need advice on induction cooktop and wall oven

December 3, 2019

I've been looking though the forums but can't find exactly what I need, and would love to hear opinions on what I should choose. Doing kitchen renovation and want induction cooktop and wall oven (convection). Space and budget are not primary concerns, but a reliable appliance is a major concern since I have read dozens of horror stories online about appliances (have even rejected a microwave drawer due to all horror stories). Also this is for a house on the outer Cape so getting service will be a nightmare. I want an oven that is "easy" to use-- no high tech controls with multiple options, and multiple finger-pressing. I'm old and want simplicity, which to me means either turning a dial (one step) or finger swiping/scrolling once. I'm an accomplished cook and do not need special settings for 20 different kinds of bread. I just want to turn the oven to a certain temp, have it reach that temp reasonably fast, and notify me that it's ready. I would also like gliding racks and strong interior light. Similar "simplicity" for the cooktop. No need for dozens of settings and options. Just the ability to control the heat with one movement. No punching of numbers up and down or scrolling through menus. I don't need cooking instructions built in to the device. I simply want to set the "burner" to a "melt" setting, a simmer, a medium heat or a high heat. I have read that when the controls get wet on an induction cooktop it shuts down. Ugh. True for all of them? I may be too set in my ways for these new appliances but hoping to get guidance. Thanks for any advice.

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