I need help with an awkward floor plan layout!

Zach Neitzke
2 years ago

Hi all,

I bought a house back in November and am at a complete loss with what to do with the main living space layout. The kitchen is closed off, dimly lit, has three entrances, and is awkward all together, because of this, I hate to cook (which use to be my biggest hobby). The living room is awkwardly long and narrow and is quite open making furniture placement difficult. I have had multiple interior designers look at the rooms and layout and none of us can come up with a good solution. So I am in dire need of feedback and ideas so I can hopefully make this a livable space again.

A little back ground on the house, it is a 1980s ranch with a finished basement. The main entrance is in the basement with a staircase directly off to the right and large living room to the front and left. The stair case goes upstairs and leads directly into an open living room to the right and closed off kitchen to the front and hallway to the left to get to the three bedrooms (to include master).

Again my main concern at this point is floor plan layout, but I would like to keep in mind resale value. Conversations with professionals so far have led to two options:

1. Swap the kitchen to where the upstairs living room is to create an open, well-lit, grand entrance to the main second floor (an environment that would feel welcoming and encourage hosting). In turn the living room would be moved to where the kitchen currently is to create a small living room/conversation area with a couch and TV/focal wall on the opposite wall (I already have a large living room downstairs and with this being a smaller house, I don't need two large living rooms). This room would also be well lit with a sliding glass door to the rear of the property. (I completely understand the level of work this requires).

2. Leave the kitchen where it is, update it, and remove the non-load bearing wall between kitchen and dining room to open up the floor plan. My only problem with this is even if all of these fixes occurred, I am really not gaining any counter space, I am losing significant cupboard space, and I still feel as though the kitchen is awkward size/shape.

There may even be several options that haven't been considered, which is why I am reaching out to you guys for assistance, feedback, and opinion. Any help is greatly appreciated because at this point I am out of ideas. I will try to attach pictures below of floor plan and current situation. Thank you!

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