Upbeat, empowering morning meditation

Annie Deighnaugh
November 7, 2019

Came across this guided meditation and thought I'd share it...a nice way to start the day. Good for meditators and non-meditators both.

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  • shirl36

    Just this week started a six week session of Chair Yoga....this will be great to work in at home practice....So appreciate thanks

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked shirl36
  • Annie Deighnaugh

    There are a lot of meditations on line...some with music, some without, some with mantras, some without, some guided, some not so much. And I find sometimes some work better for me with where I'm at that day than others. So if you're new to meditation, play with it a little, see what works and how it feels. No such thing as an imperfect meditation. They are all exactly as they should be.

  • DawnInCal

    Annie, do you find your mind wandering? I always have trouble with this type of thing because I start thinking about other stuff and feel like I'm not doing something right.

  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    Caffeine is my morning medication. Oh said meditation. Never mind :-P

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Dawn, mind wandering happens all the time to everyone. I know some people think that, because of that, they can't meditate. But it's perfectly natural and normal and happens to everyone. The moment you notice your mind has wandered, it's a moment of mindfulness. Just bring it back to the meditation without stress or judgment. With time, we learn to notice our thoughts and let them float by like clouds in the sky or fish in an aquarium and not follow them. Just notice them and let them go.

  • DawnInCal

    That's very interesting, Annie, and good to know too. Thanks!

  • Feathers11

    I gave up on meditation for a long time because my mind wandered. I thought I just couldn't do it. But so much research has demonstrated its benefits that I gave it another try. You kinda have to learn how to meditate because it's not about concentration or focusing. I picked up some strategies along the way, like holding something in my hand that "grounded" me. Annie, I like your aquarium image. I picture myself sitting on a sofa in front of a window, watching my thoughts drift by outside. It's that sort of detachment that's part of ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and can really help with issues like anxiety.

  • yeonassky

    I agree with Annie. The way I do it is as soon as I notice my thoughts I simply imagine them turning into bluebirds . If I don't change what they are I want to follow my thoughts. I know myself. Then I get back to my meditation.

    My mind has always wandered during meditation but it's always come back. :-). I always remind myself there is no judgment in these things.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Thank you, Annie. Love this. When I meditate life works so much better. I needed a reminder to take up the practice again.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Yes Zalco, I agree. Meditation doesn't change what life throws at us...but it can change how we react to it.

    And it is a practice, right? We get better at it with time as it takes time to change our brains. But meditation does change our brain for the better.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    They've found beneficial effects of meditation even among prisoners:

    Vipassana has also shown to change behaviors among inmates:

    I find it all quite fascinating.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    I like to do awareness don't try to push thoughts out of your don't *try* to do anything or go anywhere. You simply sit and notice what is there for you in this very moment, be it your breath, sensations in your body, sounds you hear, what you feel...just notice without judgment...with kindness, and a sense of curiosity.

  • Michele

    When I manage to get into somewhat of a routine with it (yoga also) I feel better overall. Everything.

    I love to walk as well and my younger daughter gave me a beautiful book.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Definitely Thich Nhat Hanh has so may good things to say...most insightful.

  • nicole___

    Annie.....thanks for the link. I DID try it. It's exactly the way my old yoga class used to end. The instructor would speak to us while soft music played.....then....she put essential oils on her hands, usually lavender and gave everyone a quick neck massage. It was WONDERFUL!

  • Bunny

    I meditate when I walk. I cannot do it sitting still. Walking frees my mind.

  • watchmelol

    I do breathing and body awareness relaxation exercises but being deafened any voice or music is a distraction. Silence is golden. My best form of meditation for a peaceful mind is going out and being with a horse. Grooming or simply hanging out in the pasture. Going to the beach and just sitting watching the waves to. What a fabulous connection with the universe.

  • Feathers11

    Annie, I listened to this this morning and it reminded me how receptive I am to words and their positivity. But I also really like her accent. I'm sensitive to voices, and it's hard for me to find guided meditations because I get caught up in how their voices sound. My favorite voice is Tara Brach's.

    Watchmelol, you must be the opposite of me. If you are deafened, does this mean that something like this recording is illogical noise?

    Bunny, I practice walking meditations, too, because I like the physical, rhythmic movement to accompany the meditation. I was a runner in my younger days, so walking meditation is almost intuitive for me.

  • watchmelol

    Feathers11 With my hearing aid in I would be able to hear the words. However the music in the background becomes a distraction, not soothing. Without my aid it is like listening to speech with a lot of static interference. Nearly impossible to process correctly.

    Even in the best circumstances deafness means having to fill in the blanks. The brain has to process what it DOES hear and fill in the rest. So there is a cognitive delay of sorts. Aside from recruitment and hyperacusis it is the worst part for me. I have great reflexes. it is annoying to have that delay in hearing and processing speech. I am always one step behind, racing to keep up.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Whatever works for anyone is what's best for them.

    I like the meditations at meditation oasis. I find her voice very soothing and they do have meditations that are just voice or just music.

    Also I have insight timer app on my phone. You can set the time, the sound you want for stop and start and any intervals you want to set and you can select music if you want it or not. I've registered so then it tells me how many people around me were meditating when I was which is kind of fun.

    Weight watchers has an app called headspace...they have a small free version, but if you subscribe, of course, you can get more offerings.

    Another fun thing, if you haven't tried it...depending on where you live, is forest bathing which is like a walking meditation in the woods.

    All of it is good.

  • Springroz

    Thanks for that video Meditation video! I meditate in motion, lol, while doing horse chores and grooming, but will give that a try! Her voice is soothing. Off to see the forest bathing...

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    I can imagine it'd be pretty special to forest bathe on the back of a horse. There is something magical about the rhythm of a walking horse underneath a rocking chair.

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