Is a handleless fully integrated fridge with custom panels possible?

Madeleine Keehner
October 9, 2019

I am looking for advice on ways to make a built-in fridge (fully integrated, flush installed, custom-paneled) truly handle-free. My contractor makes beautiful modern handleless cabinets by allowing a space along one edge of a door or drawer front, so you can put your fingertips in there and pull it open (there is a an aluminum profile rail that runs along inside that space and the cabinet door edge has an angled profile to make it easy to hook your fingertips around it).

To make the fridge handleless, we could install a column fridge and create the same rail along the opening side, to grab the door by that edge of the panel. For that matter, we could add a push-to-open gizmo behind extended-height panel doors, if we install a column fridge. But they get quite pricey! And I prefer a drawer-style freezer.

I am wondering if there is a way to make a bottom-freezer drawer fridge into a handleless opening drawer by doing something clever with the panels on the front? For example, an invisible recessed handle, or a faux profile rail look. Or, are there any integrated fridges that have wide enough spacing between the drawers to allow fingertip access to pull them open?

Any hacks you have used, or a fridge model that has given you this look? Liebherr told me it is possible for their fridges, but I didn't find any information on how it might be done.

Thanks in advance!

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