Walmart Roses Arrived Today!

Went to Walmart today and was surprised to see alot of roses that had just come in. I started looking and was amazed at the varieties they had: Cl. Polka, Cream Veranda, Fruity Petals, White Meidlland, Highwire Flyer, miniatures Lavender Lace and Heidi, Cl Cherry Frost.......and others I cant recall. And.........they were each $5.97!!! I was amazed!! I bought another Polka, a Lavender Lace and another Cream Veranda. I have most of the rest, but think I will run by again tomorrow and see if there is anything else I need for that cheap price. They were in 2-3 gallon pots and big healthy roses with blooms and buds too! I have never seen our Walmart with such choices! I was in the car but think I will go in the truck tomorrow to have more room! Might get a couple of White Meidllands for twin pots.......and a Cherry Frost. The blooms looked a little small on that one, but its new and these bushes were SO healthy! At least until Walmart neglects them and they die of thirst! Anyone else seeing anything interesting at Wally?


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