Outdoor Furniture - Dew or no Dew?!

November 7, 2019

I have a variety of outdoor furniture pieces in my backyard - all of them have cushions and I don't use covers in any capacity yet cause I haven't found nice ones that I want to look at during the day. I live a few miles from the beach in Los Angeles and the weather this time of year is high of 75 during day and low of mid 50s at night. I have been trying to figure out how to predict when the cushions will be soaked with dew because during a given week like this one, one night there will be practically no dew all the way until midnight or so and other nights there will be due within an hour of sunset. Hotels nearby that have outdoor furniture don't ever seem to have the problems I have in the evenings though maybe due to high volume of people using the furniture at night, thereby covering it.

Question 1: can anyone explain what data to look for in a weather app to try and know in advance whether there will be dew on a giving night based on the weather, humidity and dew point and what the general guidelines or numbers would be in terms of yes or no dew?? If that kind of thing can even be determined?

Question 2: I've noticed that the cushions on furniture that is under a covered patio (no sides, just wood awning overhang) are always dry at night even when the ones that are in backyard that have nothing over them do have dew.

Any insights will be greatly appreciated - I've searched high and low in the context of outdoor furniture and have yet to find good information!



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