What color to paint brick?

5 days ago

We’re looking to improve the look of the exterior of our home. Ultimately, we would like to replace the siding with white but that is currently not in the budget. We really dislike the color of the brick and are considering painting it. What are your opinions on a paint color for the brick that would look good with the current pale yellow siding? I’ve included a picture of the front of our home. Since this photo, the shutters have been changed to black and we've gotten a new front door which is dark gray. Thanks for the help!

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  • della70

    No to painted brick which is a problem from the start. Can you post a photo of what your updates look like?

  • suezbell

    Really nice home and yard -- like what you've done with terraces.

    Totally agree with della70 -- "No" to painted brick. You seem to be heading toward a black and white and gray color scheme which, with gray in the brick, will work well.

    You have a really nice home -- even if it is a bit pale.

    Siding can be painted and that would be a better option than painting the brick.

    Were your shutters green or gray before being painted -- difficult to tell from the pic.

    Is that gray or green on the soffit -- underside of the overhang? If so, you might consider gray or black fascia with your black shutters. Not a fan of the underside of the overhang being darker than the fascia. Not a pro and Houzz pros may have a different take ... so ... you might specifically ask if painting the fascia and underside of the overhang the same gray as is in your brick or the white of your trim would work best.

    Hope that goveraxle notices your delima -- he has great photo shop skills and could show you different options you might be considering.

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  • Nick

    Thank you for the compliment suezbell. The sun just came out so I went outside and took a couple current pics. The soffit, fascia, and gutters are all white.

  • PRO
    Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design

    Keep the brick as is, but remove the shutters. They're way too small and they're not even supposed to be on the bay window

  • Nick

    Thanks for the reply! I agree that the shutters don’t look great and really look out of place around the bay window.

  • A B

    The brick looks great... the issue to me is the yellow.

    And the shutters - but I'm of the mind that all shutters that are purely decorative (e.g. shutters that are so narrow that if they closed they wouldn't cover up the window!) should be scrapped.

    I think if the siding was white, this house would really pop. It's a beautiful house already.

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  • mackdolan

    The brick is the best part of the house. It’s the nicotine yellow that’s the issue.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    "No to painted brick which is a problem from the start"

    This was an ignorant statement since there are other options besides 'paint' (which is meant for drywall and wood). There is masonry paint, as well as a lime-wash.

    Try Romabio. it's all natural, can be done in one coat, and needs no maintenance. (and if you don't like it after applying it, you can squirt it off within the first 72 hours)

    Comes in plenty of colors, shades and types of finishes. look at their website for more pics

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  • Nick

    Beth, thank you for your informative response! I’ll look into it!

  • PRO
    RL Relocation LLC

    Tho I will agree there are more options than paint, and lime wash could work wonders, I think the Yellow siding is making the brick look more pink than it really is. I also believe that if you do plan to eventually change the siding to white then its better off to wait on the brick until then, especially since as seasons change so does style............

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  • btydrvn

    The black does not work because it draws attention to the sort of mixed bag of shutter detail...and also draws the eye to the brick you don’t like.... your home would show better with the shutters being a lighter warmer periwinkle or pale aqua...this will make the look warmer and more cohesive...removing the shutters will most likely be another can of worms as the siding and brick beneath the shutters may be quite different....adding a lighter color is the simplest way to make a big change toward cohesiveness..a completely new look...with the least amount of effort...

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  • Nick

    Mackdolan, please read my original post again and decide if your reply was necessary.

  • Nick

    RL Relocation, that’s a really good point. We hate the pink tone that the brick shows. Thanks for your suggestion!

    btydrvn- I actually had removed the shutters but the siding was badly faded underneath so I painted them and put them back up. I’m thinking I should just wait to do anything until I can get new siding. Thanks!

  • PRO
    RL Relocation LLC

    as the saying goes...........dont put the cart before the horse!

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    doesn't matter what color the siding is, that brick will always be that 'pig-pink' shade. I see no harm in 'painting' it.

    Please remove the shutters from the bay window. They don't belong!

    If you do the brick in a white tone, then when it comes time to do the siding, you could do something darker for some contrast. I like the BlueGray siding color on this home,,,

    With white brick, and perhaps doing some cedar shutters,,,,

    I think it would make a nice updated look.

    you might also consider some cedar shakes

    Depending on your roof tone, you could do a color combo like this,,

    and of course these is always white on white....

    or,,,white brick w/something like these colors, and maybe colored shake on the dormer area

  • Ali Elyse

    I think your house is beautiful. However, if it isn’t what you like- then the idea of white washing the brick and a darker siding color also sounds amazing.

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  • decoenthusiaste

    With the right siding, the brick won't be so bad. If it is, you can change it then.

  • PRO

    You can successfully paint the vinyl siding white if you'd like to spend the money to get that done. Then that would successfully work with the current color of your brick.

    If you limewash the brick, some of the pinkish tones may still bleed through the limewash

    You could spend some money on more prominent white trim around the windows, but the shutters are sized incorrectly and really don't work on your home.

  • della70

    Beth H: Why don't you just offer your ideas instead of calling someone else's ideas "ignorant." You and a couple of others take the air out of the room with remarks that criticize others' post instead of directing your remarks to the question posed by the homeowner.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :


    No to painted brick which is a problem from the start.

    Why don't you just offer your ideas instead of calling someone else's ideas "ignorant."

    Because it is ignorant to offer incorrect advice. and if you read my entire sentence, that's exactly how I phrased it. I didn't call you ignorant, I called your statement ignorant and said why it was.

    In case you need a definition:

    Ignorant- lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about a particular thing.

    so please tell me how I 'took the air out the room' with my statement?

    You and a couple of others take air out of the room with remarks that criticize others' post instead of directing your remarks to the question posed by the homeowner.

    Oh really? I didn't direct any remarks to the homeowners question? I posted a multitude of pics and information on how to 'paint' that brick. In my second comment, I posted more pictures w/actual color combos and other options that OP could consider.

    Please tell me what fantastic advice you contributed? You gave the homeowner erroneous info about painting brick, and you asked for more pictures. You just singled me out to criticize my comment. I didn't criticize. I said it was incorrect. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what I said. You are thinned skin and took umbrage to the word ignorant (even though it was correctly used). Get over it.

  • PRO
    RL Relocation LLC

    I think next time you guys want to banter about who's and what's, you should click on the person's profile and send them a private message. We don't need, and by far we have enough of this going on here..........I've even made a thread about just this. please remove both your comments from this person's thread, it's unfair to subject this nice person ( who posted a general question ), with banter that is not called for.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    fair enough RL...except she doesn't have the ability to receive PM

    I'm not going to be accused of something that didn't occur and not say anything.

    I'm sure OP isn't going to raise a fuss. He's had some good advice given.

    Nick,,excuse the rant.

    and RL, were you around when Sophie used to comment? Trust me, the things I say don't even come to close to her remarks. Or the dozens of other commenters on here who say extremely rude things. If I choose to defend my remark or comment, I'll do so.

  • groveraxle

    Think carefully before you paint the brick. Once you do, there's no going back (well, except with Romabio you've got 72 hours, I think, to wash it off). You can paint vinyl siding; they have special vinyl paints, and you're pretty safe if you go lighter. I'd do that first.

    I would also remove all shutters except the ones on the brick, the only ones that fit. The ones on the bay look especially silly.

    Give me a few minutes to paint your house and remove your shutters and we'll see what we get, eh?

  • PRO
    RL Relocation LLC

    Try to keep your ears out of the paint bucket Grover hahaha

  • Nick

    Thank you everybody for your suggestions and help! I really appreciate it!

  • groveraxle

    A few iterations for you:

  • Nick

    Thank you groveraxle!

  • groveraxle

    P.S. Whatever you decide on the brick, paint your downspouts the same color so they disappear.

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