Contractor woes - cabinet refinishing

December 3, 2019
last modified: December 3, 2019

Okay folks, hopefully you can suggest something helpful because I’m currently too annoyed to think straight.
Hired a cabinet refinisher, secured him all the way back in September and all along he had agreed to our deadline of Thanksgiving to have everything done. Picked up the cabinet doors 10/23 and said no problem to have all done by Thanksgiving. Rookie mistake: I did not get this in writing.

Then the fun began. Rescheduling multiple times, final final deadline of 12/2 to have the boxes sprayed and 12/15 to reinstall the doors. In parallel I am working with a (wonderful) GC on a multitude of other things and he has everything planned based on the 12/2 deadline. 12/1 (Sunday night) I text the refinisher asking what time to expect him tomorrow and he calls me back with some BS about “backordered paint” which somehow means he can’t do the sanding/prep either, so now he will START 12/2. This obviously screws up the GC’s schedule, causes overall delays and requires us to extend our lease, great.

Long story short, the GC’s crew spent today prepping bathroom walls and refinisher is refusing to work in there because there is too much plaster dust. He demands it be vacuumed clean. I feel like my GC’s crew has ZERO obligation to prep refinisher’s work space, especially since his last minute cancellation is the cause of all this - he was supposed to be done yesterday. I was personally willing to go in there and clean up, but the painters took their vac with them and I sure as heck am not going to burn up my Miele.

I proposed two solutions to refinisher: either he brings a shop vac tomorrow and I try to find an opportunity to leave baby with a neighbor and do the vacuuming, or I go in there tonight and clean with damp rags. Is this reasonable? Should I just have him bring the bathroom doors back and see if the GC can do it (he mentioned that they spray with Lenmar precat), and have refinisher do only the kitchen which he has already prepped? Cancel the bathrooms altogether if he hasn’t sanded the doors yet?

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