Backsplash regret, seems to exacerbate poorly chosen color scheme

last year

I’ve gotten a late start in choosing colors for my home. I’m new to design, and also new to my open concept which was done in this remodel. My many mistakes have caused a domino effect. Although I’ve chosen nice items, something seems off. I think it’s the backsplash exacerbating a poorly thought out color scheme.

We started by paining The living room in SW 7571 Casa Blanca. (Warm antique white). Then we painted the kitchen and dining room SW 6896 sole. A warm yellow. We have true white kitchen cabinets and didn’t want the dining room to be white also. All trim in house is true white.

I made a big mistake in not viewing Countertop properly. It looks like a blue-gray and was fighting with the yellow walls. Not a good look.

We then chose a backsplash with a blue glass, black white and stainless. We thought it’d pull the kitchen together. (White cabinets, stainless/black appliances, blue gray countertop) We then had an in home consultation with Sherwin Williams to choose a blue for the walls that’d work with countertop and backsplash. They recommended painting kitchen & dining room walls SW 6219 Rain.

We loved the Rain wall color. We couldn’t wait to finally install our glass backsplash. (Crystal Cove from Home Depot).

Well, although I feel the Sherwin Williams rep was correct in coordination of the countertop, kitchen paint with this backsplash, I guess I hadn’t considered the magnitude of having SO MUCH BLING. I find the backsplash too loud compared to my overall home design. I feel it emphasizes my poorly thought out color scheme. It’s become a focal point, and not in a good way.

I hate the thought of redoing it. I guess I’m looking for someone with a trained eye to tell me if I’m making too big of a deal about this. I know design rules can be broken. But I’ve never seen the rule broken having completely different color schemes in an open floor plan. But of course I’m new to design. Please tell me if I am making too big of a deal or if I’m correct and this should be replaced. We are on a tight budget but redoing the backsplash won’t kill us. It isn’t grouted yet if that helps.

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