Fisher Paykel Washer WA42T26 GW1 won't power on - multiple beeps

d j
November 7, 2019

My Fisher Paykel Washer WA42T26 GW1 sometimes will not power on. If I unplug it and let it set for a short time it used to power up. Now it often gives a series of fast beeps and goes dead. I found that if I unplug the machine and let it set for a bit I can get it to power up by holding the power button down with inserting the plug. It will then often work for a number of days before the problem returns.

Daddoes, any ideas?

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  • dadoes

    D J

    What exactly is the machine doing when it beeps and goes dead? What is the pattern of lights on the panel when the beeping occurs? It's very important in the diagnosis of these machines to note those details.

    Is the situation such that the machine is running a load and at some point during the operation it produces the musical beep-tones and goes dead, and then won't power back on (to finish the load) until after a few/several minutes time passes?

    My wild guess thus far is that the drain pump is bad, possibly sometimes seizing so the water isn't draining which triggers the beeping. The pump has thermal protection so will shut down if it seizes and overheats, which makes the machine seem dead until it cools and resets to run again.

    Holding down the power button when connecting the power cord is not an
    operational or diagnostic routine that does anything specific. The relevant factor in that action is that you are letting the machine sit idle/unplugged for a few mins.

    Or is it sitting idle/unused for a period of time (days), and won't turn on when you need to use it?

  • d j

    The machine will finish a normal wash and shut off. It may work normally for few days or weeks. Then when pushing the power button on it will give a series of fast beeps and go dead. We tried unplugging it and letting it set for a few minutes. When we go to plug it in there is a litle spark when the plug is inserted and the series of fast beeps follows and then the machine goes dead. I found that if I hold the power switch down when I insert the plug the machine will again work. It will function normally until the next episode.

  • dadoes

    There are no LEDs lit on the panel when power is pressed, it beeps, and then goes dead?

    The machine does draw a little standby-power when it's off ... so a bit of sparking at the plug when when connecting is somewhat normal.

    This sort of random behavior is difficult to impossible to diagnose from afar without physical access to the machine. The procedure is check the various individual components for proper resistance/electrical reading, examine the wiring for a potential short somewhere (although that usually damages one or both of the boards such that it won't power-on at all).

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