Wh Grindley Heirloom Pottery bowl

November 3, 2019

Trying to find this pattern of WH Grindley pottery passed down in my family. My family is originally from England. My grandma was giving away this bowl and i was intrigued so i started some research But have yet to find my exact pattern.

there is a blue and white pattern with the same edging and design that my all white or ivory bowl has. I will post both my all white bowl, stamp, and the similar blue and white bowl.

I have tried googling for hours, multiple times. my searches include: WH Grindley stamps, WH Grindley white (also ivory) scallop beaded bowl, WH Grindley history. I have also searched through a lot of patterns on websites and have yet to see my pattern. I am not familiar with pottery or China, could the blue and white patterns wear off?

any help would be appreciated. Any points in the tight direction would be a blessing.

thank you

My bowl

The stamp

Bowl with edging, patterns, and scalloping similar to mine. This could be my exact bowl except for the blue coloring.

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  • colleenoz

    No, the blue doesn’t wear off. Grindley (like other potteries) made the basic porcelain shapes (plates, bowls, whatever) and they were decorated in different patterns, so dozens of different patterns can have the same underlying porcelain base plate. Yours is plain white.

  • lindac92

    It's called the 'blank"....the form that can be decorated many different ways.
    For example Haviland often used the Ranson blank....for many patterns....and other potterys also used that blank or shape, such as Hutchenruther and Johnson Brothers.

  • jemdandy

    The link below is the nearest I could find to your bowl.


    I agree with lindac. That could be a blank. There are 2 other possibilities: It was a lower cost, un-decorated offering, or is was part of a pitcher and bowl set.

  • colleenoz

    It's too small to be the bowl of a pitcher and bowl set: you couldn't hold one of those up in one hand for the camera. It could definitely be a plain blank sold cheaply for home china painters to decorate themselves.

  • Caroline

    Thank you all for all of the information. I wish it would have been part of a set so i could track down the others. I’m a history buff and have been so intrigued.

  • lindac92

    In speaking of pottery and china, the word "blank" doesn't mean an undecorated piece, but refers to the shape....the mold used to make a piece....then that piece was decorated, or not, in a given pattern.

  • Caroline

    So blank is the type of bowl? It seemed similar to a vegetable bowl made by the WH Grindley Co.

    please excuse my ignorance, i have no knowledge about pottery so i appreciate the information.

  • tsugajunkie z5 SE WI ♱

    Not quite, Oly. Those ebay pix lack the beading the OP has on her bowl.


  • Olychick

    Oh, you're right tj, I missed that :-(

  • lindac92

    Caroline, no...the "blank" is the shape....the mold that the bowl was made in.....adn that blank is also used for cups and saucers, plates gravy boats etc....it's the shape of the piece...whether decorated or not.

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