Does Duranta erecta have a fragrance?

October 9, 2019

Ok, I have officially decided to stop growing buddleia here in FL. I have been considering all the great advice I have received here for replacement plants that the butterflies will love just as much as buddleia. So yesterday I was perusing the plant nursery section of the local Lowe's and saw some really healthy looking Duranta erecta. The cultivar was Sapphire Showers.

(I tried 6 times to load a photo of the tag on the plant here in the post but the site would not take it. Even after I reduced the size of the photo by half. This happens a lot to me when trying to load photos to this site.)

But the plants had no noticeable fragrance. I thought Duranta erecta was supposed to have a great noticeable fragrance, am I wrong about that? Do only certain cultivars have a fragrance? If so, which ones have a nice fragrance?


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