Seeking Hydrangea cuttings/suckers in Albany, NY area

Jimmy Dorato
last year

I’m working on a little project and am looking for anyone who can donate Hydrangea suckers or cuttings in the Hudson/Albany, NY area.

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  • luis_pr
    last year
    last modified: last year

    You may want to mention which type of hydrangea. There are macrophyllas (mopheads, lacecaps), arborescens (smooth hydrangeas), paniculatas (Pee Gee, etc.), serratas (mountain hydrangea), quercifolias (oakleaf hydrangea), etc.

    Paniculatas and arborescens are very winter and bloom hardy in your Zone 5 (and up to Zone 3). The others are best winter protected to make sure that they bloom reliably.

    Just wondering... are hydrangeas in your area starting to go (or already are) dormant? I recall noticing some trees in the Catskills that were putting on a nice 'autumn foliage show' in early October.

  • Jimmy Dorato
    Original Author
    last year

    Good point Luis, I just figured the upstate NY part would narrow it down. The experiment is more geared toward the winter and bloom hardy specimens, but I’m not ruling the others out.

    To satisfy your curiosity, some of my mop heads are still totally green and others are just about in full dormancy, and they’re all lined up next to each other. Same goes for just about everything else around the area. It’s been a warm fall, and for the most part the stuff that’s totally dormant is in the mountains or spots that pick up pockets of colder air. We’re forecast for upper 50’s to mid 60’s every day for the next week.