NY, Z6a, mystery...

I feel like I should know this one given the amt. of wilderness time I've logged.... I've seen it before, but I never really thought about ID'ing it (or come across a photo-worthy specimen for that matter) until I came across this beauty in autumn. So, since my online search attempts have failed, I thought maybe someone here would know what shrub I've photographed. It was captured in a managed state park, but it cannot be assumed to be native to NY State 'cause I came across several, clearly visible invasive species plants that the parks dept. hasn't bothered to remove.... Sooo....

Anyway, I'm hoping someone can ID this for me or point me in the right direction .... The plant is a shrub, about 4-5ft. tall, growing in a forest beneath a canopy of mature oaks and maples (primarily)... The berries are black, not dk. blue, and about the same size as wild blueberries. There were no apparent thorns... Can't say if the leaves or stems are fuzzy or smooth 'cause I try not to handle unknown plants ;)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated =)

Thank you in advance.

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