Log home load bearing wall

November 9, 2019

We have a beautiful log home we did not build. It is constructed with 12" logs, five sided home with a covered deck all around with 360 views. Two of the deck sides we NEVER use and decided to push out to extend the living spaces inside.

Our question pertains to load bearing. Our plan is to cut out part of the existing exterior log wall where two windows exist. We are planning on opening the wall where we have two sets of double casement windows side by side with only 12" between the two sets of double windows. With the log construction would we be compromising the wall structure by having that opening in this

one exterior wall? The opening would be approximately 128" x 72". We are planning on finishing framing around this opening.

Our home has an amazing central, huge, log support structure. The main central log goes up through the center of our three story, five sided home. There are ten logs radiating out from this central support log on each floor (One extending on each corner and one in the middle of each wall). These horizontal support logs extend through the exterior walls and are supported by a vertical log support outside at the edge of our deck. We were told none of the interior walls are load bearing due to this log construction. Does this make sense? The first picture below is to help you visualize this central log support structure.

So, long story short would we be dealing with any load bearing issues with this opening in the existing exterior log construction? I've included some pictures to try and help visually. I also included pictures of the support log structure radiating out through the exterior walls from our central support log in the center of our home On each corner and center of each wall. And yes we broke one of the window glass with a 2x6....we'll have it fixed before moving that window to the new exterior wall. we will also be adding more cross pieces in the wall construction of that short wall, we just want to be able to skinny through for now instead of walking around the whole deck, lol.

The last picture is the other side we are closing in. Originally we were just going to make this side a sunroom but if we wanted could we structurally do the same thing by cutting out the slider and two windows. In all of this we could add a support log on either end of the opening if needed.

thanks for your advise and ideas.


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