Doug Burke (ARG) & Nick Entrekin new home plan

November 8, 2019

Long time reader hoping to get feedback on a house design from Doug Burke and Nick Entrekin. Their mission was to create a small house (1600ish) that would include an office with a separate entrance for clients, side load garage and open great room, kitchen.

What do you think? Thanks in advance!

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  • PRO

    Nice clean design. I wonder about extending the main ridge to the left.

    The garage as drawn seems to give the impression that it was extended to the right sometime after the house was built, but it seems odd that the garage door would be on the right wall. The remainder of the house is very purposeful, but this extension looks a bit like an afterthought. I imagine a gable over the garage door was considered? I like them as they shed snow and water to the side instead of in front of the door.

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  • One Devoted Dame

    Love Mr. Doug's and Mr. Nick's stuff. :-)

    T-shaped houses are fantastic! I especially like the way they placed the master closet and staircase, as well as the toilet and sink windows in the master bathroom.

    There's *a lot* neatly packed into this 1600 square feet. I'm sure there were regrettable compromises made (windowless laundry & secondary bathroom?), but this is a VERY cute little house, with a welcoming approach and entry.

    Do me a favor and plant a stunning flower bed in that half-circle driveway, pulling colors from whatever you place in the kitchen's window box! :-D (I adore window boxes. <3 )

    Edited to add: Which color(s) are you using, for siding, trim, etc.???

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  • scalato

    Thanks PPF for your garage drawing and thoughtful comments! The garage drawing looks great.

  • scalato

    One Devoted Dame...I totally agree! Doug and Nick are very talented and this "small house" challenge took some time to work on! My mom is a talented gardener, and I promise that she will help me get flowers just right. I also love, love window boxes! As for exterior colors, I have a couple is white board and battan with black or wood. Or, a dark blue/grey. I want it to be timeless though. Any advice?

  • One Devoted Dame

    As for exterior colors, I have a couple is white board and battan with black or wood.

    White -- as long as your local dirt isn't red, lol -- is one of my favorites, because gardens look GREAT against white houses. You can have a lot of fun with flora, pottery, hardscaping, etc.

    Or, a dark blue/grey.

    Okay, first, my honest-to-God horrible bias: I hate gray. I have disliked the color since I was a kid, lol. So I am totally *not* the right person to ask, if you're considering any gray hues. ;-)

    We don't see a lot of blue houses around here on GardenWeb (or, anywhere, at least in my area), much to my dismay. Blue is shamefully underutilized. That said, I'm not sure I would go dark with this house. Pale-to-medium shades of blue would keep the house cheerful. Nothing beats a happy little place with pretty flowers!

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  • beckysharp Reinstate SW Unconditionally

    Very nice, and I like PPF's suggestion too.

    I can't make out the details of the kitchen, so you might want to enlarge that and submit it to the Kitchen forum just for some more eyes and suggestions there.

    Good luck on the new project : ) .

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  • PRO

    Love your new house!

    I would look at switching the master bath & master BR location, let the bedroom have the corner spot :-).

    Also since you are already breaking up the mass of a big garage using 2 rooflines I would probably ask for a bigger garage than 22x22 so it can at least fit a big SUV.

    ETA quick sketch/M.bedroom on corner

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  • doc5md

    Extending the ridge to the left as PPF noted was the first thing that jumped out at me. Otherwise, I really like this a lot!

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  • bpath Oh Sophie

    A corner lot, wedge shaped at that, is a challenge. Especially when you want to have easy visitor access to the front and office, in addition to the garage. If you have clients over, it does seem nicer that they are not using your personal driveway, especially if the door happens to be open. Be sure your zoning allows the 3 access points.

    You might consider some stepping stones anyway, between garage and front walk, for your own purposes.

    I like PPF’s extended main ridge. But, I like the shed-like “extension” at the garage. It somehow enhances the symmetry. It’s kind cute (that’s a technical architectural term, ya know.)

    Me, I like to see circulation routes in a house. This doesn’t have that. I kind of want a door on both ends of the dining room, but certainly don’t want it right in front of the front door. If we didn’t see the lot, I’d suggest extending the house by 4 feet to add a circulation point, but since we can see the lot restrictions I won’t.

    Who all will be living in the house? Ages?

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  • bpath Oh Sophie

    I’ve been lamenting the lack of color in my neighborhood. The yellow house next door was just painted white. The caramel house was painted white. Most other houses are turning shades of grey, but not greys with any color in them. Yesterday we saw a house that used to be green-grey, kinda pretty but I never liked its trim, now it’s suddenly blue. A strong blue. I told DH if it was a smaller house, one or one and a half story, it would look nice, but a two-story colonial, brick on the first and siding on the second, in THAT shade of blue, was too much. Your house, however, can carry it off. Just don‘t go TOO bright white with the trim, a soft or creamy white will work.

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  • Kristin S

    Maybe I'm just missing it, but where do the stairs lead?

  • scalato

    Thanks beckysharp Reinstate SW Unconditionally. That is a great idea to submit to the kitchen forum!

  • scalato

    Dear Myrica4. Thanks for the awesome bedroom sketch. I hadn't even considered that idea:)

  • Denita

    Beautiful home on a difficult lot. So well planned. i like the side load garage for the owners and the circle drive for guests so they can come directly to the front door. This home has a huge kitchen and great room for the size of the living area! Very spacious and light and bright. The home office is in a great location and the exterior entrance to the home office is fantastic. I love this entire plan including the master and bedroom 2.

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  • scalato

    Hi Kristin S! The stairs lead to a partially exposed lower level. Good question!

  • tryingtounderstand

    Love this plan. So much living space in this home. Bravo!

  • scalato

    bpath Oh Sophie. I hadn't thought of zoning but will double check. Thanks! There will only be one person living in the house so it will be lots of room for me. And, maybe the occasional overnight guest.

    And thanks for your thoughts on the color white. I read so much from designers on exterior colors and trends. Hoping this house will be timeless and not too trendy!

  • scalato

    Thanks Denita and tryingtounderstand. Doug and Nick are so talented!

  • PRO
  • bpath Oh Sophie

    I’m imaging the route you take when come home, and it bothers me that you have to dodge living room furniture to get to your bedroom. This is all part of my yen for circulation, I’d really rather have a passage behind the fireplace to the bedroom. Or a pocket door to the laundry. Or something. But that would not look nice in front of the front door. Aesthetics versus my function lol

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  • scalato

    bpath Oh Sophie. A point I hadn't thought of. Great point!

  • Architectrunnerguy

    Work has kept me away from here for a while but I'd like to follow up with a brief outline of background.

    A fun project for a fun owner. She was great to work with. She consults with her clients out of her home so a major part of the design effort was the space she would use to make that happen, how it would be accessed without a client traversing the house but how, in the event of a future sale, that space could be marketed and used as the third bedroom.

    The site is a corner lot with some mature trees along one side. Nick and I looked at several site layouts and thought the best approach was an "L" shaped house with the garage entrance being off of one street and the public or client entrance being off of the other.

    The site aerial and for brevity, a typical site conceptual drawing:

    The joint effort with Nick worked very well. He did most of the heavy lifting when it came to exploring floor plan options with regard to the office location and I did most of the initial conceptuals/site planning work. There was much discussion between Nick and I and then us and the owner of the pros and cons of each approach. Here are three:

    And, as an aside, here's the final of rear of the house to go with the front drawings at the top of the thread:

    But an enjoyable experience. I know Nick and I broke some of the standard "Houzz" rules which is always scary when posting here....LOL....but all good and helpful comments above. Thanks everyone.

    And thanks Nick. Great job.

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  • just_janni

    What a thoughtful, collaborative and iterative approach to designing the home to meet the client's needs. Sounds like you all had some fun, too!

    Well done.

  • PRO
    Mark Bischak, Architect

    It is refreshing to see a house design that is responsive to its site and has a relationship to the environment in which it sets, beyond the boundaries of the site. This is a good example of how it should, and can, be done.

    There are rules in architecture that help in the general creation of good architecture. Like in many endeavors, it is the understanding of those rule, when seeing the necessity of bending or breaking of those rules, that can create great architecture. Not necessarily award winning, but beauty and function void of vanity.

    Good job Nick and Doug.

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  • PRO
    Virgil Carter Fine Art

    Yes, a good lesson in how architectural design grows from its site, and how different concepts are derived and studied.

    Congratulations to all--job well done!

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  • One Devoted Dame

    I love how all sides of the house look equally pretty. <3 No "forgotten middle child" here!

    It's very, very nice to see a bit of the evolution of the house, and different ideas on how to accomplish the same goal.

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  • fissfiss

    I love how much function and charm is packed into a relatively modest a New Englander, I would find the mud room from the garage to be inadequate and as a gardener, I would prefer the washer and dryer to be located there, too. But having them near the bedrooms is also useful.

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  • cpartist

    Nicely done

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