How Many are Now Planning Their Christmas Menu?

November 29, 2019

I am already thinking on our menu. I know turkey is on it and yeast rolls. How about any of you at least thinking what you may be fixing for your Christmas meal? We do not do Christmas Eve, that is for the kids to have at their homes.


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  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Not yet though my cousin who is a really good cook kept talking about making beef wellington for xmas!

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  • seagrass_gw

    Even though it's only 2 of us, we make a small prime rib roast with horseradish sauce. Some type of potato and probably asparagus. A spinach salad with dried cranberries, candied walnuts, red onion and blue cheese crumbles dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette to start...

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  • georgysmom2

    Pretty much planned. Just checking out a recipe tonight for butternut squash. If I like it, will include it.

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  • chipotle

    We keep it simple for Christmas. Grilled filet mignon, caramelized whole shallots, baked sweet potatoes, and haricot verts with roasted pecans. Tiramisu for dessert.

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  • plllog

    I am. I'm Jewish, but I have to make Christmas Day dinner for the old folks since the usual weekday cook will be celebrating elsewhere. It works great since it's also the middle of Hanukkah. Last year, I Christmased it up and made a goose. After making full on Thanksgiving this year, however, and being really tired therefrom, I'm thinking lasagna. I could make it way ahead and freeze it.

    But for Hanukkah, I need fried things. I could go full on Italian-ish and make cannoli and sfingi for dessert, and just add a salad and be done. Or maybe fry some hot veg.

    But people do love latkes. Those freeze and reheat in the oven well. I could do zucchini, sweet potato and red onion, and Andrew Zimmern's killer potato latkes, and a simple roast. Or maybe even SW chicken pot pie sans crust (i.e., stew), with the latkes instead.

    So I guess, I'm not so much planning the meal as dithering about it....

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  • bpath reads banned books too

    plllog, a couple of times we had turkey tetrazzini for Christmas Eve (our big dinner) and it was delicious.

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  • plllog

    Thanks for the suggestion, bpath! With a limit on the pasta that would go well with the latkes. I think I have peas (that is, I know I have peas, and I think they haven't started to rot--they go off fast). If so, maybe I'll make that for Sunday dinner.

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  • fawnridge (Ricky)

    Lasagna. Same thing I've made for over 40 years. Garlic bread, salad, a couple of bottles of Chianti.

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  • dedtired

    After yesterday, followed by today’s exhaustion, Christmas will be much simpler but will definitely have apple pie.

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  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Standing rib roast for us, with Yorkshire pudding, creamed spinach and kale, scalloped potatoes, endive salad. Oysters and shrimp salad for appetizers (my husband does not care for oysters.) Yule log for dessert. It's pretty much the same every year.

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  • functionthenlook

    Christmas dinner is simple. Ham scallop potatoes, corn, bread and stuffed celery. 2 of my granddaughters found out that they like stuffed celery and requested it for Christmas dinner. Desert is usually Christmas cookies, but this year I might make a decorative cake .

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  • patriciae_gw

    Another Rib roast here as well. I do courses so Cream of Artichoke/ leek soup, my fish course is usually Sea scallop with a sauce, salad plate with strawberries, then the main of roast and pan roasted red potatoes and some asparagus because I have asparagus plates and they are green. Dessert is the only thing up in the air. some time a torte, or pecan tart, or on and on. Veuve Clicquot to drink. Oh, I forgot the butter rolls. I make roll dough and layer it with butter like a puff pastery, makes wonderful flaky rolls

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  • Kathsgrdn

    Rib roast for the first time ever. I'm considering using my soon-to-be-here instant pot to make it but wondering if that is too risky for such an expensive piece of meat.

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  • glenda_al

    Shrimp and grits casserole

    Orange wedges

    Maybe scotch eggs

    Cookies from Fresh Market

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  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Kathsgarden, if you want to us he IP for Christmas dinner, please consider choosing a different cut of meat. Expensive cuts are easy and relatively quick to cook since the meat is naturally tender and inherently flavorful. The rib roast goes into the oven at 325 degrees, I encrust mine with dried thyme, for approximately 20 minutes per pound, internal temperature of 140 F for medium rare.

    IP are a substitute for long cooking times, which cheaper cuts of meat benefit from, since those cuts are tougher and benefit form slow cooking for tenderness and flavor.

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  • jewels_ks

    I'm not planning my main Christmas dinner, but last night I finally planned my Christmas Craft Night menu. We are having Tomato Basil Stew, I will make two pots of this with one vegetarian, I'm also making an Italian salad and I will make two loaves of crusty bread. I have not decided on a dessert, but that will be a much easier decision. We are going to be home for Christmas this year and I would like to go non-traditional for the meal.

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  • bpath reads banned books too

    Our Christmas Day is brunch. Croissants, eggs, bacon, fruit bowl, mimosas, juices, coffee. Yum.

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  • DawnInCal

    We are planning to have Dungeness crab, sour dough bread and either artichokes or asparagus. The crab season has been delayed due to poor meat quality - the crabs have not filled in yet after their molting season, but the season is now scheduled to start on December 16 here in the northern part of the state. If we can't get crabs, we'll have to come up with something else, but right now that is the plan.

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  • patriciae_gw

    Yum Dawn. I used to make Crab Bisque for Christmas eve but our digestive systems aren't up to the rich diet now. I do do a Brioche breakfast with strawberry conserve Brioche and thick cut bacon, coffee and some champagne. That is for as long as we can handle it. I love Dungeness crab. So sweet.

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  • terilyn

    We will probably do brisket, asparagus, scalloped potatoes, some other side dish and appetizers. We will have dinner on Christmas Eve, leftovers the next day.

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  • plllog

    I sent the invitations (it's less than a month!) and already have two votes for latkes over lasagna. :)

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  • ediej1209 AL Zn 7

    Not sure yet whether we will have a dinner here sometime around Christmas. It depends partly on the weather and partly on DIL's work schedule which she doesn't have yet (E.R. Nurse.) But if we do have it, I am going to do BBQ ribs; on the grill if the weather is conducive and in the oven if not. Baked sweet potatoes, corn casserole and whatever else sounds good closer to the event. (Chicken nuggets for the grandkids.) Thinking about a Green Velvet Cake (I have a recipe for a Blue Velvet Cake I can use green coloring instead of blue and maybe a touch of mint extract?)

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  • Anne

    Traditionally Christmas Eve is seafood...used to do Feast of The Seven Fishes but now it is a lot of seafood that we(husband and blended kids, some spouses now and a toddler!) like along with a bunch of apps.

    Christmas day is Prime Rib with sides and a million apps, desserts,etc. kind of open house style. We have a gift swap that is a lot of fun and what feels like a hundred family members and friends running around and kids very hyped up. It is a lot of fun. Hoping everyone will be healthy come December!

    Christmas Eve is on me and with "nuclear" family.

    Christmas Day I just have to make apps. That is with DH's family. The extended from my side plans a day later out because we are very spread out and it usually is an open house at one of my siblings who while doesn't have the largest house has the most open plan so people can mingle. A lot of Facetiming with family all over the country and world ( better than the old days of passing one phone around)

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  • functionthenlook

    Anne, my friend use to do the traditional Italian seven fish dishes on Christmas eve. Then they went to just different seafood also. It was just too much work and so expensive to do the traditional feast anymore.

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  • Martha Scott

    We are such traditionalists that our Christmas dinner never changes -- turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, hot rolls, green beans. Mince pie or plum pudding for dessert.

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  • bpath reads banned books too

    Just remembered a couple of years when my aunt made boeuf bourgignon for Christmas Day. I’m sure it was a lot of work but boy, was it good.

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  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    This Christmas will be a rare event for my family as ALL my sister's kids and the grands will be with us. That almost never happens unless we have a family reunion Christmas in Mexico every five years or so. Still will not be a full family Christmas on that day as other family members will be off visiting inlaws, etc. Still will be about 15 or 20 of us and gathering and dinner that day will be at my niece and nephew's compound. He is an excellent chef and budget is no object so I suspect prime rib will be the star but with some vegetarian options as well. And with plenty of bubbly and good wine :-)

    We are also planning a second gathering on the 27th so the rest of the family that had other Christmas day obligations can be there to celebrate and visit cousins, etc, they seldom see. That will be more of an open house with finger food and appetizers and Christmas baked goods to graze on. We have already planned an appetizer creation day ahead of time!! Mushroom tarts, spanikopita, baked martinis, pate. Yum!!

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  • nicole___

    In the old days.....we used to go skiing Christmas day. No crowds. Last year we had ribyeye steaks on the grill. This year...maybe salmon steaks on the grill and key lime cheesecake for dessert.

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  • John Liu

    Not started planning yet but this is a timely reminder. Definitely no fowl. It will be something simple. Thinking about a steamed whole fish and dumplings. We traditionally have crab on Christmas Eve but the crab season is delayed and I'm not sure how the selection / prices will be.

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  • blfenton

    Nothing really changes for us from year to year. I think if we did change it my kids would be disappointed. So, turkey, dressing on the side, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables (which do change from year to year depending on what looks the freshest) and some sort of salad. We don't do a big menu, just the basics.

    Oh and appetizers and shortbread and a crumble and maybe an orange almond cake. My DIL is Celiac so the crumble and cake are gluten free and the dressing is no longer done in the turkey.

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  • DawnInCal

    Patriciae, your mention of crab bisque reminded me of the she crab soup I used to get when I traveled to Washington, D.C. on business. It was so good and I made a point to have it at least once while I was there. Crab roe is one of the ingredients and what gives the soup it's special flavor. Female Dungeness crabs aren't allowed to be taken during crab season, so she crab isn't something we can order out or make at home out here on the west coast. If I ever get back to the east coast, I will be sure to order it again.

    Edit to add that I usually boil the crab shells with some Old Bay Seasoning to make a seafood broth and then freeze it. The shells add a lot of flavor and I use the broth for clam or shimp chowder.

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  • rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

    Not much planning to do here. On the eve, our good friends will come over for a small seafood feast: Lowcountry shrimp boil and some delicious fried flathead cat fish, yum. They will bring their wonderful cole slaw and a rice pilaf. It's very casual, we might gather around the fire pit in the backyard.

    I've made a fresh batch of limoncello, and we'll sip over a slice of lemon vanilla pound cake.

    On the morning, we will go next door to have breakfast and some present opening with the Sprites. Our presents for everybody will already be over there but the girls will only open those from "Santa" until we get over there.

    Which will be a lot earlier than we will want to get up, lol. My phone will ring as soon as G'pa lets them call and we will brush our teeth, wash our faces, put on our robes and slippers, and enjoy a wonderful morning with the girls and our dearest friend in the world, their grandfather.

    My biggest event of the season is our cocktail party on the 27th. Oh my!

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  • nancyjane_gardener

    We didn't get to have our crab TG due to delaying the crab season cause of size and a late whale migration (fishermen didn't want to snarl whales in their crab traps), had lasagna instead, so either crab or turkey for the xmas meal a couple of days late due to a nurse and cop's work schedule!

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  • cherryfizz

    I am going to order a stuffed crown pork roast from the butcher and then have a few sides like mashed potatoes, squash and brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce. We had a full size turkey on our Thanksgiving in October and I don't want to make a big turkey again. I might make a small turkey breast or get individual portion sized turkey breasts on Boxing Day or the day after so we can have turkey sandwiches which is the only reason for me to want turkey.

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  • Amazing Aunt Audrey

    Had turkey for Thanksgiving, and that's enough for this year.

    Whole baked ham

    Baked sweet potatoes or scalloped potatoes

    Green bean bundles


    Pies, apple, pecan, mincemeat, othets will bring more.

    Apple butter bread made in a bundt pan, lots of cookies, fudge, etc

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  • bragu_DSM 5

    Ham balls for the big meal, and bbq pulled pork sandwiches for the in between times. plus the standard fare of pies, cookies and cheese n veggies and munchies. Everyone (grands) are too engrossed in xmas and playing games to care about food.

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  • bbstx

    I sometimes make Seafood Gumbo for Christmas eve. Regretfully, DSIL doesn’t care for shrimp and my gumbo is full of it. For him, I might make a small pot of Chicken and Sausage gumbo.

    Christmas Day is spent with my sister and her family, DD, DSIL, and the kiddos, about 12 of us at table. Frequently, we have Eggs Benedict, cheese grits, fruit, Bloody Marys and Mimosas for brunch. Our evening meal is often a whole tenderloin, potatoes au gratin, asparagus or something else green, and dessert. This year, I‘m going to suggest that the tenderloin be oven-roasted with a peppercorn crust. When DSIL and DSS grill it, it is often too rare for most of us.

    @functionthenlook if you aren’t already set on a recipe for your Ham and Potato Casserole look at Ham, Cheese, and Potato Casserole from Leite’s Culinaria. It is sooooo good! It is basically dressed up potatoes au gratin.

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  • rob333 (zone 7a)

    I've only decided on one thing, my sister's birthday (literally. Her middle name is Noel). She wants the typical brunch that Mom's done in the past. It falls to me. Food isn't even decided yet.


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  • functionthenlook

    Bbsty, thank you. The recipe looks yummy.

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  • WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

    Our protein will be wonderful Prime Rib. Still deciding on sides, but will probably have creamed spinach, some kind of onion dish, yeast rolls, and something for dessert.

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  • phoggie

    As per requests, I am fixing chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes....not sure what else but DGS always wants layered chocolate dessert .

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  • sjerin

    Phoggie, does your layered chocolate dessert involve angel food cake pieces? My mom often made that for Christmas dinner dessert.

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  • Lori Wagerman_Walker

    Well now I'm hungry!! It all sounds so wonderful :)

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  • phoggie

    I do that angel food cake pieces, I either use cherry pie filling or frozen strawberries with whipped cream. This chocolate is a layer crust of flour, butter and pecans baked for 15 minutes..then make layer of chocolate pudding, cream cheese/sugar, then whipped cream, vanilla pudding, whipped cream, topped with shaved chocolate bar....real low calorie! Some layer in different sequences....But it only happens at Christmas!

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  • chipotle

    I am fixing chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes

    OMG, I haven't had that since I was a kid. Sometimes my mom would make it with beef instead. Loved it either way!

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