Italian-Arum (orange candleflower) as houseplant?

December 2, 2019

A relative brought some Italian-Alum home that she dug up on a trail. She's researching to see if it's considered invasive in Ohio since she wants to put it in her garden. It looks like a dark green variegated syngonium plant. Beautiful leaves, though the florescence apparently smell quite offensive. I am wondering if Italian-Arum can be grown as a houseplant?

Comments (4)

  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    Its ephemeral. Even if it were to grow indoors, which I doubt, there's nothing to see for much of the year.

  • grannymarie

    Ohhhh, I see. Ok, thanks so much!

  • dbarron

    In some climates, it's described as the devil incarnate where any tiny section of root will become a new plant (impossible to eradicate). In mine, it grows slowly though you should remove the inflorescences, because even in mine, I've found seedlings from bird droppings at some distance.

    I have a single clump, but will not allow fruiting again. It's taken several years to bulk back up after I moved (4 I'd say), so not nearly as vigorous here in the South as the PNW and probably East Coast.

  • grannymarie

    Thanks dbarron, good to know. This is the first time my relative stumbled across one.

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