Favorite Applique Daylilies of 2019

November 17, 2019
last modified: November 17, 2019

Post your favorite applique daylilies from this past season. Our next category will be polychromes.

Here are my favorites from this past season:


Aerial Applique

Faberge Easter

Mexican Magic


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  • shive

    And here are a few more:

    Cobraskin Necktie

    Billy the Kid

    Jungle Queen

    Always Applique

    Landon Lee



  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Debra, I like The first photo, Appliqué. It highlights the long petals and sepals! I think I only have one in this category. I gravitate to other forms first.


  • Brad KY 6b

    I don't have any so I will enjoy all of yours!


  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    I think with only one or two exceptions almost all of mine are selfs but I do enjoy seeing other types. Really like the pattern on Faberge Easter. Petit got that down perfectly and you took a great picture of it Debra............Maryl

  • KarenPA_6b

    I like all of yours, Debra and Sherry! I agree with Maryl that Faberge Easter has a great pattern and is a good example of an applique. Sherry, Mage Quest has really lovely layers of color. I don't have many in this category either. Here are my two. Next year I will have a new one to add, Lavender Aura.

    I am sorry I got Violet Stained Glass mixed up with Mona of Gascone. This is the correct picture of Violet Stained Glass.

    Mona of Gascone

    Quiet Riot

  • Nancy 6b

    I have to look through mine, I don't think I have too many patterned daylilies. I got Faberge Easter fall of 2018. No bloom this year, only got a single fan originally, but it really multiplied well, 4 fans now. Hope it over winters well.

    Sherry, I love Magi Quest!

  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

    Faberge Easter and Euphoric are my favorite of these. Landon Lee has really nice markings. We have grown Mexican Magic for years. It doesn't die but it doesn't do much either.

    The applique daylilies are one of my least favorite groups and we don't have many. Many of the ones we have tried have proven tender and has either died or were sent south. Our favorite one, Better By Design, died this last winter.

    Here are ours.

    Spacecoast Modern Symmetry was better colored than it has ever been. The cool temperatures in early summer intensified the colors.

    Lighter Than Air is a good performer. I don't like the color much, but this year the color was less muddy and more intense than usual.

    Applied Science has been here for a few years and has finally decided to give us a pretty bloom.

    We just added Deep Impact this summer and can't wait to see what it does next season.

    That's all for me.


  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    Nancy: I'll be interested in how Deep Impact does for you. The database has it all over the place; even a double. The color and pattern are intriguing but If it's a fader then the Deep Impact won't make any impact here.......Karen: Violet Stained Glass is a pretty one................Maryl

  • KarenPA_6b

    Thanks, Maryl! But I had the wrong pic up for Violet Stained Glass. It is corrected now. VSG looks so similar to Mona of Gascone and I often get them confused.

    Nancy, I like Spacecoast Modern Symmetry! What a great deep color and the contrast between the dark burgundy and the applique is really striking!

  • Nancy 6b

    I don't have many patterns

    Billy the Kid

    I don't think Offbeat is listed as applique, but it sort of looks like it to me

    Terry Lyninger had its best year yet after I moved it last fall. Taller and better budded, but I think the band on it was wider.

    I did not get pictures of Spacecoast Sea Shells, or Casper's Shadow. I do have this photo some offspring of Casper

  • signet_gw(6b)

    Ok , someone explain to me the difference in a patterned daylily and an applique daylily please. I posted Spacecoast Starburst in the Patterned daylily post . Should it have gone here ?

  • Brad KY 6b

    I really don't know either, Heather. Some are obvious, others look like they could be either or both. Seems like a fine line, but I have none--that I know of.


  • shive

    Sherry - I love Mage Quest! Great colors!

    Hoosier Nancy - Sorry to hear most of the appliques are tender for you. Lighter Than Air does look muddy in most Southern gardens where I've seen it growing. It looks good in your photo, but I guess it needs cool temps not to look muddy.

    Nancy6B - I do think Offbeat is an applique - just lovely! I like your Casper's Shadow seedlings!

    Karen - Mona of Gascone and Violet Stained Glass are both pretty.


  • shive

    Heather - The appliques are a kind of pattern. If you read the patterned post, I explained in the opening post that appliques would be a separate catgory.. I selfishly separated them because I personally have so many patterned, and particularly appliqued ones. I could have posted more than 20 non-applique patterns. And I have almost as many appliques. Sorry if I confused you.


  • signet_gw(6b)

    Yes Debra I did see that . I have , since posting that query here , searched out the definition and it would seem that the images of Gavin Petit and Spacecoast Seashells should have been posted in this subsection of the posts. Now I know. The definition as per the AHS is as follows (for anyone including myself who was unclear)

    The definition of a patterned daylily is here :

    Appologies for posting images in the incorrect post.

  • signet_gw(6b)

    So here is one I think is an Applique daylily. I was going to possibly post more but I am not sure enough that I will pick the right ones so I will just pass on this post. This is Green Derby

  • Brad KY 6b

    Heather, that throat is really green!

  • signet_gw(6b)

    Hi Brad, yes Green Derby has a fantastically large almost Flourescent green throat . It is a really great plant . The main color of the plant though would be described as "blah " almost as if the plant decided it was going to use all it's color energy on the throat. The main color of the petals and sepals is a pale washed out beige/pink

  • Nancy 6b

    It reminds me a lot of Green Rainbow, wonder if they are kin. I love Green Rainbow

  • Brad KY 6b

    Heather, to me a lot of daylilies with vivid eyes and throats have washed-out colors for the rest.

  • signet_gw(6b)

    Nancy I grow Green Rainbow ( Dixieland Five x sdlg ) as well as Green Derby , Green Derby's parentage is (Green Rainbow x seedling ) both are by Herrington

  • celeste

    I like all the ones posted! Debra, Landon Lee didn't bloom for me this year; I guess because it was settling in. I can't wait to see it next year!

    I like Mage Quest and Green Derby.





  • celeste

    I'm not certain if these are considered in this category or not. I guess I'm still confused about the definition. Some are obvious to me, others not so much.






  • signet_gw(6b)

    OOOh I really like Westbourne Chip off the old Block!

    I think this one qualifies as an Applique . I think !

    And maybe this one ?

  • KarenPA_6b

    Nancy 6B, I like your Offbeat and Casper Shadow's seedling the most. I agree with you that Offbeat's throat is appliqued. I like the soft colors of your seedling esp. in the last pic and how the eye color bleeds into the petals in sharp contrast to the appliqued throat.

    Signet, love your Upgrade and Green Derby! What fantastic colors both have!

    Celeste, my favorites of yours are Mexican Magic, WESTBOURNE A CHIP OFF THE OL' BLOCK, and BONNIE CORLEY though I am not sure if the latter twos are appliqued. It does not matter whether they are or not, they are beautiful though!

  • shive

    Celeste - W. Chip Off the Old Block looks like it might be an applique. Cameroons is not. Gavin Petit and Bonnie Corley would quality as patterned daylilies because of the spiderweb eye, but not appliques. Appliques are based on the throat and how it interacts with the eye. The throat collor looks like it is heavily painted on the flower.


  • Nancy 6b

    I love the Westbourne, I was gifted that this summer and can't wait to see it bloom. Most Westbournes do really well for me and it is looking good so far. Mexican Magic that you sent me bloomed this year but either I did not take a pic, or it got lost. I did not take as many pictures this year but did try to get my new ones.

    Thank you for the info on Green Derby, Signet. I love my daylilies, but don't really keep up with lineage or hybridizer. Trying to do a little better, if only to keep track of which daylilies would do better for me. When I looked them up I realized if i paid better attention to lineage, i might avoid some losses. Duh...

  • signet_gw(6b)

    Found another one . Here is Escalating Dichotomies. Never thought of this one as an applique before but it seems to fit the bill.

  • Nancy 6b

    Fits perfectly to my eye, I like it a lot

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