Advice for LARGE 100 yr old Fireplace

The Kitchen Place
November 8, 2019

This is a 100 yr old Hunt & Polo club that is still run today by a member driven, volunteer membership.
I am a member here. Funds are not what a country club has. The chimney liner (pipe) or whatever it's called, needs to be replaced and will cost around $10k. The club is looking at other options. We want a nice gas something here. Something that won't take away from the historic aspect too much. But we are willing to, if we have to.

Would it be a shame to do a large gas insert and trim around it? We need something that will retain heat in the room as this building is not insulated and has tons of old windows Heating is very important. This club does rent out space for weddings and such, so we don't want it to look bad.

What do we do? Just cap it off? Spend the 10K and keep it wood burning? Spend half that and have a gas insert done?

Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Kelly

This is the insert the board is considering:

The fireplace opening is about 71" and this insert is 32". This is not to scale. Just something I did to see how it would look. The fireplace company that gave the quote will use some kind of fake brick to surround it.

I think it would look best raised up some off the floor.

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