Easiest Way to Cut a Circle in Bottom of a Plastic Garbage Can?

westes Zone 9a California SF Bay
December 2, 2019
last modified: December 2, 2019

I am trying to make a custom sieve, installing a reinforced stainless steel filter at the bottom of a garbage can. I will use that to remove fine dust particles from pumice and lava soil amendments that I pour in bulk into the garbage can and then hose down. I need a tool that would let me cut a perfect circle of about 16 inches diameter (it could be a little less than 16" so that is not a hard requirement) into a hard plastic bottom of a garbage can.

I am trying to do this on the cheap so I do not want to invest in a drill press and a special tool adapted to that. I would be okay with drilling a simple hole in the center of the can and then using a hand tool to carve out the circle. Does anyone make such a tool? Would the tool be sufficiently powerful to cut through a hard thick PVC layer at the bottom of the garbage can?

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