

    I’d go with standard white paint with your gray/black roof and a bright red door. Shiny black large porch sconces and a bigger black lamppost. Bright red flowers in big fat pots.

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