Wednesday's Trivia Quiz (late in the day)

5 months ago

TERILYN got the right answer!

In 'Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" who is Huck's father?


Today's question is
What animal's horn is made of compacted hair?

Comments (8)

  • chloebud

    Rhino. I'm basing that on a recent trip to the zoo with our grandson. Hope that's not cheating!

  • georgysmom2

    Since I haven't been to the zoo recently, I'll go along with chloe's expertise. I'm just hoping to share in the chili dog. :-)))

  • blfenton

    I know it isn't the Unicorn so I'll say Rhino as well.

  • terilyn

    I agree!

  • patriciae_gw

    Rhino though I think it is actually keratin like hair.

  • jemdandy


  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    The rare and elusive Jackalope's horns are made out of hare

    see what I did there, haha

    I crack me up!

  • chloebud

    Good one, LoneJack!

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