Can Adeniums Grow in Pure Pumice Soil?

westes Zone 9a California SF Bay
November 25, 2019
last modified: November 25, 2019

Most of the Adenium articles I saw online say that you can make an Adenium soil as little as 20% organic material, with 80% pumice as the inorganic substrate. I could not find anyone who had been growing Adeniums in pure pumice. Does pure pumice work, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of pumice for Adeniums?

I really like pure pumice for succulents and cactus that are extremely sensitive to cold and water. My Euphorbias in particular seem to do much better in a pure pumice soil during the zone 9a Winter with rain than they do in any soil that has 20% organic matter.

I realize Adeniums have no tolerance for cold + wet, but they can do surprisingly well if you keep them sheltered and do not water down to 40F. But even a single watering in the wrong temperatures and root rot quickly takes the plant. I have wanted to do experiments with Adeniums in pure pumice to see if they can better tolerate some small amounts of water during cold weather.

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