FALL is here! Seasonal thread part 4

Well Fall is here! A time when our roses are getting ready for there final flushes of the season!

Please post pics, good conversation, and just have fun!

Thank you all for making these seasonal threads such a success!

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  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Well, thank you flowers. Eglantyne has lovely blooms, but mine has an awful growth habit--lots of canes going every which way. I think some of these problems are due to all the shade crowding in on her. Therefore, she's in decline, and also being 15 years old isn't helping. Right now, she's lost all her leaves and looks like a bunch of dead sticks. How's that for honesty? I'd forgotten that Rock Cress is Aubrieta. It's not not looking good right now, either. A certain family member trampled it to death, while blowing leaves around. Sadly, this family member does a lot of nice things (not sad about that), so I will not mention it. If I just had more space to try Rock Cress in a different spot. By the way, I don't know why I don't grow Gruss an Aachen after seeing that super lovely photo of yours on the best of 2019 thread. I guess it's that old lack of space thing. It really keeps me reined in. Don't feel badly about the manure. I only put compost on the roses and other special plants. Manure, much cheaper, goes on general areas needing an amendment, and I won't get to that for weeks. I'm cleaning up now, plus I still need to do some more compost flinging. I hate winter, too, and you and I definitely got blasted way too early by the cold. I'll be mad about that for the next several months--ha.

    Summers, our winter started on October 9 when we hit 23F, followed by several night of lows 14F-18F. I haven't had any blooms since Oct 9. Flowers had it even worse with about one week of fall. I can't believe all those pots you deal with. Wow. I have no potted roses, and absolutely no room in our crowded garage. But thank you for your comment. I'd love to see more photos of your garden--even if it's frozen at present. Diane

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Gee Summer wishing you best of luck with getting those roses put away...

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  • sara_ann-z6bok

    We’ve had a beautiful weekend, highs between 70 and 72 degrees, colder tomorrow, but not freezing.

    Summers, that sounds like a lot of work, hope all goes well for you.

    Your Englantyne blooms are gorgeous, Diane.

    I was scanning through my rose pictures and noticed this picture of Julia Child from earlier this year. Doesn’t look too bad. But like many of my roses shut down for a big part of the season. Later on it set on blooms for weeks, but never had a lot at one time. I wish there could be a good rose year for all my roses, is that too much to ask?

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Sara Ann, I always have the sluggards that don't want to get with the program and just bloom already. My Evelyn in back gets plenty of sun and everything else. She set a lot of buds in early September, and just couldn't seem to open them all at once; a bud here, and one there opened--then the freeze hit early and a whole lot of those sluggish buds were too late and froze. There were others that were slow, but at least they had bloomed more during summer than this Evelyn. I also have the old guys who "think" that blooming nicely in spring is enough, cause they're old like their owner-ha. I don't know what's holding up your Julia, Sara Ann. Is she own root? I have one own root that's much slower to rebloom, and doesn't produce the many blooms that the grafted Julias do. Diane

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Thanks for the comments on Eglantyne, Sara Ann. Diane

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Hi all, I hope your Veteran's Day/Armistice Day is going well as we remember what our nation has been through in the past, and continues to experience today. May we have peace.

    Here is a Brother Cadfael album in honor of peace. Diane

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Brother Cadfael is a beauty, Diane! I Think my JC is on multiflora, I ordered it from Pickering in 2011.

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Oohhhh the Brother is very handsome!

  • summersrhythm_z6a

    There is some magic in your yard! It slows the traffic with those beautiful blooms! I will try to do a better job next spring. I had weeds everywhere this year, didn't really keep up with the midge treatment.

    Just moved in every potted roses into the garage during a snow storm today! :-) We have about 3" so far, it's very windy and cold. Bought the last 5 bales straw from a farmer store this morning for rose beds, will buy more when the store restock it. There is a shortage of straw in my area right now. I find straw is much easier than mulch for winterizing roses, just have to wait for a snow free weekend to get it done. Keep warm everyone!

  • lkayetwvz5

    OMG! I am sitting here hoping the Ibuprofen will kick in! I just got done mulching 51 roses and 7 nonrose bushes. Of course I ran out of everything and still have 6 left that I couldn't scrounge up for. The first year roses got the bark mulch, the second year got composted barn cleanings of pine shavings and I ended up having to put hay around the rest to get the majority with some cover/windbreak. The ones in the courtyard will have to wait until tomorrow. I know there are those of you who don't agree with mulching roses for winter and I respect your opinion, but I decided long ago that I would rather find them dead and mulched than dead and not mulched because I will always blame myself for not taking care of them otherwise. It was a gorgeous day tho up to the 60s but with wind but I worked all day in a t-shirt (and jeans of course!). Won't be able to say that tomorrow! Supposed to start with rain tonight, then plummeting temps in the 30s and wind up to 25 mph changing to snow and then temps drop into the midteens. Windchill is supposed to be single digits to minus 0! It is full moon Tuesday evening which always brings the coldest temps. They are saying we could have several days of this and the nighttime temps seem to stay in the 20s from now on.

    nanadoll - love your Brother Cadfael! It's usually out of stock or I've ordered it and been notified that they didn't get it. Still hoping one day to snag it.

    Tomorrow I have to move pots into the bottom area of the workshop. I had a couple rose cuttings that suffered from one thing or the other and didn't get planted out last month and I have pots of Foxglove that didn't make size either yet and some odd cuttings here and there I hoped to carry over till spring. I cut a few Geranium slips but I may cut a few more if they survive the night.

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Had a really bad night and day! My wife visited her brother to help him out yesterday.

    She never came home last night so I thought she was in a bad accident so I called police to watch out for her...This all started at 11pm last night. Did not hear any news from police until 2pm today! SEEMS she has run amuck! She called police and told them she was ok but would come home when she was good and f-ing ready!

    ????????????????????? I'm just in shock today over this stuff! I have not slept since yesterday...And I am baffled by her behavior... :-(

  • joeywyomingz4b

    Jim I'm so sorry to hear that. Is she on a different medication for her migraines that could cause mood swings and behavior changes? I remember you saying about her migraines a little while ago and some meds/combinations can make people do crazy things they would never do otherwise.

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Jim, so sorry, I had the same thought as Joey, especially since her behavior seems to be uncharacteristic of her. I hope you get some much needed rest.

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Jim, I am so sorry. I will be holding your family up in prayer.

  • titian1 10b Sydney

    Jim, that is very strange about your wife. How worrying and upsetting for you. I do hope she returns to herself very soon. Are you able to call her at her brother's? Or speak to him?

  • Stephanie, 9b inland SoCal

    Jim, sorry to hear about your wife. I get migraines a lot but but usually mild ones and the sumatriptan usually does the trick. But when they are bad and the medicine doesn’t work it can really just wear a person out. I hope she is OK.

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    Jim, this is some organic medical problem. I hope she is with her brother and safe. I would contact her physicians and report the problem. Another idea is to have a welfare check done on her maybe even by a female friend if not the police. So sorry to hear she is having this problem.

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Jim, I agree with Joey that her meds must surely have caused the uncharacteristic behavior. And, as Stephanie said, that kind of relentless pain can sometimes just be too much. I don't have them anymore, but there were times I didn't think I could endure another minute. When my husband tip toed into the room, it sounded like the USC Trojan Marching Band blasting against the inside of my head and any sliver of light was unbearable. She must be in horrible pain. I will keep you two in my prayers.

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Summers, I have a visual of you in fur and pearls and high heels moving your pots in the snow. Probably not exactly what you meant, but made me realize how shabby my gardening duds are.

    It's starting to look like winter has hit the majority of us. We're depending on our Australian friends to keep color coming in this thread now.

    Diane, I am convinced the Brother is one of Austin's best. Cupped blooms are my favorite. I'm sorry he's all tired out.

    Ikayet, I know what you mean. The stiff, achey muscles don't really hit until you come inside, then, you realize you can barely move. Hope the ibuprofen did the trick. If I had to move pots up and down stairs, my gardening days would be over.

  • Rekha A 9a Houston area

    Jim, I second everone who has said check medication side effect. A few years ago, my mom changes hers, I forget either anxiety or pain meds, and she was sleepwalking, eating, watching moves etc without any recollection. Also a couple of years back, my dad had heart failure due to a faulty valve and the doctors put him on god knows qhat,what, it was like he was a different person. Language, attitude etc, completely diffeyand very trying. Thankfully things cacame back to normal after the meds were stopped.

    If this is oout of character fir her, definitely call her physician. Sorry you are going through this.

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Jim, I hope, since the time you last posted, things have improved for you and your wife. If you have time, let us know how it's going. Sheila is a doctor, and I totally agree with what she has to say about this. But I want you to know we are all pulling for you, and I feel so sorry about your situation.

    Flowers, my visual of summers is that she's all dressed up in her furs and jewels, and riding that bike we see propping up the potted roses. Where did that photo go, anyway? Was it on a different thread? And thanks, flowers, for the nice things you said about the old Bro. I'll pass it on to the geezer. At my previous home, I grew another Brother Cadfael for years--it was my first Austin rose, and I got him the year he came on the market. I have a lot of sentiment tied up in that rose, so maybe that's why, when every year rolls around, I just can't get out the shovel.

    Thanks, all of you, for the nice comments on old Brother Cadfael. Diane

  • Deborah (10a - Sunset 24)

    I was just looking in on all of you and saw Diane's post re Abretia. Looked it up -- found prescription drugs. Tried narrowing search. No luck. Went back to read Diane's post, thinking she was making some kind of high level joke (as she often does) -- couldn't figure it out. Figured I was a dunce... then saw her post again re-spelling it Aubrieta. Ah...now I understand! Thanks for sending me down some rabbit trails, Diane! See what ethos you have? I assume only the best from you, always! :-)

    I'm envious that much of the country is getting cold and rain and even snow. On Saturday I was doing yard work, drank two bottles of water, but still got dehydrated in our high 80s temps. Today my lips are totally chapped and I still don't feel right.

    I made some rash decisions and ordered 3 new roses that I hadn't planned on buying. AT all. So now I'm hoping they work out. I will have to remove something...what is my problem??? I ordered Julie Andrews, Princesse Charlene de Monaco, and Scentuous. Anyone grow PCDM in something just short of all day sun?

    My big fun trip was seeing the BIGGEST LITTLE FARM in person last week! What a treat. If you haven't seen that documentary, you can watch it on Amazon right now. A big screen would be best. The film is The Biggest Little farm, but the actual farm is called Apricot Lane Farm. If you want, I'll post photos. No roses. But a pig named Emma, chickens, cows, orchards, plants, ducks, etc.

    Hope you're all doing well. I cannot believe how overwhelmed I feel these days with so much work. I barely have time to eat and sleep. I just want to be in the garden...

    Jim - I hope all comes right with your wife. How stressful for you.

    p.s. I love "falling back" in fall and getting the extra hour of sleep and seeing the sun when I wake up early. The earlier darkness at night gets me in bed earlier. I just don't like "springing forward" in spring! I lose an hour!

  • titian1 10b Sydney

    Deborah, it's nice to see you back here. Yes, please do post photos of that farm.

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    It's great to read your post, Deborah, and I hope things slow down enough for you so that you have time to post here more often. I'm sorry about the Abretia/Aubrieta mix up. Now why would I trick my friends here over a trivial mispelling--ha? Did you catch that? Let's just call the stuff Rock Cress..... I will have to research the Biggest Little Farm. As far as weather goes, I just read that October was Idaho's coldest month on record since the state began recording average temps in 1895. Every time I looked at the colored weather map in October, I saw a wicked blue cloud hovering over the Northwest. This was caused by an Alaska jet stream pushing south. Thank you Alaska for temps colder than the ones you were experiencing. I couldn't wait for that "cloud" to move away, and now It has, and is hovering over parts of the Midwest, Upper south, and Northeast. But our cold was over a month early, and now November is above average in temps so far. I hate the vagaries of weather!

    Trish, how is your visit going? Any more dips in that beautiful ocean? Even though I know how important it is for you to stay with your daughter, I hope you get a glimpse of the spring flush in your garden.

    Well, it's on to more cleanup on my hands and knees. A cement sidewalk is hard on the old knees.

    Jim, we're thinking of you, and hoping your problems are worked out quickly. Take care, friend.


  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Can you guess what the rose above is? Diane

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Trish, I just read that Sydney has been warned of a catastrophic fire possibility for the first time ever. There are bush fires approaching the Sydney suburbs. This is just terrible, even though your home is not threatened. Not a drop of rain fell yesterday on the entire Australian continent. And more dry is predicted for the entire summer. You have my sympathies for sure. This is California times 100. Diane

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Diane I don't know what that rose is but it is fabulous

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Kristine, thanks. That's Bernstein-Rose, a Tantau rose that I've grown for about 13 years. I have three of them; two grow below the Julia Child roses, but B-R is much smaller. When it's really hot, it loses its amber shade and looks yellow just like Julia. Diane

  • titian1 10b Sydney

    Diane, yes the fires are terrible in the eastern states. My French friends left for a holiday in Asia on Monday, and I now have a petsitter minding Rosie. Yesterday evening she said the air was thick with smoke. It's even affecting New Zealand, which is 2000 kilometres away. Of course, many have been deliberately lit by the usual pathetic idiots. I'm retuning home on Saturday, and I'll be quite glad to be there, and keep an eye on things. It's highly unlikely that fires will break out where I am, but there are a lot of gums around, including several in my garden.

    Of course, our Prime Minister and his cronies, like most people in power, are climate change deniers.

    I'm guessing JC above!

    Today my daughter and I are hoping to go for a swim at a beautiful beach nearby. And tomorrow, we're planning to go back to a nearby National Park which has many beaches. The forecast is for warm weather today and tomorrow. The breeze here can be pretty chilly. Interesting to read about your friend who's been to Antarctica. Did she kayak there?

  • titian1 10b Sydney

    Well, I got that wrong!

    Jim, any news? I hope it's good.

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Trish, I'll be so glad when you can get home, given the fire mess. And I know Rosie will be on cloud 9 when you return. Please try to take some more beach photos of the places where you'll be swimming. I just love seeing those. Diane

  • Deborah (10a - Sunset 24)

    Trish -- my sympathies when you have to deal with fires and the poor air quality and the general stress of seeing your friends and family (and sometimes self) dealing with evacuations and devastating losses. I love California, but I am so over these fires. Ugh.

    My friend in Michigan emailed to say how they went from summer to winter in the space of a week. She's not stressed about it, but is worried about all the little critters that may not have been fully prepared for the winter snow quite yet!

    Diane -- that's a lovely rose. I think a lot of people on these threads seem to dislike orange...and I used to not be a fan -- but the orange-y hues of Marmalade Skies and Carding Mill (more apricot) and the smoky orange of Hot Cocoa -- not to mention the CA poppies -- have converted me. I esp. like to pair it with blues/purples, and, increasingly, pink.

    Here are some photos of the farm tour -- though I don't think any of my photos are great. I was just immersed in the landscape and the info...

  • Deborah (10a - Sunset 24)

    While I'm on a roll here -- I recently got a tour of the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, and met Claude the Alligator. He's albino and doesn't even look real! His swamp was (literally, not figuratively) drained while I was there, so he was behind the scenes awaiting his new enclosure. And I got to hold a baby penguin!!! Finally -- see the little frog hanging out on my last bell pepper of the season!

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    Wow, Deborah! Great looking farm. So lovely to see natural beauty. Glad I'm not in Michigan.

  • titian1 10b Sydney

    Deborah, I just watched a 10 minute trailer on it. What a delightful story. I will certainly go to see the film if it comes my way. Otherwise I'll buy the dvd.

  • Deborah (10a - Sunset 24)

    Yes -- the film is lovely. So hopeful. And poignant in parts.

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Deborah what a treat!

  • rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)

    Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    Jim, this is some organic medical problem.

    Sheila: For us here at the Rose forum - “organic” - is that good ( or at least less bad than if it wasn’t organic)?

  • rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)

    Organic is good, right?

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    My wife was put back on her original med for migranes she took for years...So no new meds.

    She did not come home until today so things not going very well here... I'm totally baffled but I'm during ok under the circumstances!

    Thanks for the concerns everyone!

    And I enjoyed everyones photos! Always enjoy that part of our seasonal threads!

    Hey I'm going start a new fresh thread...



  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    rifis, the term "organic" has several meanings, and in recent years has been corrupted to mean a food grown pesticide free. Originally "organic" meant a carbon based compound, as in organic chemistry, the study of carbon based compounds. Organic also means of the living body. Sheila can explain it better to you. Diane

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Jim, I hope things improve for you. We're wishing you and your wife all the best. Thanks for starting a new thread. Diane

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    Organic in the medical sense refers to something being biologic. I was thinking Jim's wife was having physiologic medical problems, although it appears unclear at this point.

    I agree in gardening, organic is a good thing. Regarding the body it can be dealt with by science and helped hopefully. I know we all wish Jim and his wife the best whatever is going on.

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