Best and safest way to remove creases in new rug

5 days ago
last modified: 5 days ago

Just purchased a fairly large new rug (12x15 wool hand knotted). It has several wrinkles/creases in it (not bad ones, but they are noticeable).

I read online that the best way to remove wrinkles or creases in a rug is to cover each wrinkle with a slightly damp towel and iron each crease (putting the iron on steam).

Is this ok to do? Does anyone have experience with using this method?? Can doing this cause damage? Are there any precautions I need to take or a better or preferred way to get out the wrinkles?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

This pic was taken of it in the store.....shows the obvious wrinkles. I thought having it home and flat would help relax everything, but wrinkles are still there after over 2 weeks in the house.

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